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Operator index for United States of America
Last updated: 8 March 2011
A list of aircraft operators that have that have suffered an accident, serious incident or hijacking. The list may also contain defunct airlines or airlines that in the meantime have changed their name or have merged.

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TAG Aviation
TAG Aviation USA
Tailwind Air Service
Taquan Air
Tar Heel Aviation
Tejas Airlines
Telford Aviation
Temsco Helicopters
Tepper Aviation Inc
Texas International Airlines (merged with Continental Airlines, 1982)
Texas Western Aviation
Texasgulf Aviation
Thunderbird Airways
Tiger Contract Cargo
Tower Air
Toy Air
TPI International Airways
Tradewinds International Airlines (renamed Sky Lease Cargo)
Trans Caribbean Air Cargo Line
Trans Caribbean Airways (acquired by American Airlines in 1971)
Trans Caribbean Enterprises
Trans Catalina Airlines
Trans Florida Airlines
Trans International Airlines
Trans Island Airways
Trans National Airlines
Trans States Airlines (founded as Resort Air and named Trans States in 1989)
Trans World Airlines - TWA (merged with American Airlines)
Trans-Air Hawaii
Trans-Air-Link - TAL
Trans-Colorado Airlines
Trans-Exec Air Service
Trans-Luxury Airlines
Trans-Pacific Jets
Transair (Cargo) (also known as Trans Executive Airlines of Hawaii)
Transamerica Airlines (founded as Trans International Airlines)
Transcontinental & Western Air - TWA (renamed Trans World Airlines - TWA, 1946)
Transcontinental Air Transport - TAT (merged in 1930 with Western Air Express to form what became TWA.)
Transcontinental Aviation Inc.
TransNorthern Aviation
Transocean Air Lines
Travelair Taxi
Tri-Motor Safety Airways (subsidiary of NYRBA)
Tri-state Executive Air
TriCoastal Air
Trishan Air

Tandy Corp.
Tango Corp.
Target Development & Consulting Inc
TDC Aviation LLC
TDC Management LLC
Teledyne Industries
Tenneco Management Company
Tex Johnson Inc
Texas Instruments Inc.
The Air Group Inc.
The Connecticut National Bank
The Vein Guys
Thrifty Threads Inc
THV Seminars
Tidewater Marine Services
Tiffany Realty
Tigress Air III
Tomco II
Torrey Leasing Company
Trans Alaska Produce Corp.
Trans Southern Corp
Transvall Corp.
Tri Marine Management Company LLC
Trident Aviation Services
Triple D Transport Co.
Trust Aviation, Inc.

Textron Inc.

Organisations (non-profit):
The Catalina Company

T. Eaton Co.
Thomas Kendall
Thurman L. Munson
Timothy J. Roman & Barry J. Baron
Tony Perez
Troy G. Hawkins

Special operations (survey, crop spraying etc.):
T & G Aviation
TBM Inc.
Tristate Care Flight LLC

Tennessee Valley Authority
Tiburon Aircraft Inc
Trans American Leasing Inc