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Last updated: 21 September 2019
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
10-NOV-1970 Boeing CH-47A Chinook 66-00079 South Vietnamese Air Force 28 Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
21-DEC-1970 Boeing CH-47B Chinook 67-18433 US Army near Phuoc Vinh, S. Vietnam w/o
30-JAN-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 68-15869 US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
06-FEB-1971 Boeing CH-47B Chinook 67-18493 United States Army 6 LZ Siberia, S. Vietnam w/o
08-FEB-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 67-18542 US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
15-FEB-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 68-15835 US Army 6 Tchepone, Laos w/o
15-FEB-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 67-18506 US Army 6 Unknown, Laos w/o
15-FEB-1971 Boeing CH-47B Chinook 67-18468 US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
17-FEB-1971 Boeing CH-47A Chinook 66-00121 United States Army - US Army Oberaspach, near (BWü) w/o
27-FEB-1971 Boeing CH-47B Chinook 67-18449 US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
05-MAR-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 67-18518 US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
18-MAR-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 67-18502 US Army 0 Unknown, Laos w/o
02-APR-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 67-18545 US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
25-MAY-1971 Boeing CH-47A Chinook 66-00111 United States Army - US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
09-JUN-1971 Boeing CH-47B Chinook 67-18462 US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
21-JUL-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 69-17120 United States Army 12 Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
18-AUG-1971 Boeing CH-47A Chinook 66-19023 United States Army 37 near Pegnitz, Bavaria w/o
26-OCT-1971 Boeing CH-47B Chinook 66-19143 US Army 10 in sea off S. Vietnam w/o
28-NOV-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 68-15866 United States Army 34 near Hue w/o
09-DEC-1971 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 68-16000 US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
31-MAR-1972 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 67-18519 US Army Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
26-APR-1972 Boeing CH-47A Chinook 66-00099 South Vietnamese Air Force 5 Unknown, S. Vietnam w/o
10-MAY-1972 Boeing CH-47A Chinook 64-13157 United States Army 34 near Gia Dinh w/o
24-MAY-1972 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 68-15853 US Army 5 near Quang Tri, S. Vietnam w/o
31-OCT-1972 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 69-17119 United States Army 22 near My Tho w/o
20-FEB-1973 Boeing CH-47C Chinook Z.17-1 Spanish Army Light Aviation (ALET) w/o
03-JUN-1973 Boeing CH-47 Chinook South Vietnamese Air Force 6 w/o
18-OCT-1974 Boeing CH-147 Chinook (CH-47C) 147001 Boeing (Canadian Armed Forces) (CAF) 5 New Cumberland, PA w/o
22-NOV-1974 Boeing CH-47A Chinook 66-00118 United States Army Everett, WA w/o
13-JUN-1975 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 70-15035 US Army 0 near Gerolsheim (Rhl-Pfalz) w/o
26-JUN-1975 Boeing CH-47C Chinook A15-011 Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) 0 Ebenezer, Rosewood, QLD sub
08-MAY-1976 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook 5-4066 Imperial Iranian Army Aviation (IIAA) w/o
02-JUL-1977 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook 5-4070 Imperial Iranian Army Aviation (IIAA) w/o
15-JUL-1977 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 69-17124 United States Army Aviation 1 Mainz-Finthen AAF w/o
15-JUL-1977 Boeing CH-47C Chinook United States Army 213th AVN 3 near Kosung w/o
01-APR-1978 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook 5-4053 Imperial Iranian Army Aviation (IIAA) w/o
04-APR-1978 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook MM80823 Esercito Italiano (Italian Army) 0 Lago di Bolsena (VT) w/o
21-JUL-1978 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook 5-40.. Imperial Iranian Army Aviation (IIAA) 8 near Gjaurs w/o
21-JUL-1978 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook 5-4092 Imperial Iranian Army Aviation (IIAA) 4 near Gjaurs unk
20-AUG-1979 Boeing CH-47A Chinook 65-08001 United States Army 3 Yakima, WA w/o
07-SEP-1979 Boeing CH-47 Chinook 3 near Santo Domingo w/o
25-FEB-1980 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 68-15993 United States Army Aviation 5 Kirchberg an der Jagst w/o
30-MAR-1980 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook MM80825 Esercito Italiano (Italian Army) 12 Abu Dhabi w/o
17-JUL-1980 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 74-22290 US Army, 160th SOAR 1 Palms, CA w/o
19-AUG-1980 Boeing CH-47B Chinook 66-19110 United States Army Aviation 0 30 km NW of Pasto w/o
28-JAN-1982 Boeing CH-47C-308 Chinook H-92 Fuerza Aérea Argentina (Argentine Air Force) Antarctica w/o
21-MAY-1982 Boeing CH-47C-309 Chinook AE-521 Aviación del Ejército Argentino (Argentine Army) 0 near Mount Kent w/o
25-MAY-1982 Boeing Chinook HC1 (CH-47C) ZA706 RAF 0 Atlantic Conveyor w/o
25-MAY-1982 Boeing Chinook HC1 (CH-47C) ZA716 RAF 0 Atlantic Conveyor w/o
25-MAY-1982 Boeing Chinook HC1 (CH-47C) ZA719 RAF 0 Atlantic Conveyor w/o
03-JUN-1982 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook CNA-LA Royal Moroccan Air Force w/o
17-AUG-1982 Boeing CH-147 Chinook (CH-47C) 147002 450 Sqn CAF 3 Rankin Inlet, North West Terrortories w/o
11-SEP-1982 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 74-22292 US Army 44 near Mannheim w/o
20-MAR-1983 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 67-18527 United States Army Aviation 5 off Cape Henry, VA w/o
10-JUL-1983 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 68-15845 United States Army 160th SOAR 6 South Fox Isle, MI w/o
16-FEB-1984 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 74-22275 United States Army Jipdo Island, Korea w/o
05-MAR-1984 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook CNA-LE Royal Moroccan Air Force w/o
02-MAY-1984 Boeing Vertol BV234LR Chinook (CH-47) G-BISO British Airways Helicopters 0 North Sea, 8 mi WNW of Cormorant Alpha Platform sub
25-MAY-1984 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook 006 Elliniki Polemikí Aeroporía w/o
04-OCT-1984 Boeing CH-47B Chinook 66-19117 United States Army Fort Lewis (near Tacoma), WA w/o
14-NOV-1984 Boeing Chinook HC1 (CH-47C) ZA676 240 OCU RAF 0 near Micheldever, Hampshire (Cranborne wood) w/o
04-FEB-1985 Boeing CH-47C Chinook A15-001 Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) 1 Perseverance Dam, Towoomba, QLD w/o
21-APR-1985 Boeing CH-47 Chinook United States Army Aviation 0 La Mesa, San Pedro Sula sub
21-JUL-1985 Boeing/EMI CH-47C Chinook 5-4089 Islamic Republic of Iran Army Aviation (IRIAA) 0 Al Taji Airfield w/o
09-APR-1986 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 85-24325 United States Army 6+2 Fort Stewart Army Base, GA w/o
13-MAY-1986 Boeing Chinook HC1 (CH-47C) ZA715 RAF 3 Mount Alice, West Falkland w/o
06-NOV-1986 Boeing Vertol BV234LR Chinook (CH-47) G-BWFC British International Helicopters 45 North Sea, 2,5 mi E of Sumburgh w/o
27-FEB-1987 Boeing Chinook HC1 (CH-47C) ZA721 RAF 7 6 km SE of RAF Mount Pleasant w/o
15-MAY-1987 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 67-18539 United States Army 1 Little Rock, AR, near w/o
15-JUN-1987 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 68-15832 United States Army w/o
20-NOV-1987 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 68-15826 United States Army Aviation 0 near Monteria w/o
25-FEB-1988 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 86-01643 United States Army 158th AVN 10 Chico, Texas w/o
06-MAY-1988 Boeing Chinook HC1 (CH-47C) ZA672 RAF 3 Hannover Airport (HAJ/EDDV) w/o
08-DEC-1988 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 85-24332 United States Army Aviation 5 northern Honduras w/o
24-JUL-1989 Boeing Chinook HC1 (CH-47C) ZA678 RAF 0 RAF Odiham, Hampshire (ODH/EGYO) w/o
25-JUL-1989 Boeing Chinook HC1 (CH-47C) ZA717 RAF 0 RAF Mount Pleasant w/o
04-DEC-1989 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 88-00092 United States Army 501st AVN 0 Camp Humphrey w/o
24-JUL-1990 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 82-23764 United States Army 3 near Fort Campbell, KY w/o
  -   -1990 Boeing CH-47D Chinook US Army King Fahd International Airport sub
11-JAN-1991 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 89-00165 United States Army Aviation 0 Iraq w/o
01-MAR-1991 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 84-24177 United States Army 159th AVN 4 King Abdel Aziz AB w/o
10-OCT-1992 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 89-00173 United States Army C Co/228th AVN w/o
18-SEP-1993 Boeing CH-47C Chinook H-93 Fuerza Aérea Argentina 0 Pozo de Mortero, Formosa sub
02-JUN-1994 Boeing Chinook HC2 (CH-47D) ZD576 RAF 29 Mull of Kintyre, Scotland w/o
31-JUL-1994 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 90-00201 United States Army C Co/2-158th AVN 4 Jefferson City w/o
23-SEP-1994 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 90-00220 United States Army A Co/6-159th AVN 1 35 mls E of McCall, ID w/o
17-JAN-1995 Boeing CH-47D Chinook HT.17-13 Spanish Army Airmobile Force (FAMET) w/o
24-APR-1995 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 86-01681 United States Army B Co/2-158th AVN 5 Ford Hood, TX w/o
07-MAR-1996 Boeing MH-47E Chinook 92-00465 United States Army 2-160th SOAR 5 near Russellville, KY w/o
11-APR-1997 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 84-24156 United States Army 0 Tulia, TX w/o
30-OCT-1997 Boeing Vertol BV234UT Chinook (CH-47) C-FHFH Columbia Helicopters 2 Comox Lake, BC w/o
11-FEB-1998 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 91-0234 United States Army G Co/140th AVN/CA ArNG 0+1 Morgan Hill, CA sub
06-MAY-2001 Boeing CH-47C Chinook 6-24.. IRIAA / Revolutionary Guards 5 near Torbat-e-Heidariyeh w/o
29-MAY-2001 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 98-0853 Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) 3 Seoul w/o
28-JAN-2002 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 84-24174 United States Army 0 near Khost, eastern Afghanistan w/o
22-FEB-2002 Boeing MH-47E Chinook 92-00471 United States Army E Co/2-160th SOAR 10 off Dumaguete w/o
04-MAR-2002 Boeing MH-47E Chinook 92-00475 United States Army 2-160th SOAR 4 Upper-Shah-i-Kot Valley w/o
04-MAR-2002 Boeing MH-47E Chinook 92-00476 United States Army 2-160th SOAR 2 Upper-Shah-i-Kot Valley sub
29-MAY-2002 Boeing CH-47D Chinook 90-00195 United States Army G Co/3-140th AVN/CA ArNG 0 near Farmington, CA w/o
  -JUL-2002 Boeing HH-47D Chinook 19-080 Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) w/o

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