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Last updated: 17 October 2017

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photo of Boeing 737-4B6 CN-RNF
accident date: 26-03-2003
type: Boeing 737-4B6
registration: CN-RNF
photo of Boeing 747-368 HZ-AIO
accident date: 23-08-2001
type: Boeing 747-368
registration: HZ-AIO
photo of Boeing 767-2B7ER N654US
accident date: 22-09-2000
type: Boeing 767-2B7ER
registration: N654US
photo of Boeing 747-2B3F (SCD) F-GPAN
accident date: 05-03-1999
type: Boeing 747-2B3F (SCD)
registration: F-GPAN
photo of Boeing 707-355C 5N-VRG
accident date: 14-11-1998
type: Boeing 707-355C
registration: 5N-VRG
photo of Boeing 747-122 N4723U
accident date: 28-12-1997
type: Boeing 747-122
registration: N4723U
photo of Boeing 707-372C TC-92
accident date: 23-10-1996
type: Boeing 707-372C
registration: TC-92
photo of Boeing 707-323C N751MA
accident date: 22-10-1996
type: Boeing 707-323C
registration: N751MA
photo of Boeing 747-131 N93119
accident date: 17-07-1996
type: Boeing 747-131
registration: N93119
photo of Boeing 747-136 N605FF
accident date: 20-12-1995
type: Boeing 747-136
registration: N605FF
photo of Boeing 737-2H6 N401SH
accident date: 18-07-1993
type: Boeing 737-2H6
registration: N401SH
photo of Boeing 707-387B LV-ISA
accident date: 31-01-1993
type: Boeing 707-387B
registration: LV-ISA
photo of Boeing 707-321C YR-ABM
accident date: 15-01-1993
type: Boeing 707-321C
registration: YR-ABM
photo of Boeing 747-258F 4X-AXG
accident date: 04-10-1992
type: Boeing 747-258F
registration: 4X-AXG
photo of Boeing 747-2R7F B-198
accident date: 29-12-1991
type: Boeing 747-2R7F
registration: B-198
photo of Boeing 747-136 G-AWND
accident date: 18-02-1991
type: Boeing 747-136
registration: G-AWND
photo of Boeing 707-3K1C YR-ABD
accident date: 10-01-1991
type: Boeing 707-3K1C
registration: YR-ABD
photo of Boeing 707-321C ST-SAC
accident date: 04-12-1990
type: Boeing 707-321C
registration: ST-SAC
photo of Boeing 747-249F N807FT
accident date: 19-02-1989
type: Boeing 747-249F
registration: N807FT
photo of Boeing 707-331B N7231T
accident date: 08-02-1989
type: Boeing 707-331B
registration: N7231T
photo of Boeing 707-351C 5N-AYJ
accident date: 13-12-1988
type: Boeing 707-351C
registration: 5N-AYJ
photo of Boeing 707-349C D2-TOI
accident date: 08-02-1988
type: Boeing 707-349C
registration: D2-TOI
photo of Boeing 707-331C OD-AGT
accident date: 23-10-1981
type: Boeing 707-331C
registration: OD-AGT
photo of Boeing 707-329C OO-SJH
accident date: 11-05-1980
type: Boeing 707-329C
registration: OO-SJH
photo of Boeing 720-047B OD-AGE
accident date: 27-06-1976
type: Boeing 720-047B
registration: OD-AGE
photo of Boeing 737-406 PH-BTC
accident date: 28-11-2004
type: Boeing 737-406
registration: PH-BTC
photo of Boeing 737-406 PH-BTC
accident date: 28-11-2004
type: Boeing 737-406
registration: PH-BTC
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15 XA-SOC
accident date: 20-06-1973
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15
registration: XA-SOC
photo of Cessna 208B Grand Caravan HP-1397APP
accident date: 16-08-2004
type: Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
registration: HP-1397APP
photo of Boeing 707-330C PP-BSE
accident date: 23-10-2004
type: Boeing 707-330C
registration: PP-BSE
photo of Airbus A320-231 4R-ABA
accident date: 24-07-2001
type: Airbus A320-231
registration: 4R-ABA
photo of Airbus A310-304 D-AHLB
accident date: 12-07-2000
type: Airbus A310-304
registration: D-AHLB
photo of Airbus A320-231 F-OHMD
accident date: 11-04-2000
type: Airbus A320-231
registration: F-OHMD
photo of Airbus A300B4-203 TU-TAT
accident date: 12-02-2000
type: Airbus A300B4-203
registration: TU-TAT
photo of Airbus A300B2-203 EP-IBR
accident date: 02-02-2000
type: Airbus A300B2-203
registration: EP-IBR
photo of Airbus A310-304 5Y-BEN
accident date: 30-01-2000
type: Airbus A310-304
registration: 5Y-BEN
photo of Antonov An-12 EL-ASS
accident date: 02-02-1999
type: Antonov An-12
registration: EL-ASS
photo of Airbus A310-204 HS-TIA
accident date: 11-12-1998
type: Airbus A310-204
registration: HS-TIA
photo of Airbus A320-214 RP-C3222
accident date: 22-03-1998
type: Airbus A320-214
registration: RP-C3222
photo of Airbus A300B4-203 TC-ALP
accident date: 17-05-1996
type: Airbus A300B4-203
registration: TC-ALP
photo of Airbus A310-324 YR-LCC
accident date: 31-03-1995
type: Airbus A310-324
registration: YR-LCC
photo of Airbus A300B4-103 HS-THO
accident date: 22-10-1994
type: Airbus A300B4-103
registration: HS-THO
photo of Airbus A300B2-101 F-WLGB
accident date: 15-11-1993
type: Airbus A300B2-101
registration: F-WLGB
photo of Airbus A300B2-1C F-BUAE
accident date: 24-04-1993
type: Airbus A300B2-1C
registration: F-BUAE
photo of Airbus A310-304 C-FGWD
accident date: 31-07-1992
type: Airbus A310-304
registration: C-FGWD
photo of Airbus A320-230 F-WWIV
accident date: 14-02-1990
type: Airbus A320-230
registration: F-WWIV
photo of Airbus A300B2-1C D-AIAB
accident date: 29-09-1986
type: Airbus A300B2-1C
registration: D-AIAB
photo of Douglas C-47A-15-DK F-BYCU
accident date: 11-11-1984
type: Douglas C-47A-15-DK
registration: F-BYCU