Last updated: 19 December 2014
Antonov 32B silhoutte 12-DEC-2014 - Sri Lanka Air Force Antonov 32B accident: 4 dead
An Antonov 32 operated by the Sri Lankan Air Force impacted wooded terrain in Hokandara while on approach to the Colombo (Ratmalana) Airport in Ratmalana. The aircraft was partially consumed by the post-impact fire and four of the fiv.... more.
12-DEC-2014 Antonov 32B SCM-864 Sri Lanka AF 4 Hokandara A1
09-DEC-2014 Rockwell Sabreliner 60ELXM XB-KLQ Unknown within Venezuela C1
08-DEC-2014 Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 N100EQ Sage Aviation 3+3 1 km NW of Gaithersburg-Montgomery County Airport, MD (GAI) A1
04-DEC-2014 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan V3-HHU Tropic Air 0 Belize City Municipal Airport (TZA) A2
30-NOV-2014 Learjet 35 N175BA Unknown 0 SW of San Fernando de Apure C1
27-NOV-2014 Lockheed C-130H Hercules FAB2470 Brazilian AF 0 Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Air Base, King Georg A2

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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg
18-DEC-2014 Beech V35A Bonanza N555SF Private 1 NW of Seagoville Airport (5TA9), Seagoville, TX w/o
17-DEC-2014 airplane Egypt Armed Forces 4 Egypt w/o
17-DEC-2014 Hot air balloon 1 Guvercinlik Valley, Cappadocia unk
17-DEC-2014 Rockwell Commander 114 ZS-JRP Elgin Flying Club Partnership 0 West of Mossel Bay, Eden, WCP sub
17-DEC-2014 Beech A36 Bonanza N1097Z Private 0 Johnson County Executive Airport (KOJC), Olathe, KS min
17-DEC-2014 Boeing 767-424ER N59053 United Airlines 0 London Heathrow Airport , Hounslow, London non
17-DEC-2014 Embraer EMB-202 Ipanema JBJ Agropecuária - FRIBOI 0 Farm in Nazario , Goiás w/o
16-DEC-2014 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub N5989Z Private 1 Near Round Butte, WNW of Ronan Airport (7S0), Ronan, MT unk
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17 DEC 2014 EU bans all airlines from Libya over safety fears
The European Commission has updated the European list of airlines subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union (EU air safety list). All airlines from Libya have now been added to the list.more

16 DEC 2014 Report: Fokker 50 runway excursion when tired crew lands outside crosswind limits
15 DEC 2014 Canada issues emergency AD requiring inspection of flap fasteners on Challenger jets
13 DEC 2014 Russian military aircraft in airprox event with passenger plane near Sweden
13 DEC 2014 Ukraine closes three airports for security reasons
12 DEC 2014 Helicopter drone came within 20 feet of A320 approaching London-Heathrow
11 DEC 2014 Report: Touchdown with higher than idle thrust causes Boeing 737-800 bounce and tailstrike at London-Stansted
11 DEC 2014 Report: serious near-miss incident between Fokker 100 and helicopter despite mutual visual contact
10 DEC 2014 EASA publishes Emergency AD following control issues on A321 with blocked angle of attack probes
8 DEC 2014 EASA investigates near mid-air collisions involving Russian military aircraft
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photo of Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW (ERJ-190AR)
FDR readout of the final 12 minutes of flight
photo of Boeing 737-2D6C 7T-VEE
3D graph of final flight path
photo of Boeing 737-2D6C 7T-VEE
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