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Last updated: 20 October 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
15-MAR-1992 Extra EA-300 N300MT private 2 Grant, NE sub
20-FEB-1994 Extra EA-300 D-EJXX private 2 Küh w/o
11-JUN-1994 Extra EA-300 OY-CJF Pøl w/o
28-DEC-1994 Extra EA-300 JY-RNA Royal Jordanian Falcons 1 w/o
12-JUN-1996 Extra EA-300 JY-RNB Royal Jordanian Falcons w/o
05-APR-1997 Extra EA-300 OO-WWW Private 1 Laneuveville Aux Bois w/o
26-JUL-1997 Extra EA-300 JY-RNF Royal Jordanian Falcons 1+8 Ostend (EBOS) w/o
25-OCT-1997 Extra EA-300 N69BW Aero 2000 LLC 2 Castaic, CA w/o
23-JUN-2000 Extra EA-300S N300XS Private 1+3 4,5 km SW of Boca Raton, FL w/o
12-JUN-2001 Extra EA-300L C-GAKN Fighter Combat International Inc. 0 St. Catharines Airport - CYSN, Ontario min
31-OCT-2001 Extra EA-300L 4X-CYT 2 Kfar Vitkin w/o
02-APR-2002 Extra EA-300L C-GAKG Fighter Combat International Inc. 1 Patuxent River Naval Base, MD, USA, w/o
02-APR-2002 Extra EA-300L C-GAKN Fighter Combat International Inc. 0+1 Patuxent River Naval Base, MD, USA, w/o
31-JAN-2003 Extra EA-300L N33KL LCS Holdings 2 Golden Gate, FL w/o
21-JUN-2003 Extra EA-300L YR-EWB Aeroclubul României 1 Cluj Airport (CLJ/LRCL) w/o
11-AUG-2003 Extra EA-300 JY-RNG Royal Jordanian Falcons 0 Shoreham Airport, Cecil Pashley Way, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex min
12-OCT-2003 Extra EA-300L N18NL Lynn Aviation Inc. 1 Queen Anne, MD w/o
08-JUL-2004 Extra EA-300L N609JW Adrenalin Airsports LLC 0 Boise, ID w/o
21-MAR-2006 Extra EA-300S N124X Private 1 Greenfield, CA sub
04-OCT-2006 Extra EA-300L N300BB Private 1 Tucumcari, NM sub
11-OCT-2006 Extra EA-300L D-ETZE Private 1 Castrocielo (FR) w/o
14-OCT-2006 Extra EA-300L N168EX Lynn Aerobatics Inc 1 Culpeper, VA w/o
12-MAR-2007 Extra EA-300L Private 1 Lujan, province of Buenos Aires w/o
09-MAY-2008 Extra EA-300L N133EE APS Asset Management Inc 2 E of Apache Junction, Pinal County, AZ sub
26-MAY-2008 Extra EA-300L G-IIEX Extreme Aerobatics Ltd 0 Hastingleigh, near Ashford, Kent w/o
05-JUN-2008 Extra EA-300L N12XT Foothills 100 Investments Llc 1 About 13 miles north of Gothenburg, Custer County, NE w/o
24-JUN-2008 Extra EA-300 ZU-EXT Radcool Investments (Pty) Ltd. 0 Rand Airport - FAGM, Germiston, Gauteng sub
09-JUL-2008 Extra EA-300L D-EMCK Aerobatica 0 Oitavos, Guincho, Cascais sub
31-AUG-2008 Extra EA-300L HB-MSX Kunstfluggruppe Birrfeld 0 Schaffhausen Airfield - LSPF sub
01-SEP-2008 Extra EA-300S N80LA Private 0 Near Santarém min
28-NOV-2008 Extra EA-300L N505EX Tampa Aircraft Holdings Inc 0 Tampa, FL sub
20-JAN-2009 Extra EA-300S VH-NIS Private 1 Temora AP,NSW w/o
19-APR-2009 Extra EA-300 N101PK Private 1 2 miles offshore from El Capitan State Beach, Santa Barbara, CA sub
05-JUN-2009 Extra EA-300L YR-EWD Aeroclubul Romaniei 1 Bucharest, Near Clinceni Airfield w/o
18-JUL-2009 Extra EA-300L G-EXEA Private 0 Tervakoski, Janakkala w/o
20-JUL-2009 Extra EA-300L 132 Fuerza Aerea de Chile 0 Santiago w/o
13-DEC-2009 Extra EA-300 ZU-EXT Private 2 Grasmere, Gauteng w/o
19-JUN-2010 Extra EA-300L G-DUKK Ashley David Hoy 1 River Calder, Leeds Road, Methley, West Yorkshire w/o
11-SEP-2010 Extra EA-300 N102EX Private 0 State Route 90 near Sierra Vista, Arizona sub
18-SEP-2010 Extra EA-300LP D-EXHO Rent a Star 1 Warngau w/o
04-SEP-2011 Extra EA-300L D-EWKL LEKI Aerobatic Team 0 Kirchheim/Teck sub
09-NOV-2011 Extra EA-300L 1268 Fuerza Aérea de Chile 1 ​​El Bosque Air Base - SCBQ w/o
08-APR-2012 Extra EA-300 N45R Invertical LLC 2 Near Salinas Municipal Airport - KSNS sub
30-APR-2012 Extra EA-300L D-EWKL LEKI Aerobatic Team 1 Near Hahnweide Airfield - EDST, Kircheim unter Teck w/o
16-FEB-2013 Extra EA-300 D-EDTQ Private 1 Rivoli di Osoppo - LI33 w/o
15-MAR-2013 Extra EA-300L 146 Fuerza Aerea de Chile 2 Quintero AFB w/o
02-JUN-2013 Extra EA-330SC RA-0327G Private 1 Bolshoe Gryzlovo Airfield, Serpukhovsky district w/o
23-JUN-2013 Extra EA-330LT N169TM Private 1 2 miles from Owyee Dam, Adrian, OR sub
15-SEP-2013 Extra EA-300L N53EX Private 1 Aero Agricola Sapezal Airport - SJIE, MT w/o
06-OCT-2013 Extra EA-300L D-EXUG Aerobatica, Lda 0 Campo Maior sub
12-OCT-2013 Extra EA-330LC ZS-BUL Private 1 Secunda Airport - FASC, Mpumalanga w/o
19-MAR-2014 Extra EA-300L D-EXIR Ewald Polinder aerobatics 2 Bussloo w/o
31-MAR-2014 Extra EA-300L N54RB Boston Aviation Services LLC 0 Dekalb-Peachtree Airport (KPDK), Atlanta, Georgia sub
12-MAY-2014 Extra EA-300L JA111L Private 0 Nakano, Iizaka, Fukushima sub
05-NOV-2014 Extra EA-330LC N369XT Private 0 Near Henderson Executive Airport (KHND), Las Vegas, Nevada sub
04-JUL-2015 Extra EA-300 HB-MSL Main operator: Extra Aviators (with private owners) 0 Dittingen (LSPD) sub
30-JUL-2015 Extra EA-330SC D-EXSC private 1 Schwenningen airfield w/o
01-SEP-2015 Extra EA-300L N4BM Private 0 SE Jerome County Airport (KJER), Jerome, ID w/o
18-FEB-2016 Extra EA-300S D-EFBY Private 0 Aéroport de Valence-Chabeuil, LFLU sub
17-APR-2016 Extra EA-300L N13DK Private 1 Cozumel w/o
30-APR-2016 Extra EA-330LC N330MT Vegas Extreme Adventures 2 near Jean Airport NV sub
26-AUG-2016 Extra 300 HS-IAY ? International Aviation College (IAC) 0 1 km from Nakhon Phanom Airport (KOP), Mueang Nakhon Phanom unk
22-NOV-2016 Extra 330LX SP-SEB Private 2 Czestochowa Rudniki Airfield - EPCH w/o
10-DEC-2016 Extra EA300/L D-ESPN 0 Casarrubios del Monte Airport (LEMT) sub
20-MAY-2017 Extra EA-300S N68PW Precision Aerosports LLC 0 Eastern Oregon Regional Airport (KPDT), Pendleton, OR unk
13-JUL-2017 Extra EA 300/L N210MX Private 1 Cheshire County, Winchester, New Hampshire w/o
21-OCT-2017 Extra EA 300 near El Capitan Reservoir, central San Diego County, CA w/o