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Last updated: 26 August 2014
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
16-FEB-2004 Cessna 172M Skyhawk C-GLDV Shearwater Flying Club 0 Fredericton, New Brunswick sub
29-FEB-2004 Cessna 172K N79502 Gary Smith 0 Angleton, TX w/o
09-MAR-2004 Cessna 172K Skyhawk C-FEDT Eid Air Aviation 0 Bromont, Quebec sub
13-MAR-2004 Cessna 172R C-GFMO Brantford Flying Club Brampton, Ontario sub
31-MAR-2004 Cessna 172G Skyhawk C-FMQL Port McNeill Flying Club 0 Port McNeill, British Columbia unk
08-APR-2004 Cessna 172P Skyhawk C-GHAP Brampton Flying Club 0 Brampton, Ontario sub
17-APR-2004 Cessna 172 Skyhawk C-FQNO Northern Dene Airways 0 Near Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan sub
22-APR-2004 Cessna 172S C-GIUW Edmonton Flying Club 1 25 NM NE of Edmonton, Alberta w/o
24-APR-2004 Cessna 172N N75812 private 3 Moselle, MS sub
01-MAY-2004 Cessna F172 1 near Ronnenberg-Empelde w/o
07-MAY-2004 Cessna 172 C-GGXL Eagle Flight Center 0 Sudbury Municipal Airport, Ontario sub
10-MAY-2004 Cessna 172M CC-CWP Didier Russet 1 Curico w/o
12-JUN-2004 Cessna 172F N8777U Tellico Air Services Inc 2 Madisonville, TN w/o
15-JUN-2004 Cessna 172 CP-1613 Carmelo Antelo Villaviacencia 1 Trinidad w/o
15-JUN-2004 Cessna 172 Skyhawk C-FACW West-Gro Seeds Service Ltd. 0 Deloraine, Manitoba min
24-JUN-2004 Cessna 172 C-FIZK Private 0 New Glasgow, Ontario sub
04-JUL-2004 Cessna 172E N3581S Prairie Flyers, Inc. 0 La Junta, CO w/o
04-JUL-2004 Cessna 172 SE-iYF Private 0 Lundy island, Bristol Channel w/o
10-JUL-2004 Cessna 172N C-GQIT College d´Edouard Montpetit 0 Parent, Quebec sub
11-JUL-2004 Cessna 172C N8358X John E Milczarek 1 Edinburgh, NY sub
11-JUL-2004 Cessna 172I N46174 private 2 Paris, AR w/o
15-JUL-2004 Cessna F172N Skyhawk (Reims) G-BFTX Trustees of the G-BFTX Group 0 Clipgate Farm Airstrip, Denton, Kent sub
18-JUL-2004 Cessna 172 CC-PJO 1 Algarrobo w/o
18-JUL-2004 Cessna 172M N9731V Moraine Airpark 1 Brookville, OH sub
24-JUL-2004 Cessna 172 Skyhawk C-GAXV Winnipeg Flying Club 0 Selkirk Floatbase, Manitoba sub
01-AUG-2004 Cessna 172S N970SP Douglas Aviation 1 Waterloo, AL sub
03-AUG-2004 Cessna 172M Skyhawk C-GPZI Canadian Flyers International Inc. Highway 89 near Gilford, Ontario sub
09-AUG-2004 Cessna 172P N911JR Pittsburgh Flight Training Center 2 Monarch Crest, CO w/o
12-AUG-2004 Cessna 172L N3599F Boundary Waters Aircraft 1 Webster, WI w/o
12-AUG-2004 Cessna 172M N12959 KT Aviation 1 Brownville Junc, ME sub
13-AUG-2004 Cessna 172P N6249K Mapleton Flying Club 0 Spanish Fork, UT w/o
16-AUG-2004 Cessna 172M C-GTKA Private 1 Yaba City, California unk
17-AUG-2004 Cessna F172 F-GLEO Saint-Crépin-et-Carlucet - 24
22-AUG-2004 Cessna 172E N5410T private 2 Decorah, IA w/o
01-SEP-2004 Cessna 172S N897TW Edward A. Warburton 0 Willits, CA w/o
19-SEP-2004 Cessna 172D N2650U Mountain Home Aviation 1 Mountain Home, ID sub
29-SEP-2004 Cessna 172L N4336Q Bald eagle Aviation 2 Gadsden, AL w/o
07-OCT-2004 Cessna R172K Skyhawk C-GYTM Private 0 Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario sub
07-OCT-2004 Cessna 172M C-GZJK Morgan Air Services 0 Calgary International Airport (CYYC), Alberta sub
08-OCT-2004 Cessna 172 V5-ETS African Wild Dogs 0 Santawani Airstrip sub
10-OCT-2004 Cessna 172N N2771J Fulco Flyers Club 2 Germantown, NY sub
29-OCT-2004 Cessna 172P N53161 Eagle Flight Center 1 Olympia, WA sub
07-NOV-2004 Cessna F172 F-GHDH 0 Maynal - 39 w/o
08-NOV-2004 Cessna F172P Skyhawk (Reims) PH-AVA Noord Nederlandse Aero Club Eelde (EHGG) sub
03-DEC-2004 Cessna F172 F-GIQA Enghien - 95
15-DEC-2004 Cessna 172N ZK-JES 1 Cable Bay w/o
27-DEC-2004 Cessna 172S N849SP Great Southwest Aviation 1 Roswell, NM w/o
28-DEC-2004 Cessna F172 F-OCUX Trois-Bassins - 974
30-DEC-2004 Cessna 172N N737AZ Carl R. Fisher Jr. 3 Mount Gilead, OH sub
31-DEC-2004 Cessna 172 N6225E private 2 Knottsville, KY w/o
11-JAN-2005 Cessna 172M N9336H CAP Flying 1 Orlando, FL sub
24-JAN-2005 Cessna F172H Skyhawk (Reims) G-BTRE Private 0 Blackbushe, Hampshire w/o
29-JAN-2005 Cessna 172N ZK-LLB 2 7 km south Gibbston w/o
16-FEB-2005 Cessna 172 N3985F Scott P. Thurner 0 Montrose, CO w/o
22-FEB-2005 Cessna 172 N739NK Ocala Aviation Services 1 Cedar Key, FL w/o
08-MAR-2005 Cessna 172F N8382U James H. Williams 1 Hot Springs, AR sub
12-MAR-2005 Cessna 172P N5456K Redstone Arsenal Flying Activity 0 Redstone Arsnl, AL w/o
01-APR-2005 Cessna 172N Skyhawk C-GYLE 0 Neepawa, Manitoba sub
18-APR-2005 Cessna R172K Skyhawk C-FDBO Special Projects Inc. Near Watson Lake, Yukon sub
20-APR-2005 Cessna 172N Skyhawk C-GYVW Regina Flying Club 0 Congress, Saskatchewan sub
23-APR-2005 Cessna 172R N61AF American Flyers 2 Armonk, NY w/o
26-APR-2005 Cessna F172M Skyhawk (Reims) G-BCYR Highland Flying School Ltd 0 Insch Airstrip, Grampian Region, Scotland sub
28-APR-2005 Cessna 172 N8314L American Patrols 2 Midland, TX sub
21-MAY-2005 Cessna 172S N778LP Air Fleet Training Systems 4 Brooklyn, NY sub
17-JUN-2005 Cessna 172N Skyhawk D-EPIC Union Sportfliegerclub Krems 0 Krems-Langenlois Airfield - LOAG sub
23-JUN-2005 Cessna 172M N4368R Hillsboro Flying Club 2 Yamhill, OR sub
28-JUN-2005 Cessna 172M Skyhawk C-FZCH Private 0 Komakuk Beach, Yukon sub
10-JUL-2005 Cessna 172N N73747 Greenville Aviation 1 Penrose, NC w/o
20-JUL-2005 Cessna 172P N65875 Grand-Aire 1 Jackson, WI w/o
30-JUL-2005 Cessna 172S N65982 Epic Aviation 4 Key West, FL w/o
06-AUG-2005 Cessna 172H Skyhawk C-FVSW Private 0 Canwood, Saskatchewan sub
07-AUG-2005 Cessna FR.172E Rocket (Reims) G-OMAC Simon George Shilling 1 Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex w/o
12-AUG-2005 Cessna F172N Skyhawk (Reims) HB-CCT Fluggruppe FFA 0 Yverdon - LSGY min
23-AUG-2005 Cessna 172P Skyhawk OK-HOS Sky Academy S.R.O. 4 Simplon, VS w/o
26-AUG-2005 Cessna 172H N3946R Richard Sorenson 1 Corry, PA sub
27-AUG-2005 Cessna 172C N1680Y private 1 Winthrop, ME sub
02-SEP-2005 Cessna 172 N5070A Gilberto Garza 1 Yuma, AZ w/o
14-SEP-2005 Cessna 172M N19998 Skellytown American Flyers 0 Amarillo, TX w/o
16-SEP-2005 Cessna 172C N1814Y Carlton Johns 2 Saint Cloud, FL w/o
02-OCT-2005 Cessna 172M Skyhawk C-GAOB Private 0 Havelock Airport (CCS5), New Brunswick sub
07-OCT-2005 Cessna 172K ZS-FJS A. Franz 0 Bandelierskop, ¾km west of the Louis Trichardt toll plaza on the N1, L w/o
14-OCT-2005 Cessna 172L N7768G American Winds Flight Academy 4 Rootstown, OH w/o
16-OCT-2005 Cessna 172P N99173 Ari Ben Aviator 1 La Belle, FL sub
16-OCT-2005 Cessna 172N Skyhawk C-GKPD Private 0 Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan sub
24-OCT-2005 Cessna 172N EC-EME 4 Barcelona w/o
28-OCT-2005 Cessna 172M ZS-MHH Central Flying Academy CC / Trevor Grant 1 Cathedral Peak, Drakensberg w/o
29-OCT-2005 Cessna 172P Skyhawk C-GQCL Edmonton Flying Club 0 Edmonton City Centre Airport (CYXD), Alberta sub
02-NOV-2005 Cessna 172 C-GCTJ 0+1 Owen Sound, Ontario non
05-NOV-2005 Cessna 172A N7467T Sport Aviation 1 Pohatcong , NJ sub
06-NOV-2005 Cessna 172P C-GPUL Grondin Transport (Grondair) 3 3NM au nord-est de St-Honoré-de- Shenley, Quebec sub
14-NOV-2005 Cessna 172N Skyhawk C-GCCP Private 0 Near Springbank, Alberta sub
08-DEC-2005 Cessna 172M Skyhawk C-GCMQ Private 0 Barrie-Orillia Airport, Ontario sub
12-DEC-2005 Cessna 172 N8547X Aircraft Guaranty Title & Trust Llc 0 Saint-Barthelem, w/o
13-DEC-2005 Cessna 172S N1257Z Great Southwest Aviation 1 Pinon, NM w/o
15-DEC-2005 Cessna 172S N542SP Maui Aviators, 1 Hana, HI sub
21-DEC-2005 Cessna 172 N7383A Mathew M. Armstrong 4 Gilroy, CA w/o
14-JAN-2006 Cessna 172M Skyhawk C-GUIQ Private 0 Linden, Alberta sub
12-FEB-2006 Cessna 172P HI-410CT Caribair S.A. 3 Samana w/o
22-FEB-2006 Cessna 172R N3536C Tracey Corporation 2 Mitchellville, MD w/o
15-MAR-2006 Cessna FR.172J Rocket (Reims) EC-GOZ Unknown sub