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Accident list: Fairchild C-123 Provider
 98 occurrences in the ASN safety database

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
09-OCT-1958Fairchild C-123B Provider 55-4521 USAF 19 near Payette, ID   A1
02-MAY-1960Fairchild C-123B Provider   USAF 3 near York, PA   A1
11-SEP-1960Fairchild C-123B Provider 55-4539 USAF 9 near Empire, CO   A1
24-SEP-1961Fairchild C-123B Provider 54-672 USAF 3 Wilmington-New H...   A1
02-FEB-1962Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4370 USAF 3 between Bien Hoa...   A1
20-APR-1962Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4368 USAF 0 Hipp Khanh   A1
15-JUL-1962Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4366 USAF 0 near Ban Me Thuot   A1
29-OCT-1962Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4364 USAF 0 Dak To   A1
27-NOV-1962Fairchild C-123B Provider N5004X Air America 2 near Xieng Khouang   C1
13-JAN-1963Fairchild C-123B Provider 54-0589 USAF 0 Memphis Municipa...   O1
12-APR-1963Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4380 USAF 3+ 2 Nakhon Phanom   A1
28-SEP-1963Fairchild C-123B Provider 55-4513 USAF 0 Maha Sarakham   A1
24-OCT-1963Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4385 USAF 8 near Saigon   C1
16-FEB-1964Fairchild C-123 Provider   USAF   C1
25-APR-1964Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4388 Air National Guard 4 near Valdez Municipal...   A1
23-JUL-1964Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4383 USAF 0 Gia Vuc   A1
24-OCT-1964Fairchild C-123B Provider 55-4549 USAF 8 near Phumi Dak Dam   C1
01-NOV-1964Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4355 USAF 0 near Magong   A1
28-DEC-1964Fairchild C-123 Provider   USAF 4 near Phoenix, AZ   A1
28-MAR-1965Fairchild C-123B Provider 57-6292 USAF 0 Da Nang Air Base...   A1
12-MAY-1965Fairchild C-123B Provider 55-4516 USAF 0 Hon Quan   A1
11-JUN-1965Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4379 USAF 7 near Holloway Field   A1
27-JUN-1965Fairchild C-123B Provider 54-641 USAF 16 near Saigon C1
03-OCT-1965Fairchild C-123B Provider N5003X Air America 1 Long Tieng   A1
30-OCT-1965Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4381 USAF 0 Tan Hiep Air Base   A1
18-NOV-1965Fairchild C-123B Provider 538 Air America 0 Sayaboury Airpor...   A1
21-NOV-1965Fairchild C-123B Provider 55-4530 USAF 0 near Da Nang Airport ...   A1
29-NOV-1965Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-651 USAF 0 South Vietnam C1
11-DEC-1965Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4376 USAF 85 near Tuy Hoa   A1
15-DEC-1965Fairchild C-123J Provider 54-647 Air National Guard 5 near Cape Romanzof Ai... A1
04-JAN-1966Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4369 USAF 0 Tanh Linh Air Base   A1
09-JAN-1966Fairchild C-123B Provider 54-676 USAF 0 near Saigon   A1
13-JAN-1966Fairchild C-123B Provider 55-4519 USAF 6 An Khe   A1
25-JAN-1966Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-702 USAF 46 near An Khe   A1
03-FEB-1966Fairchild C-123B Provider 55-4537 USAF 4 near Khe Sanh   C1
13-APR-1966Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4382 USAF 0 Saigon-Tan Son N...   C1
17-MAY-1966Fairchild C-123B Provider 55-4534 USAF 5 near Vinh Thanh   C1
18-JUN-1966Fairchild UC-123B Provider 56-4378 USAF 0 near Tam Ky   C1
30-JUN-1966Fairchild C-123B Provider 54-644 USAF 0 Qui Nhon Air Bas...   A1
16-JUL-1966Fairchild C-123 Provider   USAF 9 near Cape Lisburne Ai...   A1
31-OCT-1966Fairchild UC-123B Provider 54-597 USAF 0 near Lai Khe C1
26-NOV-1966Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4367 USAF 0 Dau Tieng A1
04-JAN-1967Fairchild C-123B Provider 56-4372 USAF 0 Buny Buny   A1
31-JAN-1967Fairchild UC-123B-6-FA Provider 54-611 USAF 5 near Sepone   C1
15-APR-1967Fairchild C-123K Provider 55-4575 USAF 0 Kham Duc Airstrip   A1
08-MAY-1967Fairchild HC-123B 4541 US Coast Guard 0 Guam-Agana NAS (...   A1
20-JUL-1967Fairchild C-123B Provider 54-630 USAF 5 near Gia Vuc   C1
22-AUG-1967Fairchild C-123B Provider 657 Republic of China AF 6 near China [South Chi...   A1
04-SEP-1967Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-621 USAF 11 near Bao Loc   A1
25-OCT-1967Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-667 USAF 0 Saigon-Tan Son N... C1
08-DEC-1967Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-582 USAF 0 near Ban Me Thot   A1
01-MAR-1968Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-694 USAF 0 Khe Sanh C1
06-MAR-1968Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-590 Vietnam Air Force - VNAF 49 near Khe Sanh   C1
07-MAR-1968Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-594 USAF 0 Khe Sanh   C1
24-MAR-1968Fairchild C-123K Provider 40589 Thai AF 0 Nakhon Phanom Ai...   C1
31-MAR-1968Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-653 USAF 0 Phan Rang Air Ba...   A1
16-APR-1968Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-602 USAF 4 near Panama City, FL   A1
23-MAY-1968Fairchild UC-123K Provider 54-588 USAF 3 near Xom Rach Goc   C1
23-MAY-1968Fairchild C-123B Provider 655 Air America 0 Na Khang Airstrip   A1
25-JUN-1968Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-595 USAF 0 within South Vietnam   A1
12-SEP-1968Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-714 USAF 0 Vinh Long Air Base A1
13-DEC-1968Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-600 USAF 6 near Ban Hai   A1
17-DEC-1968Fairchild C-123B Provider 54-708 USAF 14 near Chu Lai Air Base   A1
18-MAY-1969Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-639 USAF 6 near Bien Hoa Air Base   C1
10-OCT-1969Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-642 USAF 5 within Kien Giang Province   A1
17-DEC-1969Fairchild C-123K Provider 55-4562 USAF 1 Gia Nghia A1
03-JAN-1970Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-688 USAF 0 Binh Thuy Air Ba...   A1
09-AUG-1970Fairchild C-123K Provider 55-4527 USAF 3 near Cam Ranh Airport   A1
27-NOV-1970Fairchild C-123K Provider 55-4574 USAF 79 near Nha Trang Airpor... A1
29-NOV-1970Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-649 USAF 42 near Cam Ranh   A1
10-FEB-1971Fairchild UC-123K Provider 56-4373 USAF 5 near Phan Rang (PHA) A1
19-MAR-1971Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-650 USAF 0 Thein Ngon A1
24-DEC-1971Fairchild C-123K Provider 613 Air America 0 Long Tieng Airstrip   A1
27-DEC-1971Fairchild C-123K Provider 293 Air America 4 near Luang Prabang   C1
26-AUG-1972Fairchild C-123K Provider ST-2 Air America 8 near PleikuPleiku Air...   A1
27-AUG-1972Fairchild C-123K Provider 555 Air America 9 near Vang Vieng   A1
06-NOV-1972Fairchild C-123K Provider 648 Air America 0 near Paksong   C1
09-FEB-1973Fairchild C-123K Provider 374 Air America 3 near Thakhet East   C1
07-MAR-1973Fairchild C-123K Provider 524 Air America 4 near Ban Hong Sa   A1
25-FEB-1974Fairchild C-123K Provider 56-4377 Khmer Air Force 14 near Phnom Penh   A1
13-MAY-1974Fairchild C-123K Provider ST-3 Air America 0 near Tay Ninh   C1
27-JUL-1974Fairchild C-123K Provider ST-4 Air America 5 near Moc Hoa   C1
11-OCT-1974Fairchild C-123K Provider 690 Khmer Air Force 2 Svay Rieng province   C1
03-JAN-1975Fairchild C-123K Provider ST-1 Air America 9 near Nha Trang   C1
11-JAN-1977Fairchild C-123K Provider L4K-19/19 Thai AF 0 Bangkok-Don Muan...   A1
21-JUN-1977Fairchild C-123K Provider L4K-2/16 Thai AF 0 Bangkok Internat...   A1
29-JUL-1977Fairchild C-123K Provider L4K-3/16 Thai AF 6 Ban Maetab Mountain   A1
11-OCT-1977Fairchild C-123K Provider 54-707 USAF Springfield-West... A1
16-OCT-1980Fairchild UC-123K Provider 57-6291 USAF 5 Fort Sill-Henry ...   A1
05-FEB-1982Fairchild C-123J Provider   South Korea AF 53 near Jeju (Cheju) Int...   A1
01-JUN-1982Fairchild C-123J Provider 56-4391 South Korea AF 53 near Seoul-Seongnam A...   A1
05-MAY-1983Fairchild C-123K Provider L4K-12/18 Thai AF 30 near Nakhon Sawan/Tak...   A1
21-MAR-1984Fairchild C-123K Provider FAES120 Salvadorian AF 0 San Miguel Airstrip   C1
05-OCT-1986Fairchild C-123K Provider HPF821 Corporate Air Services 3 near San Carlos   C1
03-SEP-1989Fairchild C-123K Provider N8168T U.S. Department of State 0 Montería-Los Ga...   O1
27-AUG-1992Fairchild C-123K Provider FAES121 Salvadorian AF 12 near Metapán   A1
18-SEP-1996Fairchild C-123K Provider XA-SNB Krissalan de Aviacion 5 Bahía Tortugas ...   A1
01-AUG-2010Fairchild C-123K Provider N709RR All West Freight 3 Mount Healy, nea... A1

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