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ASN Aviation Safety Database
Last updated: 09 October 2015

94 occurrences in the ASN safety database, showing occurrence 1 - 94

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
04-FEB-2015ATR 72-600 (72-212A) B-22816 TransAsia Airways 43 near Taipei-Sung ... A1
23-JUL-2014ATR-72-500 (72-212A) B-22810 TransAsia Airways 48 near Magong Airpo... A1
30-AUG-2012BN-2B-26 Islander B-68801 Dapeng Airlines 3 near Jhuosi, Hual... A1
17-AUG-2012Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW (ERJ-190AR) B-16825 Mandarin Airlines 0 Magong Airpo...   A2
18-OCT-2004Airbus A320-232 B-22310 TransAsia Airways 0 Taipei-Sung ...   A2
21-MAR-2003Airbus A321-131 B-22603 TransAsia Airways 0 Tainan Airpo... A1
21-DEC-2002ATR-72-202 B-22708 TransAsia Airways 2 near Makung City,... A1
20-NOV-2001MD-11 B-16101 Eva Air 0 Taipei-Chian...   A2
31-OCT-2000Boeing 747-412 9V-SPK Singapore Airlines 83 Taipei-Chian... A1
22-MAY-2000MD-11   Eva Air 0 Taipei-Chian...   A2
24-AUG-1999MD-90-30 B-17912 Uni Air 1 Hualien Airp... A1
08-FEB-1999DHC-8-311Q Dash 8 B-15237 Uni Air 0 Kinmen-Shang...   H2
28-OCT-1998Boeing 737   Air China 0 Taipei-Chian...   H2
18-MAR-1998Saab 340B B-12255 Formosa Airlines 13 near Hsinchu Airp...   A1
16-FEB-1998Airbus A300-622R B-1814 China Airlines 196+ 7 Taipei-Chian... A1
10-OCT-1997Lockheed C-130H Hercules 1310 Republic of China AF 5 Taipei-Sung ...   A1
10-AUG-1997Dornier 228-212 B-12256 Formosa Airlines 16 near Matsu Airpor...   A1
20-MAR-1997Boeing 747-2U3B PK-GSA Garuda 0 Taipei-Chian...   A2
01-JUN-1996Fairchild RC-119L Flying Boxcar 3181 Republic of China AF 0 Ping Tung Ai...   O1
05-APR-1996Dornier 228-212 B-12257 Formosa Airlines 6 near Matsu Airpor...   A1
06-JAN-1996Airbus A321-131   TransAsia Airways 0 Tainan Airpo...   H2
18-JUN-1995Dornier 228-201 B-12208 Formosa Airlines 0 Green Island...   A1
15-JUN-1995Dornier 228-201 B-12288 Formosa Airlines 0 Taitung Airp...   A1
30-JAN-1995ATR-72-202 B-22717 TransAsia Airways 4 near Taipei   A1
17-SEP-1994Learjet 35A B-98181 Golden Eagle Aviation 4 near Taitung   C1
07-JUN-1994Boeing 737   China Southern 0 Taipei   H2
18-FEB-1994Boeing 737   China Southwest unknown airport   H2
28-DEC-1993Xian Yunshuji Y-7   Fujian Airlines 0 Taipei   H2
12-DEC-1993Boeing 737-200   Xiamen Airlines 0 Taipei   H2
08-DEC-1993DC-9-82 (MD-82) B-2138 China Northern 0 Taipei   H2
12-NOV-1993DC-9-82 (MD-82) B-2138 China Northern 0 Taipei   H2
08-NOV-1993DHC-8-301   Zhejiang Airlines 0 Taipei   H2
05-NOV-1993Boeing 737   Xiamen Airlines 0 Taipei   H2
25-OCT-1993DC-9-82 (MD-82) B-28003 FEAT 0 Kaohsiung In... A1
30-SEP-1993Tupolev 154M B-2822 ? Sichuan Airlines 0 Taipei-Chian...   H2
10-AUG-1993Boeing 767-2J6ER   Air China 0 Taipei-Chian...   H2
24-JUN-1993Boeing 737-2T4 B-2501 Xiamen Airlines 0 Taipei   H2
14-JUN-1993Dornier 228-201 B-12298 Formosa Airlines 0 Green Island... A1
06-APR-1993Boeing 757-21B   China Southern 0 Taipei   H2
28-FEB-1993Dornier 228-201 B-12238 Formosa Airlines 6 near Orchid Island   A1
10-APR-1992BN-2A-26 Islander B-11116 Taiwan Airlines 7 near Orchid Islan... A1
29-DEC-1991Boeing 747-2R7F B-198 China Airlines 5 near Wanli A1
21-AUG-1990Beechcraft 1900C-1 1905 Republic of China AF 18 Yunlin   A1
14-AUG-1990Dornier 228-201 B-12268 Formosa Airlines 0 Orchid Islan... A1
26-OCT-1989Boeing 737-209 B-180 China Airlines 54 near Hualien Airp... A1
12-MAY-1988Boeing 737-247 B-2510 Xiamen Airlines 0 Taichung-Chi...   H2
22-FEB-1988Boeing 737   China Airlines 0 Kaohsiung In...   H2
19-JAN-1988Pilatus BN-2A-26 Islander B-11125 Taiwan Airlines 10 near Green Island...   A1
??-APR-1987BN-2A-26 Islander B-11111 Taiwan Airlines   U1
??-FEB-1987IRMA/BN-2A-26 Islander B-12207 Yung Shing Airlines   U1
16-FEB-1986Boeing 737-281 B-1870 China Airlines 13 near Magong Airpo... A1
26-APR-1985Boeing 737-281   China Airlines 0 Taipei-Sung ...   H2
22-MAR-1984Boeing 747   British Airways 0 Taipei-Chian...   H2
09-OCT-1983Pilatus BN-2A-8 Islander B-12202 Yung Shing Airlines 0 Orchid Islan...   A1
28-SEP-1983BN-2A-26 Islander B-11109 Taiwan Airlines 10 near Lanyu Island   A1
06-JUN-1983Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar   Republic of China AF 38 near Kinmen-Shang...   A1
22-AUG-1981Boeing 737-222 B-2603 FEAT 110 near Miao-Li A1
13-JUN-1981IRMA/BN-2A-8 Islander B-11108 Taiwan Airlines 2 near Hualien Airp...   A1
11-SEP-1979Boeing 707-324C B-1834 China Airlines 6 near Taipei-Chian... A1
09-SEP-1979BN-2A-8 Islander B-11107 Taiwan Airlines 0 Orchid Islan...   A1
16-APR-1977Douglas C-47A (DC-3) B-247 FEAT 0 Tainan Airpo...   A1
31-JUL-1975Vickers 837 Viscount B-2029 FEAT 27 Taipei-Sung ... A1
01-FEB-1975Vickers 806 Viscount PK-RVM Mandala Airlines 0 Taipei-Sung ...   A1
05-JUN-1972Lockheed C-130E Hercules 62-1805 USAF 6 near Makung AFB   A1
21-NOV-1971SE-210 Caravelle III B-1852 China Airlines 25 near Penghu Island C1
02-OCT-1970Lockheed C-130E Hercules 64-0536 USAF 43 Cha Tien Sha...   A1
12-AUG-1970NAMC YS-11A-219 B-156 China Airlines 14 Taipei   A1
20-FEB-1970Douglas C-47A (DC-3) B-243 FEAT 2 near Taipei   A1
19-DEC-1969Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker 56-3629 USAF 4 near Ching Chuan ...   A1
15-DEC-1969Lockheed C-130E Hercules 62-1800 USAF 8 Tainan   A1
08-MAR-1969Lockheed C-130E Hercules 64-0545 USAF 12 Ching Chuan ...   A1
24-FEB-1969Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 201 B-2009 FEAT 36 near Tainan   A1
15-FEB-1969Douglas C-47B (DC-3) B-241 FEAT Kaohsiung   A1
02-JAN-1969Douglas C-47A (DC-3) B-309 China Airlines 24 Mt. Paku   A1
22-OCT-1968Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker 61-0301 USAF 6 near Ching Chuan ...   A1
16-FEB-1968Boeing 727-92C B-1018 Civil Air Transport 21+ 1 near Taipei   A1
06-SEP-1966Lockheed C-130E Hercules 63-7878 USAF 8 near Chai-I   A1
05-MAR-1965Grumman HU-16B Albatross 1264 Thai Navy 11 Luang Sun Mo...   A1
20-JUN-1964Curtiss C-46D B-908 Civil Air Transport 57 San-Chiao A1
14-APR-1960Douglas DC-4-1009 42919 Thai AF 18 near Taipei-Sung ...   A1
07-NOV-1959Douglas C-47A (DC-3) 42-93074 USAF 15 near Tainan   A1
01-OCT-1958PB2B-1 Canso A (PBY-5A) B-1402 Foshing Airlines between Mats...   A1
16-JUL-1957Douglas C-47 (DC-3)   USAF 16 near Hsinchu   A1
03-SEP-1956Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina B-201 Unknown 0 Taipei   O1
03-SEP-1956Consolidated 28-5MC Canso A B-1401 Foshing Airlines 0 Taipei   O1
06-MAR-1955Douglas C-54D (DC-4) 43-17208 USAF 14 near Taitung   A1
30-DEC-1952Douglas DC-3 PI-C38 Philippine Air Lines 2 Chinmen Island   H2
28-JAN-1951Short S.25 Sunderland GR.5 PP107 RAF 14 Mt. Yuli   A1
30-JAN-1949unknown   CNAC 0 Tainan   H2
12-DEC-1948Douglas DC-3   CNAC 2 Taipei   A1
05-MAR-1945Douglas DC-3 (Nakajima L2D) J-BKOV Imperial Japanese Airways Taiwan   C1
??-DEC-1944Douglas DC-3 (Nakajima L2D) J-BOOJ Imperial Japanese Airways   A1
??-JAN-1944Douglas DC-3 (Nakajima L2D) J-BKOL Imperial Japanese Airways Taiwan   A1
??-MAR-1942Douglas DC-3 (Nakajima L2D) J-BKOJ Imperial Japanese Airways near Taiwan   A1