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Last updated: 20 October 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
01-AUG-1989 Lancair 235 N385L Neico Aviation 2 Fond Du Lac, WI w/o
05-MAY-1991 Lancair 320 N320MC Hardin, M.C. 0 Fall River Mill, CA w/o
26-SEP-1992 Lancair 235 N25EH private 1 Hollister, CA w/o
05-JUN-1993 Lancair 320 N69WD private 3 Chino, CA w/o
10-OCT-1993 Ehlers LANCAIR 320 N320SE Ehlers, Craig S. 0 Bay St. Louis, MS w/o
18-APR-1995 Lancair 360 N360BJ private 1 Hampton, GA w/o
24-JUN-1995 Lancair 320 N3118J private 1 Marengo, IL w/o
03-SEP-1995 Lancair 200 ES N92RF private 2 Georgetown, CA w/o
13-OCT-1995 Lancair 360 N102JL private 1 Atlanta, GA w/o
10-JUL-1996 Lancair 235 G-RIDS Ridley Yarrow Kendal (owner) 0 Brunton Airfield, Christon Bank, Brunton, Alnwick, Northumberland w/o
08-AUG-1996 Lancair 320 N320L Lancair International 1 Fond Du Lac, WI w/o
25-OCT-1996 Lancair 320 HB-YHF private 0+1 Ecuvillens - LSGE w/o
03-MAR-1997 Lancair 235 ZK-PDS 0 Pauatahanui Inlet w/o
31-JUL-1997 Lancair 320 N360GB private 2 Dillon, CO w/o
12-MAR-1998 Lancair 320 VH-LPJ Private 2 72 km NW Bundaberg, Aero., QLD w/o
17-APR-1998 Lancair 235 N813Y private 2 Newport, TN w/o
19-JUN-1998 Lancair 320 G-BTOR Roy William Fairless (reg owner( 0 Near Wherwell, Andover, Hampshire w/o
04-SEP-1998 Lancair 235 N1142W private 1 Llano, CA w/o
02-APR-1999 Lancair 235 VH-LWA Private 2 3 km NE Aldinga Aero., SA w/o
11-MAY-1999 Lancair 320 N6111 private 1 Tallessee, AL sub
12-DEC-1999 Lancair 235/320 N717SK Private 0 Near Sterling City, TX sub
29-APR-2000 Tracy LANCAIR 235 N235RL Silvano F. Payne 0 Redding, CA w/o
13-MAR-2001 Lancair 320 VH-DNO Private 2 Nangiloc, Victoria w/o
06-MAY-2001 Lancair 320 N316M Myron L. Madsen 1 Valparaiso, IN w/o
31-JUL-2001 Lancair 360 N41EH private 2 St. Marys, GA w/o
17-AUG-2001 Lancair 360 N417DJ private 2 Placerville, CA w/o
28-DEC-2002 Lancair 235 N777KL Raymond M. Ruiz 1 Payson, AZ sub
07-AUG-2003 Schulze Lancair 360 N360W William D. Cody 0 Vancouver, WA w/o
20-OCT-2003 Lancair 360 N797RP Glenn Edwin Griffin 1 Knoxville, TN w/o
12-JUL-2004 Manoucher Lancair 360 MKII N360MA STIEF WILLIAM IV 0 Whiteman Airport, Pacoima, California sub
31-JUL-2004 Lancair 360 PH-PWZ private Koersel w/o
10-SEP-2004 Lancair 360 N163DS 1 Orange, TX w/o
23-SEP-2004 Lancair 360 C-GMVM Private 0 Timmins, Ontario sub
05-JAN-2005 Lancair 235 N64BV private 2 Sacaton, AZ w/o
12-JAN-2005 Lancair 235 N124JH James G Thompson Jr 1 El Cajon, CA sub
14-OCT-2005 Lancair 235 N235U John P. Plavcan 4 Rootstown, OH w/o
27-NOV-2005 Lancair 360 N360JR James Rogers 1 Vineyard Haven, MA w/o
24-DEC-2005 Forrest Haynes Lancair 320 N320WH Lowell R. Fuselier 0 Ramona, CA w/o
28-JAN-2006 Lancair 360 N79Y private 1 Santa Ynez, CA w/o
31-MAR-2006 Lancair 320 VH-BST John Savina (pilot & regd. owner) 1 Kessels Road, Coopers Plains, 4km ENE Archerfield, Queensland w/o
05-APR-2006 Lancair 360 VH-ZNZ 1 Bankstown Aero, NSW w/o
24-APR-2006 Lancair 360 N9GX Mike Alpha Tango Co 1 Charleston, SC sub
02-JUN-2006 Lancair 360 N360WH Thomas C. Dayon 1 Montgomery, NY sub
03-MAR-2008 Lancair 360 EC-ZGG private 0 Mutxamel Airport, Alicante w/o
01-JAN-2009 Lancair 360 N3603R private 2 Joliet Regional Airport, IL. w/o
28-MAR-2009 Lancair 320 N320J Private 0 Peter Prince Airport (2R4) - Milton, Florida sub
02-MAY-2009 Lancair 235 N235RC Private 0 Crystal Airport (KMIC), Crystal, Minnesota min
25-NOV-2009 Neico Lancair 320 VH-XCT Private 0 Bathurst Airport, NSW. sub
29-NOV-2010 Lancair 320 N42BK William (Bill) Kennedy 1 Lenhardt Air Park, Hubbard Oregon sub
12-FEB-2011 Lancair 320 N351E Private 0 DAWSONVILLE, GA sub
26-FEB-2011 Lancair 360 MK II N989TT Mncerritos LLC 1 Approximately 7-miles West of the Milford Airport Utah sub
03-APR-2011 Lancair 360 homebuilt N164T James Stidfole 2 Norfolk, Virginia sub
30-JUN-2011 Lancair 320 (built by Gary W. Schaffer) N358MA Robert J. Walty (rgd. owner) 1 Sundance Airpark (KHSD), Oklahoma City, OK sub
25-AUG-2011 Lancair 235 (built by William C. Nichols) N777BN Donny L. Asher (rgd. owner & pilot) 1 Near Newark-Heath Airport - KVTA, OH w/o
16-OCT-2011 Lancair 235 D-EHAR private 2 near Blocksdorf w/o
31-JAN-2012 Lancair 235 (built by Marvin G. Warner) N67MW Private 0 Ashland Regional Airport - KDWU, Worthington, KY min
14-APR-2012 MW Lancair 235 N235MW Private 1 South of Breckenridge County Airport - I93, Hardinsburg, KY sub
26-JUN-2012 Tito C Nappi Lancair 235M N18TN Private 1 Near Chicago/Rockford International Airport - KRFD, Chicago/Rockford, sub
12-FEB-2013 Lancair 360 N123ST Private 0 Near Williams, Colusa County, CA w/o
26-MAY-2013 Lancair 320 (built by Paul A. Hershorin) N471LA Private 0 No. Palm Beach Co. GA Airport - F45, West Palm Beach, FL min
17-SEP-2013 Lancair 360 C-FXCK Youth Aviation of Canada Inc. 2 Faku county, Liaoning province w/o
28-OCT-2013 Lancair 235 N25DM Private 1 McMinnville, OR sub
14-MAR-2014 Lancair 320 N192LC 3rd Wind LLC 0 Punta Gorda Airport (PND), Punta Gorda, Toledo sub
06-MAY-2014 Lancair 360 MKII N246AK Private 0 Field in Stephenson, west of Crivitz, WI sub
06-JUN-2014 Lancair 235 N67MW Private 0 Ashland Regional Airport (KDWU), Worthington, KY w/o
26-OCT-2014 Lancair 320-FB N323DS Topflight Aviation Solutions LLC 0 Near Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport (1F0), Ardmore, Oklahoma min
09-JAN-2015 Lancair 320 N7ZL Private 1 SW of Van Nuys Airport (KVNY), Van Nuys, CA sub
11-FEB-2015 Lancair 360 N2420L Private 0 Meadows Field Airport (KBFL), Bakersfield, California min
13-DEC-2015 Lancair 360 N113LM Private 0 Rimrock Airport (48AZ), Rimrock, AZ sub
02-JUL-2016 Lancair 320 Private 0 Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK), BC unk
01-AUG-2016 Lancair 360 N528HZ Private 1 Columbia Gorge Regional (KDLS), Dallesport, OR w/o
04-OCT-2016 Lancair 360 SE-XRH Private 1 Near Presov, Presov Region w/o
17-APR-2017 Lancair 320 PH-COL Private 0 Montpellier-Frejorgues Airport (MPL/LFMT) min
10-MAY-2017 Lancair 320 N320AG Private 0 Blanding Municipal Airport (KBDG), Blanding, UT unk