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Last updated: 23 June 2018
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
07-JAN-1993 Cessna 172M N20513 Ross, Herman D. & Cherri L. 0 San Jacinto, CA w/o
20-JAN-1993 Cessna 172P N53908 Hiser Helicopters 1 Sun City, CA w/o
01-FEB-1993 Cessna 172N VH-INU 0 28km SW of Stawell, VIC w/o contains link to final investigation report
07-FEB-1993 Cessna 172K N79411 Paul Schmidt 4 Gorman, CA w/o
18-FEB-1993 Cessna 172C VH-JLG 1 7km S Coffs Harbour, NSW w/o
28-FEB-1993 Cessna 172N N4908G Air West Flying Club 0 Broomfield, CO w/o
06-MAR-1993 Cessna 172N N222UF United Flight Services 1 Katy, TX w/o
07-MAR-1993 Cessna 172G N5972R private 3 Jackson, GA sub
16-MAR-1993 Cessna 172N Skyhawk D-ENEI w/o
19-MAR-1993 Cessna 172M N12587 Advanced Flight Training 2 White Water, CA w/o
26-MAR-1993 Cessna 172M VH-EYR 0 17km W of Wagin, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
31-MAR-1993 Cessna 172P N97462 Business Aircraft Center 4 Livermore, CA w/o
02-APR-1993 Cessna F172N Skyhawk II G-GRAY Truman Aviation Ltd 0 In the Firth of Forth, near Musselburgh, East Lothian w/o
13-APR-1993 Cessna 172M N61529 Airmans Flight School 2 Hobart, OK w/o
14-APR-1993 Cessna 172K N79505 Big Sky Flying Club, Inc 0 Pony, MT w/o
18-APR-1993 Cessna 172I N8337L private 2 Ettrick, WI w/o
18-APR-1993 Cessna 172 C-GFVU RIZAR AVIATION 1 SECHELT, British Columbia unk
24-APR-1993 Cessna 172C N1406Y private 1 Darrington, WA w/o
08-MAY-1993 Cessna 172 N3914F Glenn E. Murphy 0 Towanda, PA w/o
21-MAY-1993 Cessna 172N N4931D Locair 4 Deerfield Beach, FL w/o
23-MAY-1993 Cessna 172N N4881G Canon Air Service 0 Buena Vista, CO w/o
24-MAY-1993 Cessna 172N N734DB private 1 Page, AZ w/o
25-MAY-1993 Cessna 172N N4783J Bermuda Air Services 2 Lompoc, CA w/o
25-MAY-1993 Cessna 172N C-GEDK FIRST NATIONS AIR SERVICE LTD. 2 Bull Lake, Ontario w/o
26-MAY-1993 Cessna 172N VH-FMH 0 Mount Hogan, QLD sub contains link to final investigation report
28-MAY-1993 Cessna 172P N53408 Flight Tech 3 Enumclaw, WA w/o
28-MAY-1993 Cessna 172M N12857 Sacramento Aero Club 0 Turlock, CA w/o
05-JUN-1993 Cessna 172 N6185E Schneider, George & Donna 0 Montgomery Pass, NV w/o
01-JUL-1993 Cessna 172N Skyhawk D-EPSP private 0 Schönhagen (EDAZ) w/o
18-JUL-1993 Cessna 172N N99BW Fred Mullins III 0 Atlantic Ocean, 7 nautical miles ESE of Fort Lauderdale, FL w/o
03-AUG-1993 Cessna 172M N23459 private 1 Clines Corners , NM w/o
08-AUG-1993 Cessna 172 C-GIXO 4 INVERMERE, British Columbia unk
15-AUG-1993 Cessna 172N N5226E Frg Iii 1 Lincoln Park, NJ w/o
15-AUG-1993 Cessna 172P N96135 Certified Pilot Center 1 Lincoln Park, NJ w/o
21-AUG-1993 Cessna 172N N75644 T Craft Aero Club 1 Lake Fork, ID w/o
25-AUG-1993 Cessna FR.172F Rocket D-ENBQ w/o
  -AUG-1993 Cessna R172K E-115 Fuerza Aérea de Chile w/o
04-SEP-1993 Cessna 172P N50927 Air Chesterfield 1 Pembroke, VA w/o
06-SEP-1993 Cessna 172G N4143L Rick Lucia Aviation 0 Avalon, CA w/o
12-SEP-1993 Cessna 172H N3767R Liberty Air 1 Liberty, MS w/o
23-SEP-1993 Cessna 172 C-FBGE 3 MACKENZIE, British Columbia unk
25-SEP-1993 Cessna 172F N8676U Anthonyalexander 0 Long Island w/o
30-SEP-1993 Cessna 172N N172LS US Navy 3 Ellensburg, WA w/o
02-OCT-1993 Cessna F172M Skyhawk LN-BGS Follo Flyklubb 0 Ski w/o
03-OCT-1993 Cessna 172 C-FCED 1 ELLIOT LAKE, Ontario unk
06-OCT-1993 Cessna 172B VH-WVB 0 Wagga Wagga Station, WA sub
07-OCT-1993 Cessna 172N N5365D Aerovision 1 Sedona, AZ w/o
14-OCT-1993 Cessna 172P N115FR Wings Aloft 2 Kelso, WA w/o
22-OCT-1993 Cessna 172K N79405 Coos Aviation 1 North Bend, OR w/o
12-NOV-1993 Cessna F172M Skyhawk G-BAEW Northamptonshire School of Flying Ltd 0 2 miles SE of Sywell Aerodrome, Hall Farm, Sywell, Northamptonshire w/o
15-NOV-1993 Cessna 172N N4829E Exec Air Transport Services 0 Fort Collins, CO w/o
21-NOV-1993 Cessna 172I N35549 Eagle Air 1 Kalamazoo, MI w/o
21-NOV-1993 Cessna 172M N5312R private 2 Julian, CA w/o
26-NOV-1993 Cessna 172E N7702U private 1 Gadsden, AL sub
19-DEC-1993 Cessna 172M N13051 private 1 Lancaster, TX sub
19-DEC-1993 Cessna 172C Skyhawk OY-AEV KARLOG AIR 0 Esbjerg w/o
30-DEC-1993 Cessna 172M VH-WXY 0 Mildura Airport (YMIA), Mildura, VIC sub
31-DEC-1993 Cessna 172D N2813U private 2 Bandon, OR w/o
02-JAN-1994 Cessna 172N N739TL Ellington Aero Club 5 Pearland, TX w/o
06-JAN-1994 Cessna 172N VH-TKH 0 12km NE of Biggenden, QLD w/o contains link to final investigation report
07-JAN-1994 Cessna 172N VH-WNX 0 18km N of Bremer Bay, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
23-JAN-1994 Cessna F172H Skyhawk (Reims) OY-AHC Private 0 Lindtorp Airport (EKHO) w/o
28-FEB-1994 Cessna 172P VH-FCQ 0 Bonrook Station, NT w/o contains link to final investigation report
22-MAR-1994 Cessna 172P VH-PRY 0 Three Rivers Station, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
23-MAR-1994 Cessna 172M N13620 Horizon Aviation 0 Santa Maria, CA w/o
26-MAR-1994 Cessna 172N VH-TMS 0 Tumut Airport (YTMU), Tumut, NSW sub contains link to final investigation report
01-APR-1994 Cessna F172N Skyhawk (Reims) D-ECMK Unknown w/o
01-APR-1994 Cessna 172P VH-SIZ 0 Latrobe Valley, VIC sub contains link to final investigation report
03-APR-1994 Cessna 172N N6290D Buchanan Flying Club Inc. 0 Gasquet, CA w/o
09-APR-1994 Cessna 172N N6242D Darin Christenson 1 Julian, CA w/o
11-APR-1994 Cessna 172G N4253L Vanreeth Aviation, Inc 0 Edina, MO w/o
03-MAY-1994 Cessna FR.172J Rocket (Reims) EC-CRZ Unknown w/o
12-MAY-1994 Cessna 172P N98723 Cothron Aviation 2 Arlington, TX w/o
24-MAY-1994 Cessna 172M VH-MHG 0 15km NW of Bankstown, NSW sub contains link to final investigation report
27-MAY-1994 Cessna 172N VH-KGA 0 Wagin Airport (YWGN), Wagin, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
28-MAY-1994 Cessna 172N N733DW Phillipsburg Aviation 1 Richmond, IN w/o
28-MAY-1994 Cessna 172M N30608 St. Maries Cap Aero Club 0 Lookout Pass, ID w/o
31-MAY-1994 Cessna 172N N6305J Venture Aviation 1 Roosevelt, AZ w/o
09-JUN-1994 Cessna 172H N4964R Mcguire Afb Aero Club 2 Millville, NJ w/o
11-JUN-1994 Cessna 172 N7112T Santa Rosa Aircraft Sales 0 Suisun City, CA w/o
21-JUN-1994 Cessna 172 N8025B private 1 Port Angeles, WA w/o
23-JUN-1994 Cessna 172E VH-DJI 0 30km E of Broome, WA w/o contains link to final investigation report
30-JUN-1994 Cessna 172N N733AA Nevada Cal Aero 0 Schurz, NV w/o
01-JUL-1994 Cessna 172B N7472X Dale L. Storm 0 Shiocton, WI w/o
08-JUL-1994 Cessna 172P N63021 Av-Ed Aviation 0 Leesburg, VA w/o
08-JUL-1994 Cessna 172E Skyhawk D-ELQO w/o
12-JUL-1994 Cessna 172M N64193 private 1 Running Springs, CA w/o
13-JUL-1994 Cessna 172N N3150E Roessell Aviation 2 Trout Run, PA w/o
14-JUL-1994 Cessna 172N VH-RLY 0 North Curtis Island, QLD sub contains link to final investigation report
15-JUL-1994 Cessna 172XP N2827V private 1 Indian Shores, FL w/o
16-JUL-1994 Cessna K172R N1124V Mad River Airport 4 Tremont City, OH w/o
17-JUL-1994 Cessna 172M N1259U Sacramento Aero Services 4 Sacramento, CA w/o
18-JUL-1994 Cessna 172K N7417G private 1 Patos Island, WA sub
23-JUL-1994 Cessna 172P VH-BFQ 0 Mount Windsor Station, QLD sub contains link to final investigation report
27-JUL-1994 Cessna 172N N739VN P.C. Flyers, Inc. 0 Englewood, CO w/o
31-JUL-1994 Cessna 172P VH-MSY 0 Narrogin Airport (YNRG), Narrogin, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
16-AUG-1994 Cessna 172 N5198A private 2 Big Lake, AK w/o
20-AUG-1994 Cessna 172N VH-WLQ 0 Rowland Flat, SA w/o
21-AUG-1994 Cessna F172 PH-RBR private Teuge w/o
26-AUG-1994 Cessna 172K N79444 private 2 Laramie, WY w/o