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Last updated: 20 October 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
28-MAR-1992 Beechcraft B95 Travel Air N9652R Hmdr Enterprises 3 Devore, CA w/o
02-OCT-1993 Beechcraft 95 N2711Y Midwest School Of Aeronautics 2 Roodhouse, IL w/o
06-FEB-1994 Beechcraft 95 N9903R Cy Aviation Leasing 2 Chesterfield, MO w/o
27-AUG-1994 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N4835J private 1 Oakdale, CA w/o
20-SEP-1994 Beechcraft E95A Travel Air N9581Y Hectic Air 1 Poplar Grove, IL w/o
10-JAN-1995 Beechcraft B95 Travel Air N673Q Kcs Lumber Company 3 Hot Springs, AR w/o
17-APR-1995 Beechcraft B95A Travel Air N961Q Ark Air 0 Freeport, w/o
16-JUL-1995 Beechcraft 95 F-BMRB Luçon - 85
03-OCT-1995 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air HB-GDH private 4 Höri, ZH w/o
27-OCT-1995 Beechcraft B95 Travel Air N9943R Hitchcock 1 Tulsa, OK w/o
13-JUN-1997 Beechcraft B95A Travel Air G-ATRC Nicholas Andrew Wright t/a Aviation Projects 0 Yvré-Levêque - 72, 3 Km E of Le Mans w/o
15-MAR-1998 Beechcraft B95A Travel Air N569T Rogelio Rodriguez 4 Little River, CA w/o
24-APR-1998 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N479AM Kentucky Airmotive Inc. 0 Mount Sterling, KY w/o
17-DEC-1998 Beechcraft 95
17-DEC-1998 Beechcraft 95 2 Camarines Provi, w/o
23-APR-1999 Beechcraft B95A Travel Air N6600 private 1 Fountain, FL w/o
09-DEC-1999 Beechcraft B95A Travel Air N1291Z Meridian Voyager 1 Maizal, w/o
17-DEC-1999 Beechcraft B95A Travel Air N991Q Big Lake, TX sub
22-DEC-1999 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N456E Delta Qualiflight 2 Boyd, TX sub
23-DEC-1999 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N456E Delta Qualiflight 2 Boyd, TX w/o
06-JAN-2000 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N5918S Superior Aviation 1 Dunbar, WI w/o
22-FEB-2000 Beechcraft 95
04-SEP-2000 Beechcraft B95 Travel Air N3WT James M. Fields (owner) 1 2 miles NW of Tampa Bay Executive Airport, Odessa, Florida sub
26-AUG-2001 Beechcraft 95 LV-TOM 5 Km al NO de Formosa, FO
27-SEP-2001 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air C-FCNU PERIMETER AVIATION LTD. 2 Winnipeg, Manitoba w/o
13-DEC-2001 Beechcraft 95 N1016T Sheble Aviation & Flight School Inc. 0 Kingman, AZ w/o
01-JAN-2003 Beechcraft 95 N8212D private 1 TUCSON, AZ w/o
30-JAN-2003 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N5639S Barnes Aviation 2 LANCASTER, CA w/o
12-JAN-2004 Beechcraft B95 Travel Air N9679R Flight Club 2 Cedar City, UT w/o
29-APR-2004 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N7908M Travelers Air LLC 0 Athens, GA sub
11-JUL-2004 Beechcraft E95 Travel Air N7090N Ronald Alden 2 Atlantic City, NJ sub
30-SEP-2004 Beechcraft B95A Travel Air N1703Y GNS 3 Burlington, WI w/o
15-FEB-2005 Beechcraft 95 N8269D Rodney Kirby 2 Calistoga, CA w/o
12-APR-2006 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air C-FVJC Harv´s Air Service 0 Steinbach (South) Airport (CKK7), Manitoba sub
25-APR-2006 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air ZS-FET Skyflight Aviation CC 3 Near Klein Dassenberg Rd, Camphill Village, Atlantis, Western Cape w/o
18-DEC-2006 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N144PG Nice Air 3 Gilroy, CA w/o
24-JUN-2009 Beechcraft B95 Travel Air N912T Private 4 Near Holbrook Municipal Airport (P14), Arizona sub
18-MAR-2010 Beechcraft B95 Travel Air N9389Y Antonio D. Espinal (rgd. owner) 1 Skidmore Road, La Grange, 70 miles north of New York City, NY sub
01-APR-2010 Beechcraft 95 N20FP Fischer Air LLC 0 Near Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM), Eden Prairie, MN sub
18-JAN-2012 Beechcraft 95 Travel Air N638T private 0 Arlington Municipal Airport - KGKY, TX non
21-OCT-2014 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N64GM Carolina Barnstormers Inc 1 North of Lake Ridge Aero Park Airport (8NC8), Durham, NC sub
17-OCT-2015 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N863M DIMA Corporation Inc 0 Regina International Airport (CYQR), Regina, SK sub
26-NOV-2015 Beechcraft 95 Travel Air N2021C Private 0 Colonel James Jabara Airport (KAAO), Wichita, KS unk
04-OCT-2016 Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N76S Bay Area Aero Club 1 Galveston County, Hitchcock, TX w/o

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