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Last updated: 20 October 2017

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photo of Antonov An-12BP ER-ADT
accident date: 16-10-2001
type: Antonov An-12BP
registration: ER-ADT
photo of de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 9N-AGF
accident date: 17-07-2002
type: de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300
registration: 9N-AGF
photo of McDonnell Douglas MD-83 EI-CPB
accident date: 08-01-2005
type: McDonnell Douglas MD-83
registration: EI-CPB
photo of McDonnell Douglas MD-82 I-DAWR
accident date: 20-04-2004
type: McDonnell Douglas MD-82
registration: I-DAWR
photo of Lockheed L-188A Electra C-GFQA
accident date: 16-07-2003
type: Lockheed L-188A Electra
registration: C-GFQA
photo of Antonov An-12BK 4K-AZ21
accident date: 07-11-2002
type: Antonov An-12BK
registration: 4K-AZ21
photo of Boeing 707-351C N707DY
accident date: 03-02-2000
type: Boeing 707-351C
registration: N707DY
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31 N993Z
accident date: 09-09-1999
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31
registration: N993Z
photo of McDonnell Douglas MD-11 HB-IWF
accident date: 02-09-1998
type: McDonnell Douglas MD-11
registration: HB-IWF
photo of Boeing 727-25F N8104N
accident date: 05-06-1998
type: Boeing 727-25F
registration: N8104N
photo of Boeing 707-323C 9Q-CKK
accident date: 01-11-1997
type: Boeing 707-323C
registration: 9Q-CKK
photo of Boeing 737-242C F-GFVK
accident date: 03-08-1997
type: Boeing 737-242C
registration: F-GFVK
photo of Boeing 737-222 N459AC
accident date: 29-02-1996
type: Boeing 737-222
registration: N459AC
photo of Boeing 707-324C HK-3355X
accident date: 09-10-1994
type: Boeing 707-324C
registration: HK-3355X
photo of Douglas DC-6BF N94BL
accident date: ??-02-1994
type: Douglas DC-6BF
registration: N94BL
photo of Boeing 727-46 HK-2421X
accident date: 04-08-1993
type: Boeing 727-46
registration: HK-2421X
photo of Douglas C-118A YV-502C
accident date: 18-09-1992
type: Douglas C-118A
registration: YV-502C
photo of Douglas DC-6B N1125J
accident date: 24-08-1992
type: Douglas DC-6B
registration: N1125J
photo of Boeing 707-321C TC-JCC
accident date: 24-03-1992
type: Boeing 707-321C
registration: TC-JCC
photo of Douglas DC-6A/B N72522
accident date: 17-02-1992
type: Douglas DC-6A/B
registration: N72522
photo of Douglas C-118A HK-1702
accident date: 10-02-1991
type: Douglas C-118A
registration: HK-1702
photo of Boeing 737-222 N210US
accident date: 22-07-1990
type: Boeing 737-222
registration: N210US
photo of Boeing 737-204 N198AW
accident date: 30-12-1989
type: Boeing 737-204
registration: N198AW
photo of Boeing 737-248 EI-ASB
accident date: 03-04-1989
type: Boeing 737-248
registration: EI-ASB
photo of Boeing 727-22 TI-LRC
accident date: 23-05-1988
type: Boeing 727-22
registration: TI-LRC
photo of Douglas DC-6BF N1VX
accident date: ??-01-1986
type: Douglas DC-6BF
registration: N1VX
photo of Boeing 737-266 SU-AYH
accident date: 24-11-1985
type: Boeing 737-266
registration: SU-AYH
photo of Boeing 737-236 G-BGJL
accident date: 22-08-1985
type: Boeing 737-236
registration: G-BGJL
photo of Douglas DC-6B N14436
accident date: 24-07-1985
type: Douglas DC-6B
registration: N14436
photo of Convair CV-990-30A-5 N712NA
accident date: 17-07-1985
type: Convair CV-990-30A-5
registration: N712NA
photo of Boeing 707-458 9Q-CPM
accident date: ??-07-1984
type: Boeing 707-458
registration: 9Q-CPM
photo of Boeing 727-21 HK-1804
accident date: 05-10-1983
type: Boeing 727-21
registration: HK-1804
photo of Boeing 707-336C G-ASZF
accident date: 25-09-1983
type: Boeing 707-336C
registration: G-ASZF
photo of Boeing 727-86 EP-IRA
accident date: 07-01-1983
type: Boeing 727-86
registration: EP-IRA
photo of Convair CV-880-22-2 N8816E
accident date: 03-11-1980
type: Convair CV-880-22-2
registration: N8816E
photo of Douglas C-118A 53-3286
accident date: 20-07-1979
type: Douglas C-118A
registration: 53-3286
photo of Douglas DC-6A/B N90687
accident date: 08-12-1978
type: Douglas DC-6A/B
registration: N90687
photo of Douglas DC-6BF N111AQ
accident date: ??-07-1978
type: Douglas DC-6BF
registration: N111AQ
photo of Convair CV-990-30A-5 EC-BZR
accident date: 03-12-1972
type: Convair CV-990-30A-5
registration: EC-BZR
photo of Convair CV-990-30A-5 OD-AEW
accident date: 28-12-1968
type: Convair CV-990-30A-5
registration: OD-AEW
photo of Airbus A340-312 4R-ADD
accident date: 24-07-2001
type: Airbus A340-312
registration: 4R-ADD
photo of Swearingen SA.226TC Metro II F-GCTE
accident date: 22-11-1987
type: Swearingen SA.226TC Metro II
registration: F-GCTE
photo of Swearingen SA.227AC Metro III D-CABB
accident date: 08-02-1988
type: Swearingen SA.227AC Metro III
registration: D-CABB
photo of Boeing 737-242 N238TA
accident date: 03-02-2005
type: Boeing 737-242
registration: N238TA
photo of Ilyushin Il-76TD EX-86917
accident date: 03-02-2005
type: Ilyushin Il-76TD
registration: EX-86917
photo of Let 410UVP-E4 HA-LAR
accident date: 27-01-2005
type: Let 410UVP-E4
registration: HA-LAR
photo of Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream IV VP-BSF
accident date: 01-12-2004
type: Gulfstream G-1159A Gulfstream IV
registration: VP-BSF
photo of Swearingen SA.227AC Metro III OY-NPC
accident date: 10-09-2004
type: Swearingen SA.227AC Metro III
registration: OY-NPC