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Last updated: 15 December 2017

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photo of Boeing 707-323C PP-VLU
accident date: 30-01-1979
type: Boeing 707-323C
registration: PP-VLU
photo of Boeing 707-323C 4K-401
accident date: 30-11-1995
type: Boeing 707-323C
registration: 4K-401
photo of Boeing 707-323C OD-AHB
accident date: 08-01-1987
type: Boeing 707-323C
registration: OD-AHB
photo of Boeing 707-365C PT-TCP
accident date: 26-11-1992
type: Boeing 707-365C
registration: PT-TCP
photo of Boeing 707-327C OD-AGW
accident date: 05-07-1981
type: Boeing 707-327C
registration: OD-AGW
photo of Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMV
accident date: 02-02-1995
type: Boeing 737-2A1
registration: PP-SMV
photo of Boeing 737-2C3 PP-CJN
accident date: 16-09-2001
type: Boeing 737-2C3
registration: PP-CJN
photo of Boeing 737-241 PP-VMK
accident date: 03-09-1989
type: Boeing 737-241
registration: PP-VMK
photo of Boeing 737-287 LV-LIU
accident date: 26-09-1988
type: Boeing 737-287
registration: LV-LIU
photo of Boeing 707-366C SU-AXA
accident date: 25-12-1976
type: Boeing 707-366C
registration: SU-AXA
photo of Boeing 707-368C A20-103
accident date: 29-10-1991
type: Boeing 707-368C
registration: A20-103
photo of Boeing 707-366C SU-AVX
accident date: 21-08-1996
type: Boeing 707-366C
registration: SU-AVX
photo of Boeing 707-387C LV-JGR
accident date: 27-01-1986
type: Boeing 707-387C
registration: LV-JGR
photo of Boeing 707-336C SU-PBA
accident date: 10-03-1998
type: Boeing 707-336C
registration: SU-PBA
photo of Boeing 707-345C PP-VJZ
accident date: 11-07-1973
type: Boeing 707-345C
registration: PP-VJZ
photo of Boeing 707-351B 5Y-BBK
accident date: 11-07-1989
type: Boeing 707-351B
registration: 5Y-BBK
photo of Boeing 707-379C ET-ACQ
accident date: 25-07-1990
type: Boeing 707-379C
registration: ET-ACQ
photo of Boeing 707-373C HL7412
accident date: 02-08-1976
type: Boeing 707-373C
registration: HL7412
photo of Boeing 707-338C 5X-UBC
accident date: 17-10-1988
type: Boeing 707-338C
registration: 5X-UBC
photo of Boeing 707-329C 9Q-CVG
accident date: 01-03-1990
type: Boeing 707-329C
registration: 9Q-CVG
photo of Boeing 720-047B OD-AGR
accident date: 16-06-1982
type: Boeing 720-047B
registration: OD-AGR
photo of Boeing 720-047B OD-AGQ
accident date: 21-08-1985
type: Boeing 720-047B
registration: OD-AGQ
photo of Boeing 707-327C OD-AFY
accident date: 26-07-1993
type: Boeing 707-327C
registration: OD-AFY
photo of Boeing 707-323C OD-AGN
accident date: 16-06-1982
type: Boeing 707-323C
registration: OD-AGN
photo of Boeing 707-324C B-1834
accident date: 11-09-1979
type: Boeing 707-324C
registration: B-1834
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-8-33AF HP-1166
accident date: 28-03-1992
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-8-33AF
registration: HP-1166
photo of Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 214 G-ASVO
accident date: 08-04-1997
type: Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 214
registration: G-ASVO
photo of Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 203 G-BBXI
accident date: 11-06-1984
type: Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 203
registration: G-BBXI
photo of Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 203 G-BBXJ
accident date: 24-12-1974
type: Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 203
registration: G-BBXJ
photo of Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 401 HK-2701
accident date: 16-09-1991
type: Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 401
registration: HK-2701
photo of Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 202 G-BCZG
accident date: 11-09-1984
type: Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 202
registration: G-BCZG
photo of Vickers 952C Vanguard F-GEJF
accident date: 29-01-1988
type: Vickers 952C Vanguard
registration: F-GEJF
photo of Vickers 952F Vanguard F-GEJE
accident date: 06-02-1989
type: Vickers 952F Vanguard
registration: F-GEJE
photo of Vickers VC10-1106 C1K XR806
accident date: 18-12-1997
type: Vickers VC10-1106 C1K
registration: XR806
photo of British Aerospace 3102 Jetstream 31 G-EEST
accident date: 17-09-2003
type: British Aerospace 3102 Jetstream 31
registration: G-EEST
photo of Boeing 737-3Q8 SU-ZCF
accident date: 03-01-2004
type: Boeing 737-3Q8
registration: SU-ZCF
photo of Cessna 208 Caravan 5Y-BOY
accident date: 14-10-2003
type: Cessna 208 Caravan
registration: 5Y-BOY
photo of BAC One-Eleven 529FR HB-ITL
accident date: 07-05-1981
type: BAC One-Eleven 529FR
registration: HB-ITL
photo of BAC One-Eleven 515FB 5N-IMO
accident date: 18-09-1994
type: BAC One-Eleven 515FB
registration: 5N-IMO
photo of BAC One-Eleven 516FP RP-C1193
accident date: 21-07-1989
type: BAC One-Eleven 516FP
registration: RP-C1193
photo of BAC One-Eleven 203AE N1547
accident date: 29-07-1997
type: BAC One-Eleven 203AE
registration: N1547
photo of BAC One-Eleven 208AL EI-ANG
accident date: 29-08-1992
type: BAC One-Eleven 208AL
registration: EI-ANG
photo of BAC One-Eleven 412EB EL-LIB
accident date: 28-08-2001
type: BAC One-Eleven 412EB
registration: EL-LIB
photo of BAC One-Eleven 204AF N1115J
accident date: 14-09-1991
type: BAC One-Eleven 204AF
registration: N1115J
photo of BAC One-Eleven 402AP 5N-AOW
accident date: 26-06-1991
type: BAC One-Eleven 402AP
registration: 5N-AOW
photo of BAC One-Eleven 424EU YR-BCA
accident date: 07-12-1970
type: BAC One-Eleven 424EU
registration: YR-BCA
photo of BAC One-Eleven 521FH G-AYXB
accident date: 04-12-1973
type: BAC One-Eleven 521FH
registration: G-AYXB
photo of BAC One-Eleven 320AZ G-BKAX
accident date: 07-09-1989
type: BAC One-Eleven 320AZ
registration: G-BKAX