Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
Last updated: 4 March 2012

Operator info
name: Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
country: Bulgaria
ICAO code: LAZ
IATA code: LZ
Founded: 1968
Ended operations: 2002

Related airlines:
» Bulair a charter subsidiary of TABSO
» TABSO rebranded as Balkan Bulgarian Airlines, 1968

Balkan Bulgarian Airlines- Accident & incidents:

19 occurrences in the ASN safety database, showing occurrence 1 - 10

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
03-SEP-1996Tupolev 154   Balkan Bulgarian Airlines, opf. Hemus Air 0 Oslo-Garderm...   H2
28-JUL-1992Antonov 24B LZ-ANN Balkan Bulgarian 0 Sofia Airpor...   O1
05-JUN-1992Tupolev 154B LZ-BTD Balkan Bulgarian 0 Varna Airpor... A1
24-AUG-1984Antonov 12B LZ-BAD Balkan Bulgarian 0 Addis Ababa-...   A1
16-JUN-1984Ilyushin 18V LZ-BEP Balkan Bulgarian 0 San'a Intern... A1
10-JAN-1984Tupolev 134A LZ-TUR Balkan Bulgarian 50 near Sofia-Vrazhd... A1
07-MAR-1983Antonov 24B LZ-AND Balkan Bulgarian 1 Varna Airpor...   H2
14-OCT-1982Tupolev 134   Balkan Bulgarian 0 Wien-Schwech...   H2
23-MAR-1978Tupolev 154 LZ-BTB Balkan Bulgarian 4 near Damascus A1
16-MAR-1978Tupolev 134 LZ-TUB Balkan Bulgarian 73 Gabare A1
02-DEC-1977Tupolev 154A LZ-BTN Balkan Bulgarian Airlines, opf. Libyan Arab Airlines 59 near Benghazi A1
18-JUN-1977Antonov 24   Balkan Bulgarian 0 Belgrade   H2
??-DEC-1975Antonov 12B LZ-BAA Balkan Bulgarian 0 Kufrah Airpo... A1
22-NOV-1975Antonov 24B LZ-ANA Balkan Bulgarian 3 Sofia-Vrazhd...   A1
28-JUN-1975Antonov 24   Balkan Bulgarian 0 Thessaloniki...   H2
03-MAR-1973Ilyushin 18V LZ-BEM Balkan Bulgarian 25 Moskva-Shere... A1
04-NOV-1972Ilyushin 14P LZ-ILA Balkan Bulgarian 35 near Cruncha   A1
21-DEC-1971Ilyushin 18V LZ-BES Balkan Bulgarian 28 near Sofia-Vrazhd...   A1
18-JAN-1971Ilyushin 18D LZ-BED Balkan Bulgarian 45 near Zürich-Klote...   A1
date unk.Avia 14 LZ-ILG Balkan Bulgarian 0 Sofia-Vrazhd...   O1
date unk.Super Avia 14 LZ-ILF Balkan Bulgarian Provadia   A1

Balkan Bulgarian Airlines- Photos:
photo of Antonov 12V LZ-BAA
accident date: ??-??-1975
type: Antonov 12V
registration: LZ-BAA
photo of Tupolev 134 LZ-TUB
accident date: 16-03-1978
type: Tupolev 134
registration: LZ-TUB
photo of Tupolev 154 LZ-BTB
accident date: 23-03-1978
type: Tupolev 154
registration: LZ-BTB
photo of Tupolev 134A LZ-TUR
accident date: 10-01-1984
type: Tupolev 134A
registration: LZ-TUR
photo of Ilyushin 18D LZ-BEP
accident date: 16-06-1984
type: Ilyushin 18D
registration: LZ-BEP
photo of Tupolev 154A LZ-BTD
accident date: 05-06-1992
type: Tupolev 154A
registration: LZ-BTD
photo of Tupolev 154A LZ-BTD
accident date: 05-06-1992
type: Tupolev 154A
registration: LZ-BTD
photo of Tupolev 154M LZ-BTW
Tupolev 154M l/h overwing emergency exits
photo of Tupolev 154M LZ-BTW
Tupolev 154M fwd emergency exit sign
photo of Tupolev 154M LZ-BTW
Tupolev 154M emergency exit