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Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines
Last updated: 4 March 2012

Operator info
name: Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines
country: Jordan
ICAO code: RJA
IATA code: RJ
Founded: 1963
Ended operations: 1986
renamed Royal Jordanian Airlines

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Alia Royal Jordanian Airlines- Accident & incidents:

14 occurrences in the ASN safety database, showing occurrence 1 - 10

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
18-OCT-1985Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 500 JY-AGE Alia 0 near Singapore   A2
12-JUN-1985Boeing 727-2D3 JY-AFW Alia 0 Beirut Inter... H1
09-MAR-1985Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 500   Alia 0 Dubai Airpor...   C2
14-MAR-1979Boeing 727-2D3 JY-ADU Alia 45 Doha Airport... A1
03-AUG-1975Boeing 707-321C JY-AEE Alia 188 near Agadir A1
06-NOV-1974Sud-Aviation SE-210 Caravelle   Alia 0 Benghazi   H2
22-JAN-1973Boeing 707-3D3C JY-ADO Alia, op.for Nigeria Airways 176 Kano Interna... A1
19-FEB-1972Sud-Aviation SE-210 Caravelle   Alia 0 Amman-Marka ...   H2
04-OCT-1971Sud-Aviation SE-210 Caravelle   Alia 0 Amman-Marka ...   H2
16-SEP-1971Sud-Aviation SE-210 Caravelle   Alia 0   H2
08-SEP-1971Sud-Aviation SE-210 Caravelle   Alia 0 Benghazi   H2
24-AUG-1971Boeing 707   Alia 0 Madrid-Baraj...   C2
05-JUN-1967Douglas DC-7 JY-ACP Alia Beirut ?   C1
05-JUN-1967Douglas DC-7 JY-ACO Alia 0 Damascus Int...   C1
10-APR-1965Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 207 JY-ACQ Alia 54 near Damascus   A1

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