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Last updated: 12 October 2019
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
11-JUL-1947 Republic RC-3 Seabee NC5636K private 2 Philadelphia, NY w/o
08-SEP-1947 Republic RC-3 Seabee LN-RAB Trøndelag Flyveselskap 0 Store Reinsjø, Selbu w/o
23-MAR-1948 Republic RC-3 Seabee LN-PAI Vestlandske Luftfartselskap 0 Høyanger, Sogn w/o
28-FEB-1949 Republic RC-3 Seabee LN-PAL Vestlandske Luftfartselskap 0 Stavanger/Sola w/o
07-MAR-1949 Republic RC-3 Seabee (4x) VT-... Hindustan Airways 0 Dum Dum airfield w/o
26-MAY-1951 Republic RC-3 Seabee LN-TAG Trønderfly AS 0 Skorstad, Namsenfjorden w/o
01-AUG-1951 Republic RC-3 Seabee LN-PAP Widerøe & Polarfly 0 1 km SW of Steinvik, Østerdalen w/o
07-OCT-1951 Republic RC-3 Seabee N.... private 2 4 mi E of Vancouver, WA w/o
11-JUL-1952 Republic RC-3 Seabee N.... mis
19-JUL-1952 Republic RC-3 Seabee N.... private 1 Deep River, ON w/o
23-AUG-1955 Republic RC-3 Seabee LN-TSN Vestlandske Luftfartselskap 1 Nordfjordeid w/o
22-JAN-1957 Republic RC-3 Seabee LN-PAM Vestlandske Luftfartselskap 2 Leirvik, Stord w/o
  -APR-1957 Republic RC-3 Seabee private 0 Vancouver Airport, BC sub
20-OCT-1957 Republic RC-3 Seabee CU-.... Thorwald Sanchez 0 near Santa Fe w/o
21-NOV-1957 Republic RC-3 SeaBee CF-HPK 4 Lac Simon, Quebec w/o
30-SEP-1958 Republic RC-3 Seabee OH-EGA Private 1 Imatra, Finland sub
18-JUL-1959 Republic RC-3 Seabee CF-... private 4 Pavilton, BC w/o
30-JUL-1959 Republic RC-3 Seabee SE-AXT Jämtlands Aero, G. Andersson 0 Skavbränna, 2 km NW, 61 km NNE Östersund (Jämtland) w/o
23-JUN-1961 Republic RC-3 Seabee SE-CHF private 0 Höör w/o
16-AUG-1961 Republic RC-3 Seabee CF-... private 2 50 mi N of Prince Rubert, BC w/o
15-JUN-1962 Republic RC-3 Seabee OH-SBC Levi Hellberg 0 near Hernösand w/o
11-AUG-1964 Republic RC-3 N6401K Private 0 Seattle WA w/o
15-AUG-1964 Republic RC-3 Seabee SE-CMM private 0 Stenungsund w/o
02-SEP-1964 Republic RC-3 N6356K Private 0 Eliott Key FL w/o
30-MAY-1965 Republic RC-3 N87522 Private 0 Gnadenhutten OH w/o
18-JUN-1965 Republic RC-3 Seabee SE-AXA Private 0 Stora Sjöfallet sub
27-MAR-1966 Republic RC-3 N335G Private 0 Fransvilla FL w/o
02-JUL-1966 Republic RC-3 N6339K Private 0 Walloon Lake MI w/o
09-JUL-1966 Republic RC-3 Seabee N6697K 2 Jonesboro, GA sub
02-JUL-1967 Republic RC-3 Seabee N6475K 5 Searsport,Me w/o
06-AUG-1967 Republic RC-3 Seabee OH-SBB 1 Puumala, Finland sub
21-SEP-1967 Republic RC-3 Seabee N6316K Empire Aviatio 1 Mcneil Lake sub
18-OCT-1967 Republic RC-3 Seabee N6569K P And M Flyin* 1 Ashland,Me w/o
16-JUN-1968 Republic RC-3 N6375K Homewood Ski A 0 Sacramento, CA w/o
21-JUL-1968 Republic RC-3 Seabee N1426V 1 Harris Lake w/o
17-OCT-1968 Republic RC-3 Seabee N6194K 2 Lake Erie, OH w/o
12-SEP-1971 Republic RC-3 Seabee D-ELPO w/o
08-NOV-1971 Republic RC-3 N87545 Private 0 Las Vegas, NV w/o
01-FEB-1972 Republic RC-3 N6111K Stol Acft Corp 0 Danbury, CT w/o
01-JUN-1972 Republic RC-3 Seabee N370 1 Cleveland, OH sub
16-NOV-1975 Republic RC-3 Seabee N87505 Aircraft Sales 1 Gastonia, NC w/o
25-SEP-1976 Republic RC-3 N6468K Private 0 Danville, Ky w/o
25-SEP-1977 Republic RC-3 Seabee N6734K 2 near No.Las Vegas, NV w/o
21-AUG-1981 Republic RC-3 Seabee N6421K 1 Greenfield,Me sub
07-AUG-1983 Republic RC-3 N22BH Private 0 Blakely Island, WA w/o
12-AUG-1984 Republic RC-3 N87459 private 0 Skwentna, AK w/o
09-MAR-1985 Republic RC-3 N6294K Stevens Vintage, Inc. 0 Lake Placid, FL w/o
16-JUN-1985 Republic RC-3 Seabee N6121K private 1 Eveleth, MN w/o
09-JUN-1995 Republic RC-3 N114N Davey, Darrell L. 0 Blakely Island, WA w/o
24-MAY-1996 Republic RC-3 Seabee N99FJ private 2 Ketchikan, AK w/o
23-AUG-1999 Republic RC-3 Seabee N6070K Private 2 Chimacum, WA w/o contains link to final investigation report
02-JUN-2006 Republic RC-3 Seabee C-FMMC Private 0 Cold Lake, Alberta sub
21-MAY-2008 Republic RC-3 Seabee 0 Burns Bog, Delta, BC unk
01-JUL-2009 Republic RC-3 Seabee N87487 Private 0 Burley, Idaho sub contains link to final investigation report
21-JAN-2011 Republic RC-3 Seabee N48VP Private 0 Shasta Lake, Redding, California sub contains link to final investigation report
21-JUL-2012 Republic RC-3 N87521 Private 0 South of Harvey Field Airport - S43, Snohomish, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
15-SEP-2012 Republic RC-3 N6072K Private 1 Weiss Lake, Cedar Bluff, AL sub contains link to final investigation report
25-JUL-2014 Republic RC-3 Seabee CF-CAD Private 0 SW of North Point Landing Airport (CYNL), Saskatchewan min
22-JUL-2016 Republic RC-3 Seabee N87570 Private 1 Polk County, SW Lake Alfred, FL sub contains link to final investigation report
29-AUG-2016 Republic RC-3 N6490K Private 0 Henry County east of Tightwad, MO sub
30-JUN-2018 Republic RC-3 Seabee SE-AXB Private 0 Lake Äcklingen, Åre w/o