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Last updated: 24 April 2016
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
20-SEP-1992 Van's RV-6 C-FSJA private 2 Puyallup, WA w/o
19-APR-1993 Van's RV-6 N316DD private 2 Kingston, TN sub
01-JUL-1993 Van's RV-6A N6LG private 1 Independence, OR w/o
27-AUG-1993 Van's RV-6 N220KM private 1 Grand Ridge, FL w/o
16-JUN-1994 Van's RV-6A N48TS Schell, Timothy N. 0 Crowheart, WY w/o
02-APR-1995 Van's RV-6A N35EM Mirsepasy, Emil A. 0 Renton, WA w/o
23-SEP-1995 Van's RV-6 N726WM private 1 Jacksonville, OR w/o
31-OCT-1995 Van's RV-6 N9234B Otto M. Bishoff 0 Monticello, NY w/o
14-JUN-1996 Van's RV-6 N43BL Robert E. Lapee 0 Inyokern, CA w/o
29-JUN-1996 Van's RV-6 N194JP private 2 Boulder, CO w/o
12-OCT-1996 Van's RV-6A N16DK private 2 Hurricane, UT w/o
22-DEC-1996 Van's RV-6A N961CP private 2 Julian, CA w/o
13-SEP-1997 Van's RV-6 Private 1 Brampton Airport, Caledon, near Brampton, Ontario, northwest of Toront w/o
21-NOV-1998 Van's RV-6 N956DB William G Knight 1 Edgewater, MD w/o
07-JUL-1999 Van's RV-6A N5987D private 1 Arlington, WA w/o
31-DEC-1999 Van's RV-6A ZU-BMU Unknown 0 Runway 19, Stellenbosch Airfield, Western Cape sub
27-MAR-2000 Van's RV-6 N986DB private 2 Taft, CA w/o
02-APR-2000 Van's RV-6T N96VA Van's Aircraft 2 Pettigrew, AR w/o
14-JUN-2000 Van's RV-6A N322KE private 2 Hammett, ID w/o
24-NOV-2000 Van's RV-6A ZK-VBC 1 53 km NE Oakey, Aero., QLD w/o
  -   -2000 Van's RV-6A Air Beetle NAF055 Nigerian Air Force w/o
18-FEB-2001 Van's RV-6A G-BZHM Grahan John Newby (reg owner) 0 Bagber Farm, Milborne St Andrew, Dorset w/o
28-APR-2001 Van's RV-6A N51DA private 1 BAKER, CA w/o
25-JUN-2001 Van's RV-6A N149 Charles H. Mottier 1 Hammond, LA w/o
07-JUL-2001 Van's RV-6A N246RV Gary C. Hanson 2 Jackpot, NV sub
12-JUL-2001 Van's RV-6 N6GY Gregory Young 0 Spring, TX w/o
31-AUG-2001 Van's RV-6 N910RS private 1 Grayslake, IL w/o
14-SEP-2001 Van's RV-6A Air Beetle NAF046 ? Nigerian Air Force 2 Zaria, Kaduna w/o
05-APR-2002 Van's RV-6A N3333S private 1 Lakeland, FL sub
25-MAY-2002 Van's RV-6 C-GGLE Private 0 Rossland, British Columbia w/o
18-AUG-2002 Van's RV-6A N747ES private 2 Tampa, FL w/o
06-OCT-2002 Van's RV-6A N609CG Charles T. Golden III 2 Tuskegee, AL w/o
24-JUN-2003 Van's RV-6A N199LH Laurence T. Hammond 1 La Junta, CO w/o
28-JUN-2003 Van's RV-6A N29PT private 2 Fort Collins, CO w/o
07-NOV-2003 Van's RV-6A N102RC Russ G. Cathaway 1 Saticoy, CA w/o
14-DEC-2003 Van's RV-6A N528DH Billy R. Gee 2 Carthage, TX w/o
29-APR-2004 Van's RV-6A N65RV Private 0 San Antonio, TX sub
07-MAY-2004 Branham Vans RV-6 N29KB Private 0 Paragonah, UT sub
09-JUN-2004 Van's RV-6 N621BP Harold William Bruce 1 Cloverdale, CA w/o
25-SEP-2004 Van's RV-6 C-GJAK Private 0 Wiarton, Ontario sub
14-OCT-2004 Van's RV-6A N85MM Mark S. Malone 1 Joliet, IL w/o
03-NOV-2004 Van's RV-6A N955DC private 1 Weirsdale, FL sub
05-MAR-2005 Van's RV-6A N664DS Mohammad S. Brimo 1 Yamhill, OR sub
22-APR-2005 Van's RV-6A N426BB Charles W. Bishop 0 Dulzura, CA w/o
15-JUN-2005 Van's RV-6A N330CJ Wesley J. Rash 0 Palouse, WA w/o
28-JUL-2005 Van's RV-6 C-GAPF private 1 St-Jean (CYJN), Quebec sub
20-AUG-2005 Van's RV-6 SP-KPC Karell Peeraer 2 Nadrybie Ukazowe k/ Łęcznej, Poland w/o
23-JAN-2006 Van's RV-6 N242EV private 1 Decatur, NE sub
30-APR-2006 Van's RV-6 N655VT Ronald R Russell 1 Death Valley, CA w/o
18-JUN-2006 Van's RV-6A N86CG private 1 Peru, IL w/o
24-JUL-2006 Van's RV-6 N112WA Thomas B. Coggin 1 Hartselle, AL sub
30-JUL-2006 Van's RV-6 1 Oshkosh (Whitman Regional) Airport, WI, sub
30-JUL-2006 Van's RV-6 C-FNQP Donald W Reed 1 Oshkosh, WI sub
27-AUG-2006 Van's RV-6A N312RV 2 Novato, CA sub
02-NOV-2006 Van's RV-6 N606RV Larry K. Olson 2 Rio Verde, AZ sub
02-DEC-2006 Van's RV-6A N914C Charles K. Holloway 2 North Bend, OR w/o
28-FEB-2007 Van's RV-6 N320TX Pierre M Hartman 1 Pine Springs, TX w/o
02-APR-2007 Van's RV-6 N606S private 1 Sinton, TX w/o
30-MAY-2007 Van's RV-6A N39AJ John H. Key 1 Boerne, TX w/o
25-JUN-2007 Van's RV-6A N94KA Herbert R. Berkman 2 Greeley, CO w/o
03-DEC-2007 Van's RV-6A N29RV 0 Stringer, MS sub
17-FEB-2008 Van's RV-6A N154RM private 2 Stanwood, WA w/o
07-APR-2008 Van's RV-6A N551MP MPB Aviation 1 French Lick, IN sub
01-JUN-2008 Van's RV-6 ZU-APF N.E. Drew 0 Alverstone Area, KZN w/o
02-JUL-2008 Van's RV-6 N27WR Tahoe Athletic Adventures 1 1.5 miles northwest of Sierraville Deerwater Airport, Sierraville, CA w/o
07-JUL-2008 Van's RV-6 N653DF private 0 Jerseyville Municipal Airport, Jerseyville, IL sub
11-AUG-2008 Van's RV-6A N22163 1 Muskogee, OK. w/o
28-AUG-2008 Van's RV-6 N190RV Thomas A Arnold (registered owner) Watkins, CO sub
30-AUG-2008 Van's RV-6A G-RVSA William Henry Knott (registered owner) 0 Fishburn/Morgansfield, Fishburn, County Durham sub
02-SEP-2008 Van's RV-6A N69RV private Toughkenamon, PA sub
07-NOV-2008 Van's RV-6 N8LK Siesta Aviation Inc 1 Martinsville, VA sub
18-MAR-2009 Van's RV-6 N6383W 1 field near Paulden, Arizona w/o
04-APR-2009 Van's RV-6A N88WG Private 1 Morris Industrial Park, Englewood, Florida w/o
21-MAY-2009 Van's RV-6A N39JT Private 2 Plainwell, Michigan w/o
28-MAY-2009 Van's RV-6A Air Beetle NAF054 Nigerian Air Force 2 Jaji w/o
23-JUN-2009 Van's RV-6A N413RV Private 2 Cottonwood, AZ w/o
01-AUG-2009 Van's RV-6 N69KG Private 1 Caldwell, Idaho w/o
23-AUG-2009 Van's RV-6 N352JB Private 2 Near St. Charles Airport (3SQ), Louisiana w/o
27-AUG-2009 Van's RV-6 N43521 Private 2 Near Orland Haigh Field Airport, California sub
03-OCT-2009 Van's RV-6A ZK-TRV Private 0 Raglan Aerodrome. sub
05-OCT-2009 Van's RV-6 (Case, Richard L.) N455RC Hetzel, Kenneth R. - Rgd owner 1 Magnolia, North Carolina w/o
28-NOV-2009 Van's RV-6 N694MP 0 43rd Avenue south of Pinnacle Peak Road, Glendale, AZ non
13-MAR-2010 Van's RV-6 N4VY William D. Leonard (rgd owner &pilot) 0 West San Marcos Boulevard near Viewpoint Drive, San Marcos, CA non
20-MAR-2010 Van's RV-6 N788LL Lee H. Sentman (rgd. owner & pilot) 1+2 Williston, Florida w/o
03-APR-2010 Van's RV-6A Michael Cupaiole 1 Lake Osborne near Lantana Airport, Lantana, Florida w/o
03-APR-2010 Van's RV-6A N84KM Private 1 Lake Osborne, FL w/o
04-APR-2010 Van's RV-6 N4024K Charles Lee Stutesman (rgd. owner & pilot) 1 Lake Balmorhea, 2 miles southeast of Balmorhea, TX w/o
17-MAY-2010 Van's RV-6A N1257E Donald A. Wunsch (rgd. owner & pilot) 0 In a farmfield near Sheboygan Falls, WI sub
20-MAY-2010 Van's RV-6A N578RJ Richard A. Wildman (rgd. owner) 0 Columbia Airport (KO22), CA sub
28-MAY-2010 Van's RV-6A N226MH Private 1 Near Granbury, near Pecan Planation Airport (0TX1), TX w/o
16-AUG-2010 Van's RV-6A N621AL Alan R. Clark 1 Nampa Municipal Airport (KMAN), Idaho w/o
21-AUG-2010 Van's RV-6 0 Ili River, north of Almaty unk
29-SEP-2010 Van's RV-6A OY-CMV 0 3 km E of Sindal sub
10-OCT-2010 Vans RV-6A SE-XZK Private 0 Skċ-Edeby Airport, Stockholm (ESSE) sub
17-DEC-2010 Van's RV-6 VH- Unknown YLTV - Latrobe Valley, Vic sub
11-MAR-2011 Van's RV-6 (Mfr: Radford, Joseph R.) N650RV Joseph R Radford (regd. Owner & pilot) 1 Grand Canyon National Park Airport - KGCN, Grand Canyon, AZ w/o
21-MAY-2011 Van's RV-6A N52VC Joseph R. Richards 0 Teton wilderness area southwest of Cody, Wyo. w/o
04-JUL-2011 Van's RV-6A G-RVGC Graham Chalmers Calder (rgd. owner) 1 Adur Recreation Ground. near Brighton Road, Shoreham, West Sussex w/o
10-JUL-2011 Van's RV-6 EI-EOC Private 0 Limetree Airfield, Co. Laois sub
13-AUG-2011 Van's RV-6 N16DD Richard P. Stevens (rgd. owner) 1 Lake Conroe, TX w/o

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