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Last updated: 28 November 2004
6586 airlines found:

09 Charlie Inc.
10 Tanker Air Carrier
2M Leasing LLC
2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division
2nd Sverdlovsk Aviation Enterprise
40-Mile Air
748 Air Services
A & H Aircraft Sales
A&C Big Sky Aviation LLC
A. McVinish
A. Trichot
A.E. Stanley Manufacturing Co.
A.R. Wings LLC
AAA Investments (Pty) Ltd
Aaron Enterprises Corporation
Aaxico Airlines Aaxico = American Air Export and Import Company; merged into Saturn
AB Aerotransport integrated into SAS
AB Trafik-Turist-Transportflyg probably ceased operations about 1952
ABA Aviation Resources Inc.
Ababeel Aviation
Abakan Airlines
Abdullah Seikh Ahamed
Abeer Air Services
Abelag Aviation
Aboitiz Air rebranded as 2Go
ABSA Aerolinhas Brasileiras S.A. rebranded as LATAM Cargo Brasil
Abu Dhabi Army Air Wing
ACA-Ancargo Air
ACE Air Cargo
ACES - Aerolineas Centrales de Colombia
ACH Hamburg
ACM Praha
Acme Leasing / K. Knight
Acme Plywood & Veneer Company
ACS Ltd.
ACSA - Air Century
ACT Airlines rebranded as myCargo, 2011
AD Aviation
AD Aviation Aircharters
Adala Airways
Adastra Aerial Surveys acquired by Qasco (Queensland Aerial Survey Company Pty Ltd)
Adastra Airways purchased by East-West Airlines
ADC Airlines
Aden Airways Wholly owned subsidiary of BOAC.
ADES Colombia - Aerolineas del Este
Adhemar de Barros prominent São Paulo politician and chairman of Aerovias
Adikarto Printindo
Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil (ANAC)
Adria Airways
Advance Air Luftfahrt
Advance Airlines
Advance Aviation Inc
Advanced Aviation
Advanced Power Aviation LLC
Adventure Air
Adventure Aviation
AECA - Aeroservicios Ecuatorianos
Aegean Airlines
Aer Arann renamed Stobart Air, 2014
Aer Arann Express renamed Stobart Air, 2014
Aer Caribe
Aer Caribe - Aerolinea del Caribe
Aer Lingus
Aer Turas
Aerea Teseo
Aéreo Calafia
Aereo Reservaciones Ejecutivas 
Aéreo Ruta Maya formerly Jungle Flying Tours
Aéreo Servicios Empresariales
Aéreo Transporte La Montaña
AereoServicio Guerrero
Aerial Photography Co. Ltd.
Aerial Services Pvt. Ltd
Aerial Tours renamed Douglas Airways
Aerial Transit Company presumably ceased operations ca 1991
Aeriantur-M Airlines
Aero Africa
Aero Air
Aero Air Company
Aero Air LLC
Aero Astra
Aero Aysen
Aero Baires
Aero Bellavista
Aero Benin
Aero Bieke AOC revoked, August 12, 1997
Aero Cabo
Aero California
Aéro Cargo merged with Aigle Azur Indochine into
Aero Cargo
Aero Charter Services
Aero Club Libya Became Light Air Transport, 1990
Aero Condor
Aero Continente
Aero Cozumel
Aero Cuahonte

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