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Last updated: 26 February 2015
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
07-APR-2002 Robinson R22 Beta C-FVBG VALLEY B AVIATION 1 20 NM W of Manning, Alberta unk
09-APR-2002 Robinson R 22 Beta EI-JWM 21 Century Aviation Ltd, Executive Helicopters 0 Glenbeigh Strand, Glenbeigh Co Kerry sub
24-APR-2002 Robinson R22 OO-DBW Paramount Helikopters 0 Bekkevoort w/o
25-APR-2002 Robinson R22 Alpha VH-UXU Private 1 5.5 km SW of Mount Isa, Queensland w/o
01-MAY-2002 Robinson R22 Beta C-FBHS Bighorn Helicopters Flight School 0 Springbank, Alberta sub
22-MAY-2002 Robinson R22 Beta N7194J private 2 Mammoth Lakes, CA w/o
23-MAY-2002 Robinson R22 Mariner N2322Y private 2 Merlin, OR sub
30-MAY-2002 Robinson R22 Beta C-GHMD Canadian Helicopter Ltd. 0 Quebec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec sub
04-JUN-2002 Robinson R22 Mariner F-GHIE Héliplaisance 0 Presle-en-Brie - 77 w/o
11-JUN-2002 Robinson R22 Beta C-.... Airborne Energy Solutions 0 Fort St. John, British Columbia sub
16-JUN-2002 Robinson R22 F-GGDQ AEROCLUB HÉLICLUB PÉRIGORD 0 Domme - 24 w/o
18-JUN-2002 Robinson R22 C-FRWZ National Helicopters 0 St. Thomas, Ontario sub
10-JUL-2002 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HDB Helicopters New Zealand Ltd 0 Mount White Station w/o
13-JUL-2002 Robinson R22 Beta G-VFSI Dragonfly Aviation 2 near Budbrooke North Service Station, Hampton Magna, Warwickshire w/o
13-AUG-2002 Robinson R22 Beta G-BOEX Plane Talking Ltd 0 Cranfield, Bedfordshire w/o
23-DEC-2002 Robinson R22 Beta N888KB Headstart Helicopter 2 Dolan Springs, AZ w/o
05-JAN-2003 Robinson R22 Beta G-BXTU TDR Aviation Ltd 0 Cranfield, Bedfordshire w/o
17-JAN-2003 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HUL Private 1 Masterton w/o
15-MAR-2003 Robinson R22 Beta II OO-SHT Helirent 0 Borgloon, Limburg w/o
22-MAR-2003 Robinson R-22 Beta II PH-GHS 0 Lelystad, sub
22-APR-2003 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HQC 0 Haywards w/o
17-MAY-2003 Robinson R22 Mariner 3A-MGM Aero Club de Monaco 0 Mobile Helicopter Platform "Area Bravo" sub
03-JUN-2003 Robinson R22 Beta N23428 Helitech 2 Montpelier, VA sub
20-JUN-2003 Robinson R22 Mariner VH-OHA 2 13km NW Camden, Aerodrome, NSW w/o
25-JUN-2003 Robinson R22 Beta N933CB Show-Me Helicopters 1 Dexter, MO w/o
22-JUL-2003 Robinson R22 Beta N7190K Morgan, Gerald A. 1 Tulalip, WA w/o
26-JUL-2003 Robinson R22 Mariner LV-VAU Private Baradero, Buneos Aires w/o
03-AUG-2003 Robinson R22 HI-682SP 1 Santo Domingo w/o
25-AUG-2003 Robinson R22 Beta N8049V Shier Aviation 1 Encinitas, CA w/o
01-SEP-2003 Robinson R22 LV-WIW Private 0 Cuchilla Nevada, Cordoba w/o
28-SEP-2003 Robinson R22 VH-UXF Helimuster Pty Ltd 2 near Yakka Munga Station, 93 km S of Derby, WA w/o
06-NOV-2003 Robinson R22 Beta II N206TV Pacific Coast Helicopters 2 Torrance, CA w/o
15-DEC-2003 Robinson R22 Beta N1225D Supersonic Aviation 1 Redlands, CA w/o
17-DEC-2003 Robinson R22 N341MK Kelly Joseph 0 Broomfield, CO w/o
10-JAN-2004 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HXT 2 6 NE Taupo w/o
12-JAN-2004 Robinson R-22 Beta N7061V Mesquite Helicopter Services Inc. 0 Encino, TX w/o
15-JAN-2004 Robinson R22 Beta II C-GWGX private 0 Campbell River, BC w/o
19-JAN-2004 Robinson R-22 N224LC Charles Woodward 0 Nicholasville, KY w/o
20-FEB-2004 Robinson R22M C-FILW Lakelse Air 1 Kumealon Inlet, British Columbia w/o
29-FEB-2004 Robinson R22 4X-BCM Ilan Arad Aviation 2 Yakom Landing, near Kalansua w/o
05-MAR-2004 Robinson R22 Beta N7188S Private 0 Long Beach, CA sub
12-MAR-2004 Robinson R22 N4370D Collective Helicopters Corporation 0 Keystone, FL sub
31-MAR-2004 Robinson R-22 Beta VH-HHD North Australian Helicopters Pty Ltd 0 56 Km NNW of Charters Towers, Queensland w/o
03-MAY-2004 Robinson R22 Beta F-GJBE MBH (Mont Blanc Hélicoptères) 0 Pierrefonds, La Possession (974 ) helipad, at Mafate w/o
12-MAY-2004 Robinson R22 Beta OO-JDG HELI SHUTTLE, BVBA 0 Antwerp w/o
23-MAY-2004 Robinson R22 Alpha VH-JWG Heli-Muster (NT) Pty Ltd 0 Scott Creek Station, Northern Terrortories w/o
30-MAY-2004 Robinson R22 Mariner VH-MIB Private 1 40 km S of Tobermorey Station, Northern Terrortories w/o
08-JUL-2004 Robinson R22 Beta N8118L Blue Skies 1 Rochester, MN w/o
02-AUG-2004 Robinson R22 Beta N2566W Helicenter International Academy 1 Miami, FL w/o
11-AUG-2004 Robinson R22 Beta OK-YIT L.P.S. Melník 1 Cerenice, Sázava, Benesov w/o
13-AUG-2004 Robinson R22 Beta C-FHGH Kevgar Contracting, 1 McIvor Lake, BC w/o
29-AUG-2004 Robinson R22 Beta N871CL Helicopter Flight Training 2 Northport, NY w/o
07-SEP-2004 Robinson R22 Beta F-GJBE Mont Blanc Helicopters 0 hélisurface du Maïdo - 974 w/o
27-OCT-2004 Robinson R22 3A-MMB Aero Club de Monaco 2 1 mile from Menton, Cote D'Azur w/o
11-NOV-2004 Robinson R22B G-TGRR Tiger Helicopters Ltd 1 Cophams Hill Farm, Bishopton, 2 nm NW of Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwicks w/o
27-NOV-2004 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HWP Pouatu Helicopters, Ltd. 0 near Taumarunui w/o
27-NOV-2004 Robinson R22 Beta N4029Q Bobby Lee Hayford 2 Arlington, WA w/o
13-MAY-2005 Robinson R22 Beta OO-RWB Rotor & Wing Business 2 Landen, Brabant w/o
25-MAY-2005 Robinson R22 Beta II PH-CVW A.F.C. van Westerop 0 Lelystad w/o
08-JUN-2005 Robinson R22 Beta II PH-JGT Lelykopters 0 West of Medemblik sub
25-JUN-2005 Robinson R22 Beta N7195L Midwest Aeronautical Inc. 0 Osage Beach, MO w/o
26-AUG-2005 Robinson R22 ZK-HVN Private 1 5km north of Springs Junction, 23km southwest of Murchison w/o
01-SEP-2005 Robinson R22 C-FHSC Coast Helicopter College 0 Victoria International Airport, British Columbia sub
20-SEP-2005 Robinson R22 Beta N957SH Silver State Helicopters 1 Baker, CA sub
21-SEP-2005 Robinson R22 Mariner F-GRIB Fenwick Helicopter 2 Falaise w/o
22-SEP-2005 Robinson R22 Beta F-GIIF Aero Club Armagnac 2 Nogaro - 32 w/o
29-SEP-2005 Robinson R22 Beta II HB-ZGS Heli Sitterdorf AG 0 Bürehöchi, Limpach/BE w/o
06-OCT-2005 Robinson R22 Beta VH-HUZ Heliflite Pty Ltd 1 near Calindary Station Homestead, NSW w/o
14-OCT-2005 Robinson R22 Beta II N7196J private 2 Eagar, AZ sub
17-DEC-2005 Robinson R22B ZK-HPR K L & H P Landreth 0 Mussel Point, Haast Beach w/o
18-DEC-2005 Robinson R22 Beta N177LH Universal Air Academy 0 Irwindale, CA w/o
15-JAN-2006 Robinson R22 Beta V5-HSL Private 1 Mariental sub
17-JAN-2006 Robinson R22 ZS-RXA Starlight Aviation 1 Cape Point sub
22-FEB-2006 Robinson R22 N7512G All Out Aerial 2 Scottsdale, AZ w/o
27-FEB-2006 Robinson R22 Beta II HB-ZGH Heli-West AG 0 Bätterkinden sub
05-MAR-2006 Robinson R22 Beta II ZK-HLC Private 2 22nm NW of Wanaka
13-APR-2006 Robinson R22 Beta N887BC Matts Move-All 2 Chelsea, MI sub
07-JUN-2006 Robinson R22 F-GUPC Private 0 Le Touquet Paris-Plage Airport (LTQ) w/o
15-JUL-2006 Robinson R-22 BETA 2 EI-EHB 0 Cork Airport min
10-AUG-2006 Robinson R22 Beta N7059S Air Photo 1 Tucson, AZ sub
10-SEP-2006 Robinson R22 Beta OE-XPJ P&B Helitrade GmbH 2 St. Florian, Upper Austria w/o
14-NOV-2006 Robinson R22 F-GLPA Association Heliclub de l'ain 0 Bourg Ceyzériat w/o
07-MAR-2007 Robinson R22 Beta II PH-JGR Lelykopters 0 Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport - EDLS w/o
18-JUL-2007 Robinson R22 Beta D-HBXL Heli Plus 0 near Zaiserweiher w/o
22-JUL-2007 Robinson R22 Beta II HR-ASO Personal 1 San Salvador w/o
24-JUL-2007 Robinson R22 Beta VH-VHQ Private 0 Maryfield Station, NT w/o
08-SEP-2007 Robinson R22 Beta D-HZAK Jerome Soine 2 Buhl, UN sub
25-SEP-2007 Robinson R22 Beta II VH-HCN AGJ Aviation Pty Ltd 1 Doongan, 150 Km W of Wyndham, Western Australis w/o
27-OCT-2007 Robinson R22B JA102D Osaka Aviation 2 Yao-City sub
20-NOV-2007 Robinson R22 Beta N463SH Silver State Helicopters 0 Ramona, CA sub
04-DEC-2007 Robinson R22 Beta N70035 T K Rotors Inc. 0 Gainesville, FL sub
04-DEC-2007 Robinson R22 Beta N805EH Mazzei Flying Service, Inc. 0 Fresno Chandler Executive Airport (FCH), Fresno, CA non
12-DEC-2007 Robinson R22 Beta N7188J Private 0 Plant City, Florida sub
25-JAN-2008 Robinson R22 N705JJ JJ Helicopters 1 Los Angeles, CA w/o
30-JAN-2008 Robinson R22 Beta G-OHSL Tiger Helicopters Limited 0 6 miles SSW of Shobdon Airfield, Leominster, Herefordshire w/o
17-FEB-2008 Robinson R22 ZK-HGV Helipro 2+1 Paraparaumu (north of Wellington) w/o
04-MAR-2008 Robinson R22 Beta N120KC Matt Spitzer 0 St. Bernard Parish, Meraux, LA sub
13-MAR-2008 Robinson R22 Beta II N2215R private 1 Carolina Beach Road , Wilmington, NC w/o
18-MAR-2008 Robinson R22 Beta N3055N Premier Helicopters 0 Las Vegas Municipal Airport (LVS), Las Vegas, New Mexico sub
20-MAR-2008 Robinson R22 Beta ZS-RTV Louis Fourie Game Capture (Pty) Ltd 0 Rustenburg, North West Province unk

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