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Detroit (unknown airport), MI profile
Last updated: 5 November 2013
General data
Detroit (unknown airport), MI
Country: United States of America
IATA code:
ICAO code:

Aircraft that departed Detroit (unknown airport), MI
date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
23-FEB-1975Rockwell Sabreliner 75A N5107 General Motors 1 near Pontiac, MI   A1
31-JUL-1972DC-8   Delta Air Lines 0 Algiers   H2
13-JAN-1969Convair CV-880   Delta Air Lines 0   H2
28-DEC-1946Douglas C-50A-DO (DC-3) NC15577 American Airlines 2 Michigan Cit...   A1
24-DEC-1944Douglas DST-A-217A (DC-3) NC21752 American Airlines 0 near Saline, MI   A2

7 occurrences in the ASN safety database

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
07-APR-1981Learjet 23 N400PG Freedom International 1 near Cincinnati M...   A2
25-JUL-1978Convair CV-580 N4825C North Central Airlines 0 Kalamazoo, MI   A1
03-JAN-1974DC-9-32   Air Jamaica 0 Kingston   H2
27-AUG-1971Volpar Turboliner N351V Chicago & Southern Airlines 1 Fairview Par...   A1
22-JAN-1971Boeing 727   Northwest Orient Airlines 0   H2
30-OCT-1941Douglas DC-3-277B NC25663 American Airlines 20 near St. Thomas, ON   A1
16-JAN-1929Ford 4-AT-A Tri-Motor NC1076 Stout Air Services 0 near Toledo, OH   A1