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Last updated: 20 October 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
06-JUN-2004 Van's RV-9A N369RV Private 0 Fort Scott, KS sub
17-JUN-2004 Van's RV-9A N93AZ Private 0 The Sea Ranch Airport, The Sea Ranch, California sub
10-JUL-2007 Van's RV-9A C-.... Private 1 Penticton, British Columbia sub
10-OCT-2007 Van's RV-9 HB-YML private 0 Kägiswil, near Sarnen w/o
21-FEB-2008 Van's RV-9A N159AS Private 0 Princeton Airport, NJ sub
23-AUG-2009 Van's RV-9 N362TS private 0 4mls W of Marianna, FL sub
27-NOV-2009 Van's RV-9A PU-PAL Private 0 Brasilia w/o
15-MAR-2010 Van's RV-9A N951DM Private 0 Magic Valley Regional Airport, ID sub
01-JUN-2010 Van's RV-9A N858JK Private 0 Near Hanover County Municipal Airport (KOFP), VA sub
23-JUL-2010 Van's RV-9A N70720 Private 1 Nr the intersection of Oregon 213 and S. Kirk Rd, S. of Oregon City OR sub
31-MAR-2011 Van's RV-9A N904KJ private 0 Lakeland-Linder Airport (KLAL), Florida sub
16-MAY-2011 Van's RV-9A PU-RVX private 0 Brasilia (APUB), DF min
20-MAR-2012 Van's RV-9A N629BJ Private 0 Sinton Road near Santa Maria Public Airport - KSMX, CA sub
02-NOV-2012 Van's RV-9 PU-IRB Private 1 Aeroclube de Pernambuco (Recife, Pernambuco) sub
26-DEC-2012 Van's RV-9A N281MC Private 0 Malcolm Mc Kinnon Airport - KSSI, Brunswick, GA sub
17-APR-2013 Van’s RV-9A N439RP Private 0 Rowan County Airport - KRUQ, Salisbury, NC sub
19-APR-2013 Van's RV-9A PU-FAB Yasuda Maritima Seguros 2 Cosmopolis - São Paulo w/o
06-AUG-2013 Van's RV-9A G-CDCD Stephen David Arnold, Trustee of RV9ers Group 0 Loxley, 1 mile SW of Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield, Warwickshire min
22-FEB-2014 Van's RV-9A N7872 Private 1 West of Tribune Municipal Airport (5K2), Tribune, KS sub
23-FEB-2014 Van's RV-9A N19VC Private 0 South Mt. Plymouth, FL sub
09-MAR-2014 Van's RV-9A N125TK Private 0 NW of Live Oak, FL sub
06-JUN-2014 Van's RV-9A C-GYOO Private 0 Peterborough Airport (CGYQ), Peterborough, ON sub
30-JUL-2014 Van's RV-9A N82PR Private 0 Gallinger Airport (51WI), north Oshkosh, WI sub
27-SEP-2014 Van's RV-9A N809RD Private 1 Lake Water Wheel Airport (XS99), Shepherd, TX sub
11-JAN-2015 Van\'s RV-9A N8080S Private 1 Prineville Airport (S39), Prineville, OR w/o
28-JAN-2015 Van's RV-9A N708JE Private 1 Lake Texoma near Alberta Creek Marina, Kingston, OK sub
19-JUL-2015 Van's RV-9A N142DD private 0 Kings Land O' Lakes Airport (KLNL),Land O' Lakes, WI sub
20-SEP-2015 Van's RV-9A PU-RVZ Private 2 Pirenópolis, Goiás w/o
02-JAN-2016 Van's RV-9A ZU-FSA Private 0 Zebula Airstrip sub
23-JUN-2016 Van's RV-9 N39CW Private 0 Flaglor Airport (8TN4), Mosheim, TN sub
22-JUL-2016 Van\'s RV-9A N807LK Private 2 E of Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport, OH w/o
23-AUG-2016 Van's RV-9A G-RPRV Toby Alexander Willcox (owner) 0 Nympsfield Airfield, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire sub
24-AUG-2016 Van's RV-9A N379RV Saflight LLC 1 Hamilton County, NNW of Lorida, FL w/o
04-SEP-2016 Van's RV-9A VH-KLV Private 0 W of Mount Barker, Shire of Plantagenet, WA w/o
19-FEB-2017 Van's RV-9A N321RC Private 0 Alton Bay Seaplane Base (B18), Alton Bay, NH unk
25-APR-2017 Van's RV-9A VH-ZRX Private 0 Gatton Airpark Airport (YGAS), Gatton, QLD sub