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Last updated: 16 December 2018

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photo of Convair C-131E (CV-440) N131T
accident date: 05-02-1996
type: Convair C-131E (CV-440)
registration: N131T
photo of Convair CV-440-98F N356SA
accident date: 27-06-1995
type: Convair CV-440-98F
registration: N356SA
photo of Convair CV-440 CP-2142
accident date: 22-05-1995
type: Convair CV-440
registration: CP-2142
photo of Convair CV-440 N137CA
accident date: 18-03-1995
type: Convair CV-440
registration: N137CA
photo of Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules PK-PLV
accident date: 23-09-1994
type: Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules
registration: PK-PLV
photo of Lockheed AC-130H Hercules 69-6576
accident date: 14-03-1994
type: Lockheed AC-130H Hercules
registration: 69-6576
photo of Convair CV-440 CP-2212
accident date: 03-11-1993
type: Convair CV-440
registration: CP-2212
photo of Lockheed C-130H Herculesá NAF911
accident date: 26-09-1992
type: Lockheed C-130H Herculesá
registration: NAF911
photo of Convair CV-580 N73107
accident date: 11-05-1992
type: Convair CV-580
registration: N73107
photo of Convair CV-640 N862FW
accident date: 09-02-1992
type: Convair CV-640
registration: N862FW
photo of Convair CV-240D (T-29) N450GA
accident date: 28-11-1991
type: Convair CV-240D (T-29)
registration: N450GA
photo of Convair CV-580 C-FICA
accident date: 18-09-1991
type: Convair CV-580
registration: C-FICA
photo of Convair CV-240-23 HI-376
accident date: ??-09-1990
type: Convair CV-240-23
registration: HI-376
photo of Convair CV-580 LN-PAA
accident date: 08-09-1989
type: Convair CV-580
registration: LN-PAA
photo of Convair CV-580 N73160
accident date: 20-01-1989
type: Convair CV-580
registration: N73160
photo of Convair CV-580 N5808
accident date: 02-02-1988
type: Convair CV-580
registration: N5808
photo of Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules HB-ILF
accident date: 14-10-1987
type: Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules
registration: HB-ILF
photo of Convair CV-880-22M-3 N5863
accident date: ??-10-1986
type: Convair CV-880-22M-3
registration: N5863
photo of Convair CV-440-62 N44828
accident date: 16-12-1984
type: Convair CV-440-62
registration: N44828
photo of Lockheed C-130E Herculesá 68-10944
accident date: 28-02-1984
type: Lockheed C-130E Herculesá
registration: 68-10944
photo of Convair C-131F (CV-340) 141010
accident date: 30-04-1983
type: Convair C-131F (CV-340)
registration: 141010
photo of Convair CV-440 N477KW
accident date: 25-08-1982
type: Convair CV-440
registration: N477KW
photo of Convair C-131E (CV-440) N121CA
accident date: 04-06-1981
type: Convair C-131E (CV-440)
registration: N121CA
photo of Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules FAP-396
accident date: 24-04-1981
type: Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules
registration: FAP-396
photo of Lockheed C-130H Herculesá T.10-1
accident date: 28-05-1980
type: Lockheed C-130H Herculesá
registration: T.10-1
photo of Convair CV-440 N94436
accident date: ??-04-1980
type: Convair CV-440
registration: N94436
photo of Convair CV-880-22-2 HP-821
accident date: 29-03-1980
type: Convair CV-880-22-2
registration: HP-821
photo of Convair CV-440-86 N444JM
accident date: 24-11-1979
type: Convair CV-440-86
registration: N444JM
photo of Lockheed C-130H Hercules CP-1375
accident date: 28-09-1979
type: Lockheed C-130H Hercules
registration: CP-1375
photo of Convair CV-440 N14478
accident date: 26-08-1979
type: Convair CV-440
registration: N14478
photo of Convair CV-300 N777DC
accident date: 01-04-1978
type: Convair CV-300
registration: N777DC
photo of Convair CV-340-38 N4807C
accident date: 21-03-1978
type: Convair CV-340-38
registration: N4807C
photo of Convair CV-240-0 N10AV
accident date: 09-04-1977
type: Convair CV-240-0
registration: N10AV
photo of Convair CV-880-22M-22 N5865
accident date: 16-12-1976
type: Convair CV-880-22M-22
registration: N5865
photo of Lockheed C-130H Herculesá CN-AOB
accident date: 04-12-1976
type: Lockheed C-130H Herculesá
registration: CN-AOB
photo of Lockheed C-130H Herculesá 7772
accident date: 03-09-1976
type: Lockheed C-130H Herculesá
registration: 7772
photo of Convair CV-440-0 YU-ADO
accident date: ??-05-1971
type: Convair CV-440-0
registration: YU-ADO
photo of Douglas DC-3 N22RB
accident date: 13-08-2004
type: Douglas DC-3
registration: N22RB
photo of Convair CV-440 N4826C
accident date: 12-07-2004
type: Convair CV-440
registration: N4826C
photo of Douglas DC-3-455 (C-49J) HK-1212
accident date: 20-06-2004
type: Douglas DC-3-455 (C-49J)
registration: HK-1212
photo of Fokker F-27 Frienship 500 N715FE
accident date: 27-04-2004
type: Fokker F-27 Frienship 500
registration: N715FE
photo of Cessna 500 Citation I OE-FAN
accident date: 24-02-2004
type: Cessna 500 Citation I
registration: OE-FAN
photo of Ilyushin Il-18D ER-ICJ
accident date: 27-01-2004
type: Ilyushin Il-18D
registration: ER-ICJ
photo of Learjet U-36A 9202
accident date: 21-05-2003
type: Learjet U-36A
registration: 9202
photo of Hawker Siddeley HS-748-225 Srs.2A G-ATMJ
accident date: 11-04-2002
type: Hawker Siddeley HS-748-225 Srs.2A
registration: G-ATMJ
photo of Tupolev Tu-134A-3 RA-65004
accident date: 08-01-2002
type: Tupolev Tu-134A-3
registration: RA-65004
photo of Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3) ZS-OJD
accident date: ??-12-2001
type: Douglas C-53-DO (DC-3)
registration: ZS-OJD
photo of Hawker Siddeley HS-748-244 Srs. 2 SE-LEO
accident date: 13-12-2001
type: Hawker Siddeley HS-748-244 Srs. 2
registration: SE-LEO