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Airport index for Kenya
Last updated: 22 October 2011
A list of airports that were either departure or destination airports for the accident / hijacked flights in the Aviation Safety Network database:

Busia Airport (HKBA)
El Wak Airfield (HKEW)
Kichwa Tembo Airstrip
Kisumu Airport (KIS/HKKI)
Lokichoggio Airport (LKG/HKLK)
Mandera Airport (NDE/HKMA)
Mara Lodges Airport (MRE)
Mara Ngerende Airstrip
Mombasa-Moi International Airport (MBA/HKMO)
Musiara Airstrip
Nairobi (unknown airport)
Nairobi International Airport (NBO/HKNA)
Nairobi-Eastleigh AB (HKRE)
Nairobi-Eastleigh Airport (HKRE)
Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO/HKJK)
Nairobi-Moi Air Base (HKRE)
Nairobi-Wilson Airport (WIL/HKNW)
Ngerende Airstrip
Ol Kiombo
Samburu Airport (UAS/HKSB)