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Last updated: 24 September 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
28-MAY-2009 Robinson R44 Clipper II G-CLPR MCP (Poole) Ltd. 0 Goodwood Aerodrome, Goodwood, Chichester, West Sussex sub
08-JUN-2009 Robinson R44 VH-... Private 0 Laura, Cook Shire, Cape York Peninsula Queensland w/o
09-JUL-2009 Robinson R44 Clipper G-DBUG DIO (Aviation) Ltd. 0 Welshpool Airport, 2.3 miles south of Welshpool, Powys, Wales w/o
13-JUL-2009 Robinson R44 N244HP Private 0 Near Yuba River, Marysville, California sub
20-JUL-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II JA32CT Private 2 9 miles SE of Tajima Airport w/o
22-JUL-2009 Robinson R44 Astro C-FKAJ Kootenay Valley Helicopters 1 8,5nm NW of Creston, BC w/o
23-JUL-2009 Robinson R44 N7189W Advanced Helicopter Concepts 4 Interstate 70 near Smithsburg, Maryland sub
24-JUL-2009 Robinson R44 II N645JC Private 0 Caladesi Island, Florida sub
04-AUG-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II C-GNYT Wild Water Heli-Fishing 2 Liard Mountains, Northwest Territories,Canada w/o
21-AUG-2009 Robinson R44 N19DV Private 0 25 Miles West of Tonopah, Nevada sub
23-AUG-2009 Robinson R44 Astro CX-HAI Urucopter 0 La Calavera de Cabo Polonio w/o
23-AUG-2009 Robinson R44 Astro D-HWWG Private 4 Erpfental near Ellwangen w/o
30-AUG-2009 Robinson R44 N702TF Steel Pier Helicopters 0 on the beach, Atlantic City, NJ non
01-SEP-2009 Robinson R44 N33PX Webb Group FLP (Reg. owners) 1 Hawkins Field sub
08-SEP-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II D-HFCS Aeroheli International GmbH & Co. KG 0 Lake Kortitzmühler near Laubusch w/o
14-SEP-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II RA-04289 Helix 2 Ust-Kachka, near Perm w/o
20-SEP-2009 Robinson R44 II N4174P Gillian Blue GP LLC 0 near Valley Center, CA sub
26-SEP-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-RWD Inkosi Management Consultants 0 Ruimsig, west of Johannesburg, Gauteng sub
27-SEP-2009 Robinson R44 II N29LE Olisofi LLC, Carlsbad, CA 0 Mount Charleston, Nevada w/o
02-OCT-2009 Robinson R44 II ZS-PUY Roucommsystems CC Mafikeng Area, Porth West Province sub
07-OCT-2009 Robinson R44 G-CDXB HJS Helicopters Ltd 0 Culter Helipad, Lower Baads, Anguston, Peterculter, Aberdeenshire w/o
10-OCT-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-RYT Panbult Denne Saagmeule (Pty) Ltd 2 Sheepmoor, Mpumalanga w/o
15-OCT-2009 Robinson R44 Raven N3038W J A J Investments Ltd. 0 South of Babcock Ranch near Glades, Lee, and Charlotte County, FL sub
17-OCT-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II YV2439 Private 0 near La Grita, Tachira sub
31-OCT-2009 Robinson R44 EI-MMO Private 0 Skinstown, Ballyragget, Co Kilkenny sub
12-NOV-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II C-GJMP Private 1 Franquelin River near Baie-Comeau, Quebec w/o
15-NOV-2009 Robinson R44 G-WEMS Jason Tatham & Emma Tatham 0 Shobdon Airfield, Shobdon, Leominster, Herefordshire w/o
24-NOV-2009 Robinson R44 Astro 4X-BDM Tamir Airways 4 Off coast at Netanya, Israel w/o
08-DEC-2009 Robinson R44 VH-IDW Heliflite Pty Ltd 0 Moruya Airport, NSW sub
15-DEC-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II VH-CLX Chagold Pty. Ltd. 0 Moorabbin Airport, Victoria sub
16-DEC-2009 Robinson R44 Raven II C-GDSF Groupe TVA Inc. 0 Montreal, Quebec w/o
02-JAN-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II RA-04244 ZAO "Electrotechnical Company" 0 1.2 km from d.Malo-Boydino, Chastinsky region, Perm region w/o
04-JAN-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II LV-BZU Private 0 Fiambala, Catamarca province sub
11-JAN-2010 Robinson R44 SE-JGA Skärgårdsflyg i Stockholm 0 NW Näsudden, Ornö sub
13-JAN-2010 Robinson R44 RA-04145 Private 0 Tala distriict, Irkutsk region sub
21-JAN-2010 Robinson R44 Astro CC-PSZ Comercial Dagher Ltda 0 Curimon- San Felipe sub
26-JAN-2010 Robinson R44 Astro PT-YSG RQ Serviços Aéreos Especializados Ltda. 0 Km 19 Anchieta highway in Sao Bernardo do Campo sub
27-JAN-2010 Robinson R44 Astro LN-OCV MidtNorsk Helikopterservice 4 Oslofjord near Horten w/o
28-JAN-2010 Robinson R44 Raven VH-RMN Chopperline (NIMVALE PTY op./WRAXWOOD PTY. hldr) 0 Near Kyogle, on top of a ridge in Mount Barney National Park in Queens sub
29-JAN-2010 Robinson R44 Raven I D-HFCN Private 0 Iserlohn Hegenscheid w/o
01-FEB-2010 Robinson R44 Astro D-HAUT Heli-flight GmbH & Co KG 0 Reichshof-Blankenbach near Oberberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen sub
04-FEB-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II N7535F JAJ Investments Ltd 2 Restauración w/o
10-MAR-2010 Robinson R44 Raven I RA-04163 Private 2 Lake Onega, near Petrozavodsk w/o
30-MAR-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II VH- Private 0 Flying Fox station, 200 kilometres east of Katherine, NT sub
11-APR-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II VH-LTE Gregg Kubernat (operator) / Rodnev Pty Ltd (holder) 0 Archerfield Airport (YBAF) sub
25-APR-2010 Robinson R44 Raven I I-DUKY Ariane SRL / R. Grazioli SRL 0 Barni (Como province) sub
15-MAY-2010 Robinson R44 Raven N81191 Castor Aviation 0 Near Godwin Glacier, 10 miles northeast of Seward, Alaska sub
17-MAY-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II RP-C2550 Lion Air 4+1 Jael Subdivision in Barangay Iyam, south of Lucena City w/o
01-JUN-2010 Robinson R44 G-LWAY MFH Helicopters Ltd 0 Loch Long, near Arrochar, Argyll, Scotland w/o
19-JUN-2010 Robinson R44 N333DV Bering Pacific Ranches 1 62 mls SW of Unalaska, AK sub
25-JUN-2010 Robinson R44 LY-HCG Private 0 Aleksotas airfield sub
26-JUN-2010 Robinson R44 G-PIDG Karl John Odran Goodyear 0 Devonshire Arms Country House Hotel, Skipton, North Yorkshire w/o
01-JUL-2010 Robinson R44 Clipper I-MGIA private 0 Foggia sub
05-JUL-2010 Robinson R44 Raven N857PM Forest Tech LLC 1 Caldwell Springs Road, near Fredonia, west Kentucky sub
16-JUL-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II N471CF private 0 Perdika, Aegina Island w/o
16-JUL-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II N944DW Sky Helicopters Inc. 1 Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC), UT sub
16-JUL-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II PR-TNB private 1 Vale Formosa, Novo Horizonte, SP w/o
02-AUG-2010 Robinson R44 N34JS Private 2 Blood Mountain, Blairsville, Georgia sub
12-AUG-2010 Robinson R44 Clipper II I-KOST Intesa Leasing SpA (own.) / Rent & Fly Srl (op.) 4 Giammoro, Pace del Mela (Messina province) w/o
13-AUG-2010 Robinson R44 II ZS-CVW Colmec Carriers CC 3 20km from Ermelo, Mpumalanga w/o
14-AUG-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II D-HNOC HeliFlights Helikopter Service B.V. 0 Helispot Stroeërweg, near Stroe sub
19-AUG-2010 Robinson R44 Raven A-01 Operating for Policía Nacional 0 San Bernardino sub
20-AUG-2010 Robinson R44 Raven I RA-04225 Private 0 Yakhroma, Dmitrovsky District, Moscow region w/o
25-AUG-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II HB-ZJG Swiss Jet 0 Giirebad, Gemeinde Pfyn/TG sub
30-AUG-2010 Robinson R44 Clipper II VH-ZVF Private 0 Perth Jandakot airport YPJT,WA sub
07-SEP-2010 Robinson R44 Raven OE-XWS Hubi Fly 0 Trieben Airfield - LOGI w/o
10-SEP-2010 Robinson R44 PT-YON Brava Transportes Aéreos 2 Itanhaém Mountains w/o
11-SEP-2010 Robinson R44 HS-HLL Heliluck Aviation Services 0 Ko Kret w/o
17-SEP-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-RJO Kawena Aviation (Pty) Ltd 0 near Belfast, Mpumalanga w/o
17-SEP-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II N145DM JaussS Aviation Inc. 0 Island Lake - Duluth, MN w/o
23-SEP-2010 Robinson R44 Clipper II RA-04228 TLK-Treid 0 Okinsky region, Buryatia w/o
04-OCT-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II YR-ARA Aero Taxi S.R.L. 0 near Maliuc, Tulcea (Danube Delta) w/o
24-OCT-2010 Robinson R44 Raven II D-HMMB Heli-Life International GmbH 0 Altenbeken, near Paderborn w/o
08-DEC-2010 Robinson R44 II N666SL Downright Engineering Corp 0 Glades Airport, Pahokkee, Florida sub
08-DEC-2010 Robinson R44 N451DB Bravo Helicopters 0 Near Glades Airport, Pahokee, Florida sub
14-DEC-2010 Robinson R44 9M-... Integrated Training & Services 1 Malim Nawar, Perak w/o
14-DEC-2010 Robinson R44 Private 1 Liangkee Estate, Kampung Sri Malim in Malim Nawar, near Kampar w/o
19-DEC-2010 Robinson R44 II ZS-RSY Volker Forestry (Pty) Ltd 0 near Hluhluwe, KZN sub
02-JAN-2011 Robinson R44 LV-ZYO private, opf. ANSV 0 off Buenos Aires mis
03-JAN-2011 Robinson R44 Raven 1 VH-HOT Heli-Charters 0 offshore Cairns, close to mouth of Barron River, QLD w/o
04-JAN-2011 Robinson R44 VH-HOT AFAQ Enterprises 0 Baron River off Machans Beach sub
26-JAN-2011 Robinson Helicopter R-44 II VH-HFG Heli-Reef 0 6.5 Km S of Knuckle Reef, Queensland w/o
03-FEB-2011 Robinson R44 N441TB AV8 LLC 0 10 miles NW of Ogden-Hinckley Airport UT sub
04-FEB-2011 Robinson R44 VH-HFH Aero Logistics Pty 2 Near Cessnock Airport, Hunter Valley, NSW w/o
18-FEB-2011 Robinson R44 Raven F-GUJB Working in Flight srl 1 Canne della Battaglia w/o
25-FEB-2011 Robinson R44 II ZS-RVA Basfour 2279 (Pty) Ltd 0 AECI Facility, near Strand Golf Course, Western Cape sub
05-MAR-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II N4168W Bravo Helicopters of Miami 0 Everglades in western Broward County sub
27-MAR-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II I-HEHL Elifriulia Srl. 0 Off Pozzarello coast, near Monte Argentario , Grosseto prov. sub
30-MAR-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II D-HBLT Private 0 Straubing-Wallmühle - EDMS w/o
31-MAR-2011 Robinson R44 Raven I YV2414 private 0 near Guarenas w/o
17-APR-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HDT Stewart Island Helicopters 0 Big South Cape, Stewart Island unk
24-APR-2011 Robinson R44 Raven VH-RUR Victor Hansen (rgd. owner) 1 About 50 metres off the coast of Lilli Pilli, near Bateman's Bay, NSW w/o
30-APR-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II N445AB Penn Helicopter LLC 1 Near the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania sub
30-APR-2011 Robinson R-44 II N445AB Penn Helicopters LLC 1 Indiana, Pennsylvania sub
08-MAY-2011 Robinson R44 Clipper II N921JM Thunderbird Aviation Llc operated by Colorado Heli-o 0 Lookout Mountain, Golden, CO sub
16-MAY-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II B-7048 ZhuSongBin 0 Luxinzhuang, Tongzhou District of Beijing w/o
16-MAY-2011 Robinson R44 Raven I G-GDOV Eric Keith Richardson 0 Gidleigh Park Hotel, near Chagford, Devon w/o
21-MAY-2011 Robinson R44 HP-1683 SEATEC 1 Pacific Ocean, near the border of Colombia w/o
09-JUN-2011 Robinson R44 Raven I RA-04331 private 0 Mount Elbrus sub
20-JUN-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II D-HPHP Private 0 Salixbyn, Lillhärdal, Sveg min

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