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Operator index for United States of America
Last updated: 8 March 2011
A list of aircraft operators that have that have suffered an accident, serious incident or hijacking. The list may also contain defunct airlines or airlines that in the meantime have changed their name or have merged.

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PAB Aviation
Pacific Aeromotive
Pacific Air Express
Pacific Air Lines (originally known as Southwest Airways; merged with Bonanza and West Coast into Air West)
Pacific Air Transport (merged into Boeing Air Transport)
Pacific Alaska Air Express
Pacific Alaska Airlines
Pacific Flying Fish
Pacific Northern Airlines (merged with Western Air Lines, 1967)
Pacific Southwest Airlines - PSA
Page Airways
Pan Alaska Airways
Pan American Airways (Pan Am) (renamed Pan American World Airways in 1943)
Pan American Grace Airways (Panagra)
Pan American World Airways (Pan Am)
Panavia Cargo Development
Panda Leasing 
Panorama Flight Service
Panther Aviation
Paradise Airlines
Paragon Air Express
Paragon Jets
Paul Kelly Flying Service
Penair - Peninsula Airways
Peninsular Air Transport
Pennsylvania Airlines
Pennsylvania-Central Airlines (renamed Capital Airlines)
People Express (Integrated into Continental Airlines, 1987)
Perna Aviation
Phoenix Air
Piedmont Airlines (integrated into USAir)
Piedmont Commuter
Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation (now mainly an aircraft maintenance/sales/support co.)
Pilgrim Airlines
Pinehurst Airlines
Pinnacle Air Charter
Pinnacle Airlines (formerly Express Airlines I; renamed to Endeavor Air on August 1st, 2013)
Pioneer Airlines
Pioneer Ventura Aviation
Pittsburgh Airways
Platinum Jet Management
Polar Air Cargo
Pontiac Aviation
Premier Jets
President Airlines
Presidential Airways
Prestige Tours
Price Aircraft Company
Priester Aviation
Priority Air Charter
Private Air Charters
Pro Air
Promech Air
Provincetown-Boston Airline - PBA
PSA Airlines (originally named Vee Neal Airlines; renamed Jetstream International Airlines in 1983 and named PSA in 1995)
Ptarmigan Airlines
Puerto Rican American Airlines

Pacific Petroleum
Paige Associates
Peabody Coal Company
Performance Aircraft Leasing Inc.
PGA Tour Investments
Phillips Petroleum Company
Pine Paper Products Co.
Pioneer Private Aviation
Pittston Co.
Plymouth Oil Co.
Ponderosa/Chrysler Corp.
Premier Air Management
Puget Sound Tug & Barge Company

Flying schools, Aeroclubs, Paraclubs:
Parachute Center
Perris Valley Aviation
Perris Valley Paracenter

Organisations (non-profit):
Purdue University

Paul Grossman

Special operations (survey, crop spraying etc.):
Plane Speaker Corporation

Patterson McCarthy Leasing
Petrolift Aviation
Professional Jet Management
Professional Maintenance Services
Pronto Aviation Services