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Last updated: 19 February 2018

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photo of Martin 4-0-4 N40438
accident date: 16-11-1979
type: Martin 4-0-4
registration: N40438
photo of Curtiss C-46F-1-CU C-GYHT
accident date: 13-11-1979
type: Curtiss C-46F-1-CU
registration: C-GYHT
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 N903WA
accident date: 31-10-1979
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10
registration: N903WA
photo of Curtiss C-46A-45-CU N10624
accident date: 28-09-1979
type: Curtiss C-46A-45-CU
registration: N10624
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 I-ATJC
accident date: 14-09-1979
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32
registration: I-ATJC
photo of Curtiss C-46A-60-CK N7768B
accident date: 12-09-1979
type: Curtiss C-46A-60-CK
registration: N7768B
photo of Boeing 707-324C B-1834
accident date: 11-09-1979
type: Boeing 707-324C
registration: B-1834
photo of Lockheed L-049-46-26 Constellation N6000C
accident date: 31-08-1979
type: Lockheed L-049-46-26 Constellation
registration: N6000C
photo of Curtiss C-46A-5-CK HI-189
accident date: 31-08-1979
type: Curtiss C-46A-5-CK
registration: HI-189
photo of Antonov An-12V CCCP-12963
accident date: 24-08-1979
type: Antonov An-12V
registration: CCCP-12963
photo of Boeing 707-123B 5B-DAM
accident date: 19-08-1979
type: Boeing 707-123B
registration: 5B-DAM
photo of Douglas DC-6BF N19CA
accident date: ??-07-1979
type: Douglas DC-6BF
registration: N19CA
photo of Boeing 707-330C D-ABUY
accident date: 26-07-1979
type: Boeing 707-330C
registration: D-ABUY
photo of Douglas DC-7CF N357AL
accident date: 22-06-1979
type: Douglas DC-7CF
registration: N357AL
photo of Douglas DC-6BF AN-BFN
accident date: 06-06-1979
type: Douglas DC-6BF
registration: AN-BFN
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 N110AA
accident date: 25-05-1979
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10
registration: N110AA
photo of Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules D2-FAF
accident date: 15-05-1979
type: Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules
registration: D2-FAF
photo of Boeing 707-321C 5X-UAL
accident date: 01-04-1979
type: Boeing 707-321C
registration: 5X-UAL
photo of Lockheed L-188PF Electra N403GN
accident date: 05-01-1979
type: Lockheed L-188PF Electra
registration: N403GN
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 I-DIKQ
accident date: 23-12-1978
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32
registration: I-DIKQ
photo of de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 F-OGHD
accident date: 18-11-1978
type: de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300
registration: F-OGHD
photo of Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation N6924C
accident date: 15-10-1978
type: Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation
registration: N6924C
photo of Boeing 707-342 CC-CCX
accident date: 03-08-1978
type: Boeing 707-342
registration: CC-CCX
photo of Convair CV-440 N4809C
accident date: 14-07-1978
type: Convair CV-440
registration: N4809C
photo of BAC One-Eleven 203AE N1550
accident date: 09-07-1978
type: BAC One-Eleven 203AE
registration: N1550
photo of Canadair CL-44D4-6 G-BCWJ
accident date: 06-07-1978
type: Canadair CL-44D4-6
registration: G-BCWJ
photo of Douglas DC-6B TG-ADA
accident date: 08-06-1978
type: Douglas DC-6B
registration: TG-ADA
photo of Convair CV-880-22-2 N8815E
accident date: 25-05-1978
type: Convair CV-880-22-2
registration: N8815E
photo of Convair CV-440-86 N9302
accident date: 12-05-1978
type: Convair CV-440-86
registration: N9302
photo of Douglas DC-7CF N356AL
accident date: 30-04-1978
type: Douglas DC-7CF
registration: N356AL
photo of Douglas DC-6BF N6103C
accident date: 24-02-1978
type: Douglas DC-6BF
registration: N6103C
photo of Douglas DC-6B N6523C
accident date: 17-02-1978
type: Douglas DC-6B
registration: N6523C
photo of Boeing 707-329 OO-SJE
accident date: 15-02-1978
type: Boeing 707-329
registration: OO-SJE
photo of Boeing 737-275 C-FPWC
accident date: 11-02-1978
type: Boeing 737-275
registration: C-FPWC
photo of BAC One-Eleven 420EL LV-JGX
accident date: 27-01-1978
type: BAC One-Eleven 420EL
registration: LV-JGX
photo of de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 N982FL
accident date: 18-01-1978
type: de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300
registration: N982FL
photo of Boeing 747-237B VT-EBD
accident date: 01-01-1978
type: Boeing 747-237B
registration: VT-EBD
photo of de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300 CF-TVP
accident date: 30-12-1977
type: de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 300
registration: CF-TVP
photo of Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 10R HB-ICK
accident date: 18-12-1977
type: Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 10R
registration: HB-ICK
photo of Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle VIN I-DABP
accident date: 09-12-1977
type: Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle VIN
registration: I-DABP
photo of Boeing 737-2H6 9M-MBD
accident date: 04-12-1977
type: Boeing 737-2H6
registration: 9M-MBD
photo of Lockheed L-749A-79-52 Constellation N273R
accident date: 22-10-1977
type: Lockheed L-749A-79-52 Constellation
registration: N273R
photo of Bristol 175 Britannia 253 EI-BBY
accident date: 30-09-1977
type: Bristol 175 Britannia 253
registration: EI-BBY
photo of Curtiss C-46C CF-CZH
accident date: 29-09-1977
type: Curtiss C-46C
registration: CF-CZH
photo of Curtiss C-46D-10-CU N74689
accident date: 24-08-1977
type: Curtiss C-46D-10-CU
registration: N74689
photo of Curtiss C-46D-20-CU HK-75
accident date: 21-06-1977
type: Curtiss C-46D-20-CU
registration: HK-75
photo of Curtiss C-46F-1-CU N355W
accident date: 06-05-1977
type: Curtiss C-46F-1-CU
registration: N355W
photo of Boeing 747-206B PH-BUF
accident date: 27-03-1977
type: Boeing 747-206B
registration: PH-BUF