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Last updated: 18 November 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
24-JUN-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II C-FSKV Capitale Hélicoptère Inc. 1 Near Lake Deborah, 90 kilometres northeast of Schefferville, Quebec w/o
28-JUN-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II HB-ZMD Bonsai Helikopter AG 0 Near Herisau sub
09-JUL-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II N42333 Joseph Ohnheiser (rgd. owner & pilot) 1 Near Rising Sun, Ind. sub
09-JUL-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II OO-HNE Pierre Cooremans (Kapellen op de Bos - Belgium) 2 Near Luzoir, Aisne dep. w/o
10-JUL-2011 Robinson R44 RA-04304 Private 1 near Istok, Krasnoyarsk Region w/o
11-JUL-2011 Robinson R44 EI-MUL Cotton Box Design Group Ltd 0 Meribel Les Allues, near the Col de la Lune, at 1785 metres w/o
16-JUL-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HAA Helinorth Ltd. 0 Kaeo, Northland w/o
24-JUL-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II G-ROTG Aldwick Court Farm 1 between Marhamchurch and Week St. Mary, Near Bude, Cornwall w/o
28-JUL-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II VH-ZWC 0 83 km E of Darwin Airport, NT min
03-AUG-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-HTY Holographix Properties 69 (Pty) Ltd 0 University of Cape Town Campus, Western Cape sub
18-AUG-2011 Robinson R44 RA-04158 MTA-Service 0 2 km south of Sabetta, Yamal Region w/o
24-AUG-2011 Robinson R-44 II 9XR-SI Private 0 Gatare sector, Nyamagabe District w/o
27-AUG-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II C-GEBY 9049-5854 Québec Inc. 4 St-Ferdinand, Quebec approx 115 km South of Quebec City w/o
27-AUG-2011 Robinson R-44 9XR-SF Akagera Aviation 0 Congo nil crest at Gatare, Nyamagabe district w/o
30-AUG-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II PP-CLE Private 3 near Maresias w/o
03-SEP-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II VH-HCA Westland Helicopter Company Pty. Ltd. 1 Mingah Springs Station, about 200km north of Meekatharra, WA w/o
10-SEP-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II PR-CEC Nat Aero Táxi 2 Alto de Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro w/o
13-SEP-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II Newscopter RA-04205 Private 0 Elektrostal sub
18-SEP-2011 Robinson R44 Clipper II XA-UFE GPM Aeroservicio 0 Nichupte lagoon, Cancun unk
23-SEP-2011 Robinson R44 Astro N8324F Logghe Stamping Company Inc. 2 Caledonia Township, Lower Peninsula, 85 miles north of Bay City, MI sub
27-SEP-2011 Robinson R44 Raven N982DH Need 2 Fly Aviation Llc. 0 St. Petersburg Clearwater International Airport - KPIE, FL sub
28-SEP-2011 Robinson R44 Raven I D-HMOB private 0 Waren-Vielist - EDOW, Neubrandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern sub
02-OCT-2011 Robinson R44 Raven I EI-DTR R & M Quarries Ltd. 0 Taughmaconnell, County Roscommon, about 8km from Athlone. w/o
02-OCT-2011 Robinson R44 Raven ZK-HLL Western Pacific Helicopters Ltd. 1 In the Pacific Ocean 155nm off Tokelau, north of Samoa w/o
15-OCT-2011 Robinson R44 Raven RA-04332 Kagalnik-Agro 0 Erzovka, Volgograd Region sub
18-NOV-2011 Robinson R44 Raven I RA-04348 Redkino Pilot Plant 1 5 km N of Litvintsevo, Tver Region w/o
24-NOV-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II N821JV Four Winds Leasing LLC 1 Ten Mile Lake, near Hackensack, MN sub
29-NOV-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-RDG A B E Motor Spares C C 0 Wonderboom Airport - FAWB sub
09-DEC-2011 Robinson R-44 Raven PR-KLA SASH Locacao de Veiculos LTDA 1 Fazenda Coqueiros, Sao Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina w/o
12-DEC-2011 Robinson R44 Raven I OY-HKP Aakær Gods 0 Along the Bjerrevej (street), Klejs, about 5 km NW of Juelsminde w/o
17-DEC-2011 Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-RZD Private 0 Near Ventersdorp sub
30-DEC-2011 Robinson R44 Clipper I-NAPE Aeroclub del Golfo 0 San Massimo, CB w/o
03-JAN-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II C-FGBX Gemini Helicopters Inc. 0 120 km north of Fort St. John in the Chinchaga River region, BC sub
11-JAN-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II SE-JPZ Jämtlands Flyg AB 2 2 km E Mosjøen (ENMS), Nordland w/o
16-JAN-2012 Robinson R44 Raven N728PG 8 Papa Golf LLC 0 Huntington State Beach, CA non
19-JAN-2012 Robinson R44 Raven PP-MOF Private 0 Lake Paranoá, Distrito Federal w/o
19-JAN-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II N369TL CENAC Marine Services LLC 2 Belle Isle salt dome, 12 south of Centerville, LA sub
21-JAN-2012 Robinson R-44 II Raven N4510T Ace Flyers Inc DBA 0 50 miles from Anchorage, AK sub
24-JAN-2012 Robinson R44 Raven A-01 Paraguay National Police 0 Villa Hayes - Chaco min
04-FEB-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II VH-COK Bankstown Helicopter Pty. Ltd. 2 Jaspers Brush Airfield, Shoalhaven about 2 km SW of Berry, NSW w/o
05-FEB-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II N807LE Fly High LLC 0 Modesto Elemantary School, CA non
13-FEB-2012 Robinson R44 Raven N5511L Vertical D LLC 0 North Charleston, SC sub
27-FEB-2012 Robinson R44 Clipper II N177FS November Alpha LLC 0 Glendale Municipal Airport - KGEU, AZ w/o
25-MAR-2012 Robinson R44 Raven I PH-WQW Helicon BV 0 A small lake near hotel-restaurant De Kopren Hoogte, Lichtmis sub
08-APR-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II N55NZ Private 0 Henderson, NV sub
10-APR-2012 Robinson R44 Raven I PNP-125 Policia Nacional de Peru 0 199 Los Rubies (street), San Antonio, Bella Vista dist., Callao reg. sub
28-APR-2012 Robinson R44 Clipper II OH-HHK Private 0 Ruukki, Siikajoki sub
28-APR-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II D-HARV Air Lloyd Deutsche Helicopter GmbH 0 In a field near Spieckern, about 10km east of Wuppertal w/o
10-MAY-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II N7523S iPrerogative Inc 0 Near Mount Taylor, north of Grants, New Mexico sub
11-MAY-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II RA-04281 Private 0 Paramonovo, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast w/o
16-MAY-2012 Robinson R44 Astro OH-HZH HeliPro Oy (operator) Procopter Oy (owner) 0 Rasivaara, Juuka, 23 NM North from EFJO w/o
24-MAY-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-PVH RJR Aviation CC 2 Near Mankweng, about 30km east of Polokwane w/o
09-JUN-2012 Robinson R44 Raven I OE-XKS Schulter Planungs- und Ausführungs- GmbH 4 Near Teisendorf, southeast Bavaria w/o
10-JUN-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II N744JS Private 0 near Las Cruces,NM sub
12-JUN-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II N282MC Dragonfly Aviation LLC 1 About 2 miles southeast of East Wenatchee, WA sub
22-JUN-2012 Robinson R44 C-GAEE Airborne Energy Solutions 0 Whitecourt, AB and Swan Hill, AB sub
02-JUL-2012 Robinson R44 Raven I RA-04176 Ufa Airlines 0 Imangulovo village in the Tuymazy district of Bashkortostan sub
04-JUL-2012 Robinson R44 Raven N561CH Capitol Helicopters LLC 0 Lake McBride, Tallahassee, FL sub
10-JUL-2012 Robinson R44 II C-GHZN Horizon Helicopters 1 5 nm E of Carcross, YT sub
12-JUL-2012 Robinson R44 Raven I ZS-HIG Private 0 Grand Central Airport in Johannesburg sub
19-JUL-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-RUI Botlierskop (Mr Arnold Neethling) 0 Witfontein, George, South Africa sub
29-JUL-2012 Robinson R44 Raven I D-HOMI Heli Transair 0 Boppard sub
31-JUL-2012 Robinson R44 Clipper II RA-04142 Baikal Aviation Club 0 Near Sagan-Sair river, Buratiya w/o
05-AUG-2012 Robinson R44 Astro G-CMCC Charles McCann 0 Nairobi-Wilson Airport - HKNW w/o
06-AUG-2012 Robinson R44 UR-KLUB Private 0 Ukraine, Crimea, Saky Raion, Black sea aquatory sub
19-AUG-2012 Robinson R44 Astro PT-YPY Private 0 Between Itaquaquecetuba and Aruja, São Paulo sub
25-AUG-2012 ROBINSON R44 Raven II F-GTEJ private 0 Brison-Saint-Innocent / near Aix les bains sub
03-SEP-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II EC-IVT Private 2 Valouse w/o
07-SEP-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II VH-HYR Broome Helicopter Services 0 On the road to Coconut Wells about 15km from Broome, WA sub
18-SEP-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II N957R G B Aerial Applications Inc 0 Slaton Municipal Airport - F49, Slaton, TX sub
19-SEP-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II ZS-HGG AST Africa Trading 348 CC 0 Germiston, near Rand Airport - FAGM w/o
21-SEP-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II 9A-HMA Helimax 0 Near Prgomet junction road on A1 w/o
30-SEP-2012 Robinson R-44 N8341W Private 0 Lake Nocona in Montague County sub
11-OCT-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II N474FA Eric A Spitzer Llc. 3 About 20 miles SE of Fredericksburg sub
16-OCT-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II RA-04206 Private 1 Muravlyanka, Kimovsk Region, Tula Oblast w/o
25-OCT-2012 Robinson 44 PR-MPL MPL Serviços Aéreos 0 Umburanas - Bahia w/o
25-NOV-2012 Robinson R44 II Raven N4204A Law Offices of James C Bechler PC 1 Corona Municipal Airport - KAJO, Corona, CA sub
05-DEC-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II C-FRSO Fossil Industries 1 12 kilometres southwest of Slave Lake, Alberta w/o
07-DEC-2012 Robinson R44 Raven II N557AC Pollux Aviation Ltd 0 Roosevelt Lake northeast of Phoenix, AZ sub
08-DEC-2012 Robinson R44 II RA-04189 Private 3 Solnechnogorsk Region, Moscow Oblast w/o
09-DEC-2012 Robinson R44 VH-WOH Jeffress Transport Pty Ltd 1 20 km south-west of Mudgee, NSW sub
10-JAN-2013 Robinson R44 Astro D-HIZZ Private 1 Autobahn A6, Schwäbisch Hall w/o
13-JAN-2013 Robinson R44 YR-PRX Piritex 0 nr Ploiesti sub
25-JAN-2013 Robinson R44 ZS-RYP Private 0 Grey Goose w/o
27-JAN-2013 Robinson R44 Raven II C-GOCM Gemini Helicopters Inc. 1 Fox Creek, approximately 40nm east of Grande Cache, AB w/o
02-FEB-2013 Robinson R44 Raven II ZP-HAH Private 3 Chaco, Presidente Hayes w/o
06-FEB-2013 Robinson R44 II Raven N276RC Crumpton Aviation LLC 0 Tulsa International Airport, OK sub
24-FEB-2013 Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HAD Volcanic Air Safaris Ltd. 0 Lake Rotorua min
02-MAR-2013 Robinson R44 EC-LIB 0 Clariana de Cardener (Lleida) sub
14-MAR-2013 Robinson R44 Raven II N392GP Global Positioning Services, Inc 0 A field near Eagles Nest, NM sub
17-MAR-2013 Robinson R44 C-GMTQ Quebec Helicopters Inc 0 Saint Jerome, Quebec, Canada unk
21-MAR-2013 Robinson R44 VH-HWQ Bankstown Helicopters 4 Panorama House, Bulli Tops, near Wollongong, NSW w/o
28-MAR-2013 Robinson R44 HI-865 Republic Airlines 0 Cevicos, Sánchez Ramírez w/o
03-APR-2013 Robinson R44 ZS-PZZ Private 1 Nylstroom, Limpopo, near the N1 highway w/o
03-APR-2013 Robinson R44 N3101H Bravo Helicopters LLC 2 2 mi E of Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport w/o
09-APR-2013 Robinson R44 ZK-HLY Duncan Storrier Holdings Ltd., Ashburton 0 PBI Industries in the Sockburn area, near the Christchurch Internation unk
12-APR-2013 Robinson R44 II Raven N442FG Oregon Roses Inc 0 Hogan's Corner Airport - 5WA8, Ocean Shores, WA sub
23-APR-2013 Robinson R44 II Raven ZS-HLS Bellrest 104 (PTY) Ltd 4 In the vicinity of Schoemanskloof outside Nelspruit w/o
23-APR-2013 Robinson R44 Clipper I OO-PIV Paramount Helicopters 0 Geel w/o
02-MAY-2013 Robinson R44 Raven II G-MRRY Mrry Flying Group 0 Denham Airfield, Buckinghamshire (EGLD) sub

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