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Last updated: 26 March 2015
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622 occurrences in the ASN safety database,
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
06-APR-2003 Cessna 310 LV-JNJ Don Torcuato Airport, BA
17-APR-2003 Cessna 310D N6861T Advantage Aviation 3 Provo, UT w/o
15-SEP-2003 Cessna 310J N2010E 2010 Management 2 New Orleans, LA w/o
17-JAN-2004 Cessna 310R N6102X Private 0 Port Huron, MI w/o
21-JAN-2004 Cessna 310I LV-IIL La Matanza Airport, BA
13-MAR-2004 Cessna 310 G-OGTX Private 2 Hotham, South Cave, Humberside w/o
30-MAR-2004 Cessna T310R N6834L NL Aviation Trustee 1 Wycoller Country Park, near Laneshaw Bridge, Colne, Lancashire w/o
13-APR-2004 Cessna 310P YV-310C Linea Aerotaxi Wayumi, CA 2+2 Caracas w/o
15-MAY-2004 Cessna 310R N3161M Carto Flight 1 Willoughby, OH w/o
30-MAY-2004 Cessna 310 N361Z Atlanta Flight Time, 1 N. Myrtle Beach, SC sub
24-JUN-2004 Cessna 310R C-GAWZ Pro Aviation Inc. 0 St-Hubert (CYHU), Quebec sub
08-SEP-2004 Cessna 310P LV-JNW Don Torcuato Airport, BA
17-OCT-2004 Cessna 310K N7049L WardAir Aviation 1 Kula, HI w/o
11-NOV-2004 Cessna 310 TG-WOT 5 San Salvador w/o
24-NOV-2004 Cessna 310R N310DM Frank R. Meyer 2 Paeonian Spring, VA sub
07-DEC-2004 Cessna T310R N592DM Aero Charter and Transport (Char-Trans) 1 Flagstaff, AZ w/o
07-MAR-2005 Cessna 310R VH-FIN Crane Air Pty Ltd 1 7 km WSW Tamworth, Aiport, NSW w/o
06-APR-2005 Cessna 310 F-GIGD Montpellier - 34
24-JUL-2005 Cessna 310Q N1971W Stoneair Charter Services, 3 Ada, OK w/o
16-AUG-2005 Cessna 310R N2631E Joseph Norman Welsh 1 Apopka, FL sub
11-OCT-2005 Cessna 310 F-GBMZ Marseille - 13
11-DEC-2005 Cessna 310 LV-IIJ private 1 nr Santa Elisa w/o
14-JAN-2006 Cessna 310 LV-HRS Mar del Plata Airport, BA
03-FEB-2006 Cessna 310 LV-HLB San Fernando Airport, BA
17-APR-2006 Cessna T310R N289WB 1 Heber City, UT w/o
06-JUN-2006 Cessna 310 XB-IAF Escuela de Aviacion 2 nr Santa Martha w/o
30-JUN-2006 Cessna 310D N6867T Russell C. Ross 2 Sutton, WV w/o
15-JUL-2006 Cessna T310R N234SA The Lot 1 Saint Tropez, UN w/o
10-DEC-2006 Cessna 310Q N69677 Justin Cardneaux 3 Waco, TX w/o
14-DEC-2006 Cessna 310Q N8FH Frank L. Holland 1 Montgomery, NY sub
16-DEC-2006 Cessna 310Q 5H-TZA 4 Mbeya Airport (MBI) w/o
10-JAN-2007 Cessna 310 N2625H William Joseph 1 Jackson, MS w/o
10-JUL-2007 Cessna 310R N501N National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASC 2+4 Sanford, Florida w/o
07-OCT-2007 Cessna 310N N85WT John R. Doshier 2 Ekalaka, MT sub
26-NOV-2007 Cessna 310R N3364G Green Acre Title LLC 1 Daviess County Airport (OWB), Owensboro, KY sub
13-DEC-2007 Cessna 310J N310RV 0 Hilton Head Airport (HXD), Hilton Head Island, SC sub
21-DEC-2007 Cessna 310 N28836 2 Glenwood, NM w/o
27-DEC-2007 Cessna 310R N37249 Yatish Air LLC 1 Cherry Capital Airport, Traverse City, MI w/o
11-FEB-2008 Cessna 310N N5030Q ILS INC 1 Keflavík sub
12-APR-2008 Cessna 310Q N6231Q Eureka International 0 Compton, CA sub
29-APR-2008 Cessna 310Q EC-DZV 2 close to M-40 highway, near Carabanchel w/o
02-MAY-2008 Cessna 310Q PT-JGX Aerostar Taxi Aereo 6 near Itacare, Bahia state w/o
27-MAY-2008 Cessna 310Q N8187Q Levi Joseph Klapperich 2 Steamboat , CO w/o
28-MAY-2008 Cessna 310Q N81817Q 2 near Fish Creek Res­­ervoir, E of Steam­­boat Spr­ings, CO
26-JUN-2008 Cessna 310R N4912A Marco Aviation 0 Gulf of Mexico, about six miles south of Goodland, FL sub
05-AUG-2008 Cessna 310 V5-NPR Albatross Air 0 Eros Airport, Windhoek sub
26-AUG-2008 Cessna 310R YV1975 private 4 Achaguas, Estado Apure w/o
31-AUG-2008 Cessna T310R N3180M Haber Aviation 1 15 miles from Latrobe, PA w/o
10-SEP-2008 Cessna T310 N115CA Great Lakes Professional Leasing Llc.(reg. owner) 0 Lake Placid, NY w/o
21-OCT-2008 Cessna 310 XB-KPF 5 Near Pedro J. Mendez Airport w/o
12-MAR-2009 Cessna 310 0 Airdrie, AB sub
25-APR-2009 Cessna T310R N3690G Private 0 Pirate´s Cove, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina sub
18-MAY-2009 Cessna 310P N777AL Private 1+2 Pacific Ocean off Long Beach, California w/o
27-AUG-2009 Cessna 310R VH- Private 0 Kintore, Northern Territories sub
30-OCT-2009 Cessna 310J. N308J. KMAviation. 1+1 Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville, Georgia. w/o
06-NOV-2009 Cessna 310R C-GFIT Lockhart Air Services Ltd. 3 8nm SW of Cat Lake, north of Dryden, ONT w/o
23-NOV-2009 Cessna T310P C-GQHL Orthoshop Geomatics Ltd 0 Springbank Airport (CYBW), Alberta sub
13-DEC-2009 Cessna 310R N310CR Darin Dean Moser 1 Near Alva Regional Airport (KAVK), Oklahoma sub
26-DEC-2009 Cessna 310Q PT-JCZ AEROSTAR 0 Luis Eduardo Magalhaes Intl - Salvador - BA min
31-DEC-2009 Cessna 310R N300PM Integrated Data Works LLC 0 French Lick Municipal Airport (KFHR), Indiana sub
17-FEB-2010 Cessna 310R N5225J Air Unique, Inc 3 East Palo Alto, CA w/o
26-FEB-2010 Cessna 310R PT-OID Private 2 Serra do Curral, Minas Gerais w/o
10-APR-2010 Cessna 310R N100TK Cardiovascular Extreme LLC 3 Mc Comb, Mississippi w/o
15-MAY-2010 Cessna 310Q N31YK Doyle T. Peed (rgd. owner & pilot) 0 William M. Tuck Airport (KW78), VA min
17-JUN-2010 Cessna T310R N310RH Rod Aviation 5 Near Sierra Blanca Regional Airport (KSRR), NM w/o
24-JUN-2010 Cessna 310C N18RR Stoneman Excavating Co. Inc. 0 Wilton, Arkansas sub
19-AUG-2010 Cessna 310F N6762X Robert P. Ostmo (rgd. owner & pilot) 0 Wolcottville, Indiana w/o
23-AUG-2010 Cessna 310C N896H William C. Boecking (rgd. owner) 2 In a field near Calhan, about 50km northeast of Colorado Springs, CO w/o
01-OCT-2010 Cessna 310J N3051L Private 0 Tripp Creek Airport, Greenbush Township, Michigan sub
03-OCT-2010 Cessna 310 N310XX SABOVICH AND SONS INC 0 Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California w/o
14-DEC-2010 Cessna 310R C-GABL Air Optima 1 5.5 miles WNW of Pokemouche Airport, New Brusnwick mis
17-DEC-2010 Cessna 310Q HP-1114 Private 2 near Chame w/o
01-JAN-2011 Cessna 310F N6725X Private 1 Orange, Massachusetts w/o
13-JAN-2011 Cessna 310 XB-EMP Escuela de Aviacion Mexico 0 Acapulco, Gro sub
01-FEB-2011 Cessna 310R G-BGTT Capital Air Charter 0 Jersey-States Airport, Channel Islands (JER/EGJJ) min
05-FEB-2011 Cessna 310R VH-XGX Barrier Air (owner: David Harding) 1 About 1km from Nguiu Airstrip w/o
26-FEB-2011 Cessna 310K N3816X Arthur Hale Instructing LLC 0 Lake Jackson (city), Texas w/o
11-MAR-2011 Cessna 310R N310JR Hudson Mangagement Inc 1 Smyrna, Tennesse w/o
19-MAR-2011 Cessna T310R N4914A Daedaus Holdings LLC 1 West of Montana Tech and north of Interstate 90 w/o
30-MAR-2011 Cessna 310R N1914G Miller Aviation Llc 2 Off of Kelsey Friend Boulevard near Pike County-Hatcher Field (KBPX), w/o
10-APR-2011 Cessna 310R N100TK Cardiovascular Extreme LLC 3 Four miles from McComb-Pike County Airport (KMCB), MS w/o
15-APR-2011 Cessna 310R YV2017 0 Aeropuerto Internacional Santiago Mariño - SVMG unk
19-APR-2011 Cessna 310k C-GEFI Private 0 Mirabel, Quebec sub
28-APR-2011 Cessna 310Q N7535Q John D. Roe (rgd. owner) 0 Iraan Municipal Airport - K2F0, TX sub
17-AUG-2011 Cessna 310Q N444YM Hamilton Air LLC 1 Near Tupelo Regional Airport - KTUP, MS w/o
07-OCT-2011 Cessna T310R N23BT American Air Services 0 10 miles off Hilo, Hawaii unk
25-NOV-2011 Cessna 310-I N8059M Private 0 Sedona Ariport - KSEZ, Sedona, AZ
13-JAN-2012 Cessna 310N N911MF Missionary Flights & Service Inc 0 St. Lucie County Int'l Airport - KFPR, Fort Pierce, FL sub
28-JAN-2012 Cessna 310N N5058Q Private 0 Eureka, CA min
17-FEB-2012 Cessna 310R VH-XXT Caper Pty Ltd (op.)/Direct Air Charter (rgd. owner) 0 Darwin International Airport - YPDN non
06-MAR-2012 Cessna 310L N2272F Deniro Development Corp. 0 Johnstown-Cambria County Airport - KJST, PA min
06-MAR-2012 Cessna 310L N2272F Deniro Development Corp 0 John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport - KJST, Johnstown, PA min
07-MAR-2012 Cessna 310K N6974L CP Aviation Services Co 0 Olive Branch Airport - KOLV, Olive Branch, MS sub
12-APR-2012 Cessna 310R VH-JOF Capital Finance Australia Ltd. (private operator) 0 Marlgawo Airport - YMRL, NT sub
25-APR-2012 Cessna 310R N2MB Vintage Aero Inc. 0 St. Lucie County International Airport - KFPR, Fort Pierce, FL min
06-SEP-2012 Cessna T310R C-GBLB Geodesy Remote Sensing Inc. 0 Slave Lake Airport - CYZH, Slave Lake, AB sub
10-SEP-2012 Cessna 310R 5Y-BNC Private 3 Manda island in Lamu district w/o
04-NOV-2012 Cessna 310 N6BS Private 2 4 miles west of Stotts City in Lawrence County, MO w/o
21-NOV-2012 Cessna 310B N5419A Private 1 A mile into the woods north of (Rt 38) Mancelona Road in Mancelona, w/o
14-FEB-2013 Cessna 310H N104DR Private 3 20 miles west of Vero Beach, FL w/o

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