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Last updated: 11 December 2017

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photo of Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules N921SJ
accident date: 12-07-2006
type: Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules
registration: N921SJ
photo of Airbus A310-324 F-OGYP
accident date: 09-07-2006
type: Airbus A310-324
registration: F-OGYP
photo of Shorts 360-300 HB-AAM
accident date: 13-01-2000
type: Shorts 360-300
registration: HB-AAM
photo of de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 100 N203E
accident date: 29-07-2006
type: de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 100
registration: N203E
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 N68047
accident date: 04-06-2006
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10
registration: N68047
photo of Douglas DC-3C PH-DDA
accident date: 25-09-1996
type: Douglas DC-3C
registration: PH-DDA
photo of Tupolev Tu-104 CCCP-L5414
accident date: 19-02-1958
type: Tupolev Tu-104
registration: CCCP-L5414
photo of Antonov An-26 BNMAU-14102
accident date: 23-04-1993
type: Antonov An-26
registration: BNMAU-14102
photo of Antonov An-26B RA-26139
accident date: 09-09-2005
type: Antonov An-26B
registration: RA-26139
photo of de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 9N-AEQ
accident date: 21-06-2006
type: de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300
registration: 9N-AEQ
photo of Boeing 767-223ER N330AA
accident date: 02-06-2006
type: Boeing 767-223ER
registration: N330AA
photo of Lockheed Hercules C.1 XV206
accident date: 24-05-2006
type: Lockheed Hercules C.1
registration: XV206
photo of British Aerospace BAe-125-700A P4-AOD
accident date: 02-01-2006
type: British Aerospace BAe-125-700A
registration: P4-AOD
photo of Cessna 560 Citation V HB-VLV
accident date: 20-12-2001
type: Cessna 560 Citation V
registration: HB-VLV
photo of Dassault Falcon 20C D-CBNA
accident date: 05-08-2001
type: Dassault Falcon 20C
registration: D-CBNA
photo of Bristol 175 Britannia 312 G-AOVD
accident date: 24-12-1958
type: Bristol 175 Britannia 312
registration: G-AOVD
photo of Boeing 727-277F N276WC
accident date: 24-10-2005
type: Boeing 727-277F
registration: N276WC
photo of Douglas DC-6 LV-ADV
accident date: 10-06-1958
type: Douglas DC-6
registration: LV-ADV
photo of Antonov An-74TK-200 UR-74038
accident date: 23-04-2006
type: Antonov An-74TK-200
registration: UR-74038
photo of Convair CV-580 N30EG
accident date: 14-05-2006
type: Convair CV-580
registration: N30EG
photo of Hawker Siddeley HS-748-286LFD Srs. 2A ZS-XGZ
accident date: 17-03-2006
type: Hawker Siddeley HS-748-286LFD Srs. 2A
registration: ZS-XGZ
photo of Transall C-160R R100/61-ZR
accident date: 06-05-2004
type: Transall C-160R
registration: R100/61-ZR
photo of Hawker Siddeley HS-780 Andover C.1 XS602
accident date: ??-03-2003
type: Hawker Siddeley HS-780 Andover C.1
registration: XS602
photo of Transall C-160D 50+39
accident date: 11-05-1990
type: Transall C-160D
registration: 50+39
photo of Let 410UVP-E20 OY-TCM
accident date: 31-03-2006
type: Let 410UVP-E20
registration: OY-TCM
photo of Airbus A320-211 EK-32009
accident date: 03-05-2006
type: Airbus A320-211
registration: EK-32009
photo of Lockheed C-130H Hercules CH-02
accident date: 05-05-2006
type: Lockheed C-130H Hercules
registration: CH-02
photo of Airbus A320-232 SX-BVB
accident date: 05-05-2006
type: Airbus A320-232
registration: SX-BVB
photo of Airbus A320-211 EK-32001
accident date: 05-05-2006
type: Airbus A320-211
registration: EK-32001
photo of Airbus A320-211 EK-32010
accident date: 05-05-2006
type: Airbus A320-211
registration: EK-32010
photo of Airbus A320-211 EK-32009
accident date: 03-05-2006
type: Airbus A320-211
registration: EK-32009
photo of Convair CV-580F ZS-SKH
accident date: 27-04-2006
type: Convair CV-580F
registration: ZS-SKH
photo of Antonov An-32B ER-AEC
accident date: 24-04-2006
type: Antonov An-32B
registration: ER-AEC
photo of Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M FAB-91
accident date: 16-04-2006
type: Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M
registration: FAB-91
photo of McDonnell Douglas MD-88 EC-FLK
accident date: 24-03-2005
type: McDonnell Douglas MD-88
registration: EC-FLK
photo of Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 11R F-WQCU
accident date: 28-08-2004
type: Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 11R
registration: F-WQCU
photo of Ilyushin Il-86 RA-86080
accident date: ??-??-1998
type: Ilyushin Il-86
registration: RA-86080
photo of Let 410UVP HR-ASF
accident date: ??-??-1900
type: Let 410UVP
registration: HR-ASF
photo of Lockheed C-5B Galaxy 84-0059
accident date: 03-04-2006
type: Lockheed C-5B Galaxy
registration: 84-0059
photo of Antonov An-12 EK-46741
accident date: 28-03-2006
type: Antonov An-12
registration: EK-46741
photo of Antonov An-12B UR-11765
accident date: 05-09-2004
type: Antonov An-12B
registration: UR-11765
photo of Antonov An-12BP ST-SIG
accident date: 11-05-2004
type: Antonov An-12BP
registration: ST-SIG
photo of Boeing 747SP-86 EP-IAC
accident date: 15-01-2004
type: Boeing 747SP-86
registration: EP-IAC
photo of Lockheed L-188A Electra C-GFQA
accident date: 16-07-2003
type: Lockheed L-188A Electra
registration: C-GFQA
photo of Antonov An-12B UN-11006
accident date: 11-05-2003
type: Antonov An-12B
registration: UN-11006
photo of Antonov An-12 TN-AGC
accident date: 30-04-2002
type: Antonov An-12
registration: TN-AGC
photo of Boeing 707-3B4C SU-BMV
accident date: 23-03-2001
type: Boeing 707-3B4C
registration: SU-BMV
photo of Antonov An-12B RA-12973
accident date: 11-05-1998
type: Antonov An-12B
registration: RA-12973