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Last updated: 18 November 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
05-AUG-1969 Bell 47G-2 N8403E Prior Aviation 3 Ngara FalL w/o
09-AUG-1969 Bell 47G-3B1 VH-BHE West Australian Helicopters Pty. Ltd 0 25 km NE Kumarina,Western Australia w/o
12-AUG-1969 Bell 47D-1 N2794A 1 Cherokee, NC w/o
13-AUG-1969 Bell 47G-4A N1420W Wiggins Airway 0 East Poultney, VT w/o
14-AUG-1969 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT825 14th/20th Hussars, British Army Air Corps 0 Sennelager Range, near Paderborn w/o
22-AUG-1969 Agusta-Bell 47G-3B1 Carabinieri 0 Cogne, Aosta w/o
25-AUG-1969 Westland Sioux AH.1 XW191 ARWF, British Army Air Corps 0 Princess Avenue, Christchurch, Dorset w/o
25-AUG-1969 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT509 ARWF, British Army Air Corps 1 Christchurch, Dorset w/o
28-AUG-1969 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT142 HQ Development Flt, British Army Air Corps 0 Upper Clatford, near Andover, Hampshire w/o
31-AUG-1969 Bell 47G-2 N10194 Rambling Rotor 0 Wilder, Id w/o
03-SEP-1969 Bell 47G-3B1 N73287 Provo Flying S 1 Jackson, WY w/o
04-SEP-1969 Bell 47G-2 N28208 Rushmore Helic 3 near Keystone, Sd w/o
04-SEP-1969 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT246 1st Royal Horse Artillery Air Troop, AAC 0 Gayton, Aden w/o
08-SEP-1969 Bell 47G N7985A California Air 0 Hollister, CA w/o
22-SEP-1969 Bell 47G-2 N6776D Danaher Equipt 0 Gallipolis, OH w/o
07-OCT-1969 Bell 47G-3B1 N3096G Shasta Helicop 0 near Bishop, CA w/o
12-OCT-1969 Bell 47G-4A HK-198E Helicol 3 Puerto Asís w/o
18-OCT-1969 Bell 47D-1 LN-ORN A/S Flytransport Hamar w/o
31-OCT-1969 Bell 47G-2 N2803B Helicopter Ser 2 Loomis, WA w/o
14-NOV-1969 Bell 47G-3B-1 A1-394 161 (R) Flt RAAF 0 Tocumwal, New South Wales w/o
24-NOV-1969 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT845 13th/18th Hussars, British Army Air Corps 0 Nienberge w/o
25-NOV-1969 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT210 4 Wing, Guards Air Brigade, Army Air Corps 0 Kluang, Johore w/o
30-DEC-1969 Bell 47G-3B1 N1320X United Helicop 1 Hamiltn Afb, CA sub
06-JAN-1970 Bell 47G YV-E-DPF Aerotecníca S.A. w/o
14-JAN-1970 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT166 3 Command Brigade/4 Wing, Army Air Corps 0 Mount Ophir, Malaysia. w/o
31-JAN-1970 Bell 47G-2 N1774 New England He 0 South Hadley, MA w/o
03-FEB-1970 Bell 47G-5 B-15115 Great China Airlines w/o
24-FEB-1970 Bell 47G-4A N6233N Texas Helicopt 0 Corpus Chrsti, TX w/o
25-FEB-1970 Bell 47G-5 ZK-HBJ near Gisborne w/o
02-MAR-1970 Agusta-Bell 47G-2 74+24 Heeresflieger (German Army Aviation) 2+2 near Fassberg w/o
02-MAR-1970 Bell 47G-2 74+27 Heeresflieger (German Army Aviation) 2+2 near Fassberg w/o
06-MAR-1970 Bell 47G-2A YV-E-BPL Aerotecníca S.A. w/o
24-MAR-1970 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT816 2 Wing, Army Air Corps 0 Netheravon, Wiltshire w/o
22-APR-1970 Westland Sioux AH.1 XV310 CFS RAF 0 Hinstock, Shropshire w/o
24-MAY-1970 Bell 47D-1 N730J Action Helicop 0 San Antonio, TX w/o
25-MAY-1970 Bell 47G-4 N1160W Aerial Sv Corp 0 near Terra Ceia, NC w/o
04-JUN-1970 Bell 47G-3B2 N4077G Texas Gulf Sul 0 near Las Vegas, NV w/o
07-JUN-1970 Bell 47D1 N8117 Lester Cook 0 near Perry, MO w/o
19-JUN-1970 Bell 47G-2 N6750D Citrus Chemica 0 near  Kissimmee, FL w/o
05-JUL-1970 Bell 47G N73873 Arbie Grant Ba 0 Weiner, AR w/o
30-JUL-1970 Bell 47G-2 N972B Coastal Ag Che 0 Oxnard, CA w/o
30-JUL-1970 Bell 47G-4A N7908S Petroleum Heli 0 near Leeville, LA w/o
03-AUG-1970 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT828 British Army Air Corps (AAC) 0 Korbach w/o
14-AUG-1970 Bell 47G-2 N73264 Aerial Service 0 Pactolus, NC w/o
17-AUG-1970 Bell 47G-5 N4096G Alco Helicopte 0 Frostproof, FL w/o
31-AUG-1970 Bell 47G-3B1 N1373X Southwest Avia 0 near Holloman Ab, NM w/o
04-SEP-1970 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT502 17/21 Lancers Air Sqn, British Army Air Corps (AAC) 0 RAF Aldergrove, 13 miles NW of Belfast, Northern Ireland w/o
23-SEP-1970 Bell 47G-3 JT-P Luftforsvaret (RNoAF) 0 w/o
30-SEP-1970 Bell 47G-3B-2 ZK-HDK Murchison Glacier w/o
02-OCT-1970 Bell 47G-3B1 N512Y Petan Company 1 Tuscarora, NV w/o
06-OCT-1970 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT215 652 Sqn, Army Air Corps 0 over the River Diemel, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany w/o
07-OCT-1970 Bell H-13H Sioux 3B-HG Austrian Air Force 0 Tulln-Langenlebarn Airfield - LOXT w/o
19-OCT-1970 Bell 47G-3B2 N2747R Farm Copters 0 Ft.Collins, CO w/o
24-OCT-1970 Bell 47G-5 N1375X Marsh Aviation 0 near El Mirage, AZ w/o
14-NOV-1970 Bell 47G-2A N818HJ Kennebec Helic 0 Spring Valley, NY w/o
27-NOV-1970 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT544 15/19th Hussars, Army Air Corps 0 Collingbourne Kingston, 8 miles S of Marlborough, Wiltshire w/o
01-DEC-1970 Bell 47G-3B1 N1126W National Heli 1 near Rim Forest, CA w/o
  -   -1970 Agusta-Bell 47G-2 HE.7-14 Ejército del Aire w/o
12-JAN-1971 Bell 47G-2 N8421E 0 Belle Glade, FL w/o
20-JAN-1971 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT513 1 Wing 10th Hussars, British Army Air Corps 0 Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany w/o
05-FEB-1971 Bell 47G-4A N1314X Sabine Offshor 0 Sabine Pass, TX w/o
11-FEB-1971 Bell 47G-5 N2294W 1 S.Francisco, CA w/o
03-MAR-1971 Bell 47G-4 N13150 Petroleum Heli 1 Leeville, LA w/o
12-APR-1971 Bell 47D-1 CS-HAH AVITRATA 0 Mouchão da Póvoa w/o
19-APR-1971 Bell 47G-4 N73944 Asplundh Aviat 0 Mays Ldg, NJ w/o
23-APR-1971 Bell 47G-4A N1413W Pa State Police 0 Franklin, PA w/o
06-MAY-1971 Westland Sioux AH.1 XV322 CFS, RAF 0 Harewood Forest, 3 miles SE of Andover, Hampshire. w/o
07-MAY-1971 Bell 47G N17271 Gold Coast Hel 0 Homstead, FL w/o
07-JUN-1971 Bell 47G-5 N2202W City Of Dallas 0 Dallas, TX w/o
08-JUN-1971 Bell 47G-2 N8426E Billy Jo Harve 1 Branchville, Nj w/o
09-JUN-1971 Agusta-Bell 47G-2A-1 D-HABT 0 w/o
11-JUN-1971 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT184 3 Command Brigade/4 Wing, Army Air Corps 0 w/o
11-JUN-1971 Bell 47G-2 G-ATSH Farmair Ltd 0 Cranbrook, Kent w/o
19-JUN-1971 Bell 47G-4A N4088G Ken Lake Helic 0 Utica, Ky w/o
21-JUN-1971 Bell 47G-4A N7814S Petroleum Heli 1 New Orleans, LA w/o
24-JUN-1971 Bell 47G-2 N1657 Cascade Helico 0 Moses Lake, WA w/o
07-JUL-1971 Bell 47G N73873 Private 0 Weiner, AR w/o
17-JUL-1971 Kawasaki-Bell 47G-2 B-12105 Yung Shing Airlines w/o
19-JUL-1971 Bell 47D-1 G-ASJW Airlift Ltd 1 1 mi NW of Saxilby, West Lindsey, Lincolnshire w/o
20-JUL-1971 Bell 47G-3B1 N1324X Bill Knight 0 Legrande, OR w/o
20-JUL-1971 Bell 47G-5 N4705R Turner Helicop 0 New Market, Iowa w/o
29-JUL-1971 Bell 47G-4A N7930S Petroleum Heli 0 Carlisle, LA w/o
31-JUL-1971 Bell 47G-3B N4079G Henderson Avia 1 Mt Vernon, OR w/o
02-AUG-1971 Bell 47G N73871 Ag-Rotor,Inc 0 Sumter, SC w/o
10-AUG-1971 Bell 47G-2A1 N73989 Chicago Helico 2 Bellwood, IL w/o
12-AUG-1971 Bell 47D-1 N4253A Ag Rotors,Inc 0 Union Bridge, MD w/o
18-AUG-1971 Bell 47G-2 N2495B G/C Helicopter 0 Laporte, IN w/o
21-AUG-1971 Bell 47G N932B Johnson Indust 0 Malone, NY w/o
21-AUG-1971 Bell 47D1 N903B Loran Schmit 0 Bellwood, Nebr w/o
25-AUG-1971 Bell 47G-5 N7840S Ranger Aviatio 0 Blomkist, MN w/o
30-AUG-1971 Bell 47G-2A N8464E Aerial Applica 1 Monmouth, Nj w/o
30-AUG-1971 Bell 47G-4 N8520F Interamerican 0 Grandview, TX w/o
31-AUG-1971 Bell 47G-4A N1319X Texas Helicopt 1 Port Oconner, TX w/o
01-SEP-1971 Westland Sioux AH.1 XT498 British Army Air Corps (AAC) 1 Clatford near Andover, Hampshire w/o
04-SEP-1971 Bell 47G-2 N10NR Michigan Depar 0 Manistee, MI w/o
14-SEP-1971 Bell 47D-1 N9115R Hellot Air,Inc 1 Millers Tavern, VA w/o
29-SEP-1971 Bell 47G-3B1 ZK-HDG Sinclair River w/o
15-NOV-1971 Bell 47G-2 NZ3711 3 Sqn RNZAF 0 Waiouru w/o
17-DEC-1971 Bell 47G-5 N8557F A And K Helico 0 Mcfarland, CA w/o
17-DEC-1971 Bell 47G-5 VT-DZS Deeksha Holding Pvt.Ltd. 1 Vaigai Bridge sub

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