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Last updated: 12 December 2017

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photo of Douglas DC-6A/C HB-IBT
accident date: 07-05-1969
type: Douglas DC-6A/C
registration: HB-IBT
photo of Douglas DC-7B SE-ERC
accident date: 20-01-1968
type: Douglas DC-7B
registration: SE-ERC
photo of Douglas C-54A-5-DC OB-R-148
accident date: 08-12-1967
type: Douglas C-54A-5-DC
registration: OB-R-148
photo of Tupolev Tu-104A OK-LDB
accident date: 16-03-1963
type: Tupolev Tu-104A
registration: OK-LDB
photo of Boeing 707-441 PP-VJB
accident date: 27-11-1962
type: Boeing 707-441
registration: PP-VJB
photo of Douglas DC-3 CC-CLD-P210
accident date: 03-04-1961
type: Douglas DC-3
registration: CC-CLD-P210
photo of Lockheed L-1049E-55 Super Constellation HK-177
accident date: 21-01-1960
type: Lockheed L-1049E-55 Super Constellation
registration: HK-177
photo of Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 3 G-AOEN
accident date: 12-12-1959
type: Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 3
registration: G-AOEN
photo of Curtiss C-46D-20-CU AN-AOC
accident date: 25-02-1976
type: Curtiss C-46D-20-CU
registration: AN-AOC
photo of Douglas YC-112A-DO (DC-6) N901MA
accident date: 08-02-1976
type: Douglas YC-112A-DO (DC-6)
registration: N901MA
photo of Douglas YC-112A-DO (DC-6) N901MA
accident date: 08-02-1976
type: Douglas YC-112A-DO (DC-6)
registration: N901MA
photo of Douglas DC-6A/B HK-1389
accident date: 04-02-1976
type: Douglas DC-6A/B
registration: HK-1389
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF N1031F
accident date: 02-01-1976
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF
registration: N1031F
photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF N1032F
accident date: 12-11-1975
type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF
registration: N1032F
photo of Curtiss C-46A-5-CU CP-992
accident date: 19-10-1975
type: Curtiss C-46A-5-CU
registration: CP-992
photo of Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer N6813D
accident date: 09-08-1975
type: Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
registration: N6813D
photo of Curtiss C-46F-1-CU N4873V
accident date: 08-08-1975
type: Curtiss C-46F-1-CU
registration: N4873V
photo of Boeing 707-321C N797PA
accident date: 03-08-1975
type: Boeing 707-321C
registration: N797PA
photo of Douglas DC-6F HK-756
accident date: 10-07-1975
type: Douglas DC-6F
registration: HK-756
photo of Boeing 747-128 N28888
accident date: 12-06-1975
type: Boeing 747-128
registration: N28888
photo of Curtiss C-46A-40-CU CP-855
accident date: 09-06-1975
type: Curtiss C-46A-40-CU
registration: CP-855
photo of Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation N6931C
accident date: 03-06-1975
type: Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation
registration: N6931C
photo of Lockheed L-1049H-01-06-162 Super Constellation N45516
accident date: 11-05-1975
type: Lockheed L-1049H-01-06-162 Super Constellation
registration: N45516
photo of Fokker F-28 Fellowship 1000 TC-JAP
accident date: 30-01-1975
type: Fokker F-28 Fellowship 1000
registration: TC-JAP
photo of Boeing 747-130 D-ABYB
accident date: 20-11-1974
type: Boeing 747-130
registration: D-ABYB
photo of Douglas DC-6B OO-VGB
accident date: 04-10-1974
type: Douglas DC-6B
registration: OO-VGB
photo of Boeing 720-025 OY-DSR
accident date: 13-09-1974
type: Boeing 720-025
registration: OY-DSR
photo of Curtiss C-46D-15-CU TI-1010C
accident date: 08-09-1974
type: Curtiss C-46D-15-CU
registration: TI-1010C