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Airport index for Libya
Last updated: 22 October 2011
A list of airports that were either departure or destination airports for the accident / hijacked flights in the Aviation Safety Network database:

Al Abraq Air Base (LAQ/HLLQ)
Atshan Airstrip
Benghazi-Benina International Airport (BEN/HLLB)
El Adem RAF Station
Hamada al Hamra Airfield
Hon Airport (HUQ/HLON)
Kufrah Airport (AKF/HLKF)
Marsa el-Brega Airport (LMQ/HLMB)
Misurata Airport (MRA)
Sebha Airport (SEB/HLLS)
Tobruk Airport (TOB)
Tripoli International Airport (TIP/HLLT)
Tripoli-Castel Benito Airport (TIP/HLLT)
Tripoli-Idris Airport (TIP/HLLT)
Tripoli-Mellaha AB (MJI/HLLM)
Tripoli-Mitiga International Airport (MJI/HLLM)
Tripoli-Okba Ben Nafi AB (MJI/HLLM)
Tripoli-Wheelus AB (MJI/HLLM)
Zella 74 (HLZA)