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Airport index for Afghanistan
Last updated: 22 October 2011
A list of airports that were either departure or destination airports for the accident / hijacked flights in the Aviation Safety Network database:

Airport nameIATA code ICAO codeRemarks
Bagram Air BaseBPMOAIX
Bamyan AirportBINOABN
Dwyer AirportDWROADY
Herat AirportHEAOAHR
Jalalabad AirportJAAOAJL
Kabul AirportKBLOAKB
Kabul-Khwaja Rawash AirportKBLOAKB
Kandahar AirportKDHOAKN
Khost AirportKHTOAKS
Kunduz AirportUNDOAUZ
Maimana AirportMMZOAMN
Mazar-I-Sharif AirportMZROAMS
Nili AirportOANL
Qalat Airstrip
Sardeh Band AirportSBFOADS
Tarin Kowt AirportTIIOATN
Uruzgan AirportURZOARG