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Last updated: 22 February 2019

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photo of Airbus A340-313X F-GLZQ
accident date: 02-08-2005
type: Airbus A340-313X
registration: F-GLZQ
photo of ATR-72 TS-LBB
accident date: 06-08-2005
type: ATR-72
registration: TS-LBB
photo of Boeing 737-31S D-ADBQ
accident date: 14-08-2005
type: Boeing 737-31S
registration: D-ADBQ
photo of Let 410UVP-E9 5Y-VVA
accident date: 23-05-2004
type: Let 410UVP-E9
registration: 5Y-VVA
photo of Boeing 707-312B 5V-TAG
accident date: 21-09-2000
type: Boeing 707-312B
registration: 5V-TAG
photo of Tupolev Tu-134A RA-65617
accident date: 24-06-1995
type: Tupolev Tu-134A
registration: RA-65617
photo of Boeing 707-3F9C 5N-ABK
accident date: 19-12-1994
type: Boeing 707-3F9C
registration: 5N-ABK
photo of Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 1 D-AERI
accident date: 28-06-1991
type: Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 1
registration: D-AERI
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30ER S2-ADN
accident date: 01-07-2005
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30ER
registration: S2-ADN
photo of Douglas C-47B-DK ZS-KIV
accident date: 19-06-2005
type: Douglas C-47B-DK
registration: ZS-KIV
photo of Fokker F-28 Fellowship 4000 HC-CDA
accident date: 07-04-2005
type: Fokker F-28 Fellowship 4000
registration: HC-CDA
photo of Boeing 747-212B(SF) N808MC
accident date: 24-01-2005
type: Boeing 747-212B(SF)
registration: N808MC
photo of Douglas DC-7CF N244B
accident date: 06-09-1978
type: Douglas DC-7CF
registration: N244B
photo of Douglas DC-7CF N73675
accident date: ??-??-1977
type: Douglas DC-7CF
registration: N73675
photo of Convair CV-580 FAB-73
accident date: 22-02-2005
type: Convair CV-580
registration: FAB-73
photo of Convair CV-580 FAB-73
accident date: 22-02-2005
type: Convair CV-580
registration: FAB-73
photo of Douglas C-117D (DC-3) N505C
accident date: 02-02-1998
type: Douglas C-117D (DC-3)
registration: N505C
photo of Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules N107AK
accident date: 10-06-2005
type: Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules
registration: N107AK
photo of Antonov An-12 UN-11003
accident date: 25-04-2005
type: Antonov An-12
registration: UN-11003
photo of Antonov An-12 EK-12222
accident date: 05-10-2004
type: Antonov An-12
registration: EK-12222
photo of Tupolev Tu-104B CCCP-42505
accident date: 24-04-1973
type: Tupolev Tu-104B
registration: CCCP-42505
photo of Boeing 727-121C XV-NJC
accident date: 15-09-1974
type: Boeing 727-121C
registration: XV-NJC
photo of Douglas DC-3A HK-3462
accident date: 06-06-2005
type: Douglas DC-3A
registration: HK-3462
photo of Swearingen SA.227AC Metro III ZK-POA
accident date: 02-05-2005
type: Swearingen SA.227AC Metro III
registration: ZK-POA
photo of Canadair CL-44J HK-3148X
accident date: 06-07-1988
type: Canadair CL-44J
registration: HK-3148X
photo of CASA 212 Aviocar 200 N203FN
accident date: 27-11-2004
type: CASA 212 Aviocar 200
registration: N203FN
photo of Shorts SC.7 Skyvan 3M-400 VH-WGG
accident date: ??-01-2001
type: Shorts SC.7 Skyvan 3M-400
registration: VH-WGG
photo of Antonov An-24B UN-47736
accident date: 02-06-2005
type: Antonov An-24B
registration: UN-47736
photo of Boeing 747-SR46 JA8119
accident date: 12-08-1985
type: Boeing 747-SR46
registration: JA8119
photo of Yakovlev Yak-40D RA-88170
accident date: 09-03-2000
type: Yakovlev Yak-40D
registration: RA-88170
photo of ATR-42-320 A2-ABC
accident date: 11-10-1999
type: ATR-42-320
registration: A2-ABC
photo of ATR-42-320 A2-ABB
accident date: 11-10-1999
type: ATR-42-320
registration: A2-ABB
photo of Cessna T-47A Citation II N12859
accident date: 20-07-1993
type: Cessna T-47A Citation II
registration: N12859
photo of de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 100 PK-LTZ
accident date: 12-04-2005
type: de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 100
registration: PK-LTZ
photo of IRMA/Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-9 Islander F-BTGH
accident date: 15-11-1972
type: IRMA/Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-9 Islander
registration: F-BTGH
photo of Ilyushin Il-76TD ER-IBR
accident date: 23-03-2005
type: Ilyushin Il-76TD
registration: ER-IBR
photo of Canadair CL-215-1A10 F-ZBBR
accident date: 04-08-1983
type: Canadair CL-215-1A10
registration: F-ZBBR
photo of GAF Nomad N.22B VH-DNM
accident date: 05-04-1990
type: GAF Nomad N.22B
registration: VH-DNM
photo of Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2B-26 Islander D-IAAI
accident date: 26-12-2001
type: Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2B-26 Islander
registration: D-IAAI
photo of Britten-Norman BN-2A-26 Islander VH-AIA
accident date: 23-12-1993
type: Britten-Norman BN-2A-26 Islander
registration: VH-AIA
photo of Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-26 Islander B-11116
accident date: 10-04-1992
type: Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-26 Islander
registration: B-11116
photo of Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-2 Islander G-AZEH
accident date: 06-01-2001
type: Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-2 Islander
registration: G-AZEH
photo of Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A Islander EI-AUF
accident date: ??-06-1985
type: Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A Islander
registration: EI-AUF
photo of Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2 Islander 7Q-YKC
accident date: 15-05-1989
type: Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2 Islander
registration: 7Q-YKC
photo of IRMA/Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-8 Islander F-BTOY
accident date: ??-??-1900
type: IRMA/Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-8 Islander
registration: F-BTOY
photo of IRMA/Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-27 Islander DQ-FCN
accident date: 06-08-1991
type: IRMA/Pilatus-Britten Norman BN-2A-27 Islander
registration: DQ-FCN
photo of Ilyushin Il-76TD ER-IBR
accident date: 23-03-2005
type: Ilyushin Il-76TD
registration: ER-IBR
photo of GAF Nomad N.24A ZK-ECM
accident date: 13-04-2002
type: GAF Nomad N.24A
registration: ZK-ECM