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Last updated: 20 October 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
23-JUL-2011 Cirrus SR22 N122HB N122HB LLC 2 Near Palm Bay, Florida sub
08-SEP-2011 Cirrus SR22 G2 N159JW Windsor Ltd Llc 1 West Liberty, Logan County, OH sub
16-OCT-2011 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 Turbo N438CP Cirrwood LLC 1 Near Wooster Heights Road and Dartmouth Lane, Danbury, CT sub
23-OCT-2011 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 N639PM Private 0 Split Airport - LDSP sub
24-OCT-2011 Cirrus SR22T N227TX Cam & Muz Industries LLC 1 In a field near Hebron High School, Carrollton, TX sub
13-NOV-2011 Cirrus SR22 GTS X G3 Turbo N661FT Mann Aviation LLC 2 Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, west of Boynton Beach, FL sub
13-NOV-2011 Cirrus SR22 SP-IKP Private 4 Żyglin near Tarnowskie Góry w/o
14-NOV-2011 Cirrus SR22 GTS N956CD Aircraft Gaurantee Corp Trustee 2 Gleisweiler (südlichen Weinstraße) sub
15-DEC-2011 Cirrus SR22 N788SR Private 0 Farmville Regional Airport - KFVX, Farmville, VA sub
15-DEC-2011 Cirrus SR22 G2 N7850P Private 1 Near Scottsdale Airport (KSDL), Scottsdale, AZ sub
07-JAN-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS N723EA M & W Aviation LLC 0 Off the coast of Andros, Bahamas sub
15-JAN-2012 Cirrus SR 22 G 2 Private 0 Brilon/Thülen sub
19-FEB-2012 Cirrus SR22 G2 N933CD Reliant Equipment Leasing LLC 0 Midland Airpark - KMDD, TX min
29-FEB-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 N544SR Private 3 Melbourne International Airport - KMLB, Melbourne, FL sub
01-MAR-2012 Cirrus SR22 N257SR Registration Pending 0 6 miles west of West Houston Airport - KIWS, Houston, TX non
09-MAR-2012 Cirrus SR22 N444VR N444VR LLC 0 Near mile marker 119 on highway U.S.1, S of Florida City, FL sub
23-MAR-2012 Cirrus SR22T N229TX Planesmart! Aviation LLC 0 Addison Airport - KADS, Dallas, TX sub
21-APR-2012 Cirrus SR22 N110EB Photopherisis Inc. 1 Indian Rd, nr Stocker Ridge Rd, Oxford Township, Newcomerstown, OH sub
27-APR-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS X G3 Turbo N154CK Bill Air LLC 1 Anderson Regional Airport - KAND, SC w/o
07-JUL-2012 Cirrus SR22 N922KA Private 0 Sugar Land Regional Airport - KSGR, Houston, TX sub
14-JUL-2012 Cirrus SR22 N86AA Springhill Aviation LLC 2 Sevier County, near Salina, UT sub
22-JUL-2012 Cirrus SR-22 N138CK Rgd. CAIR LLC 0 Breazeale Road near Pickens County Airport - KLQK, Pickens, SC sub
29-JUL-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS N462CP RTJ Aircraft Inc 0 Gaston's Resort, White River near Lakeview, Baxter County, Arkansas sub
12-AUG-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 TC-SAS Private 2 off Tekirdağ, Marmara Sea w/o
01-SEP-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS X G3 N221DV Bobo Aviation LLC 1 Air Park Drive at Falmouth Airpark - 5B6, Falmouth, MA w/o
15-SEP-2012 Cirrus SR22 N436KS Private 5 6 miles North of Willard, Missouri sub
26-SEP-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS S5-DIW Private 0 Wien-Schwechat International Airport - LOWW sub
03-OCT-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 Turbo N308PJ Gandy Air LLC 2 A mile southeast of the Gary Chicago Int. Airport - GYY/KGYY, IN. sub
06-OCT-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS N80KW Two Flyers LLC 0 Near Birmingham International Aiport - KBHM, AL sub
16-NOV-2012 Cirrus SR22 G2 N800RW Durango Development Inc. 0 Sitgreaves National Forest, NE of Pinetop, AZ sub
21-NOV-2012 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 Turbo VH-WYH Private 0 10km south of Gilgandra, NSW sub
24-JAN-2013 Cirrus SR22 N434MM Registration Pending 0 Between Oakfield & Sylvester, GA unk
01-FEB-2013 Cirrus SR22 N247RB Private 0 Easterwood Field Airport - KCLL, College Station, TX sub
27-FEB-2013 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 PR-SLS Private 1 Tiros, MG w/o
27-MAR-2013 Cirrus SR22 B-9592 Zhuhai Hanxing General Aviation Company 0 1.8km off the coast of Zhuhai, Guangdong w/o
29-MAR-2013 Cirrus SR22T GTS N1967N MWBS Holdings LLC 0 Lake Latoka, west of Alexandria, MN sub
01-APR-2013 Cirrus SR22 N960CM Registration Pending 0 15 miles NE of Stuttgart, in Casscoe, AR min
11-MAY-2013 Cirrus SR22 G3 F-HTAV Private 1 Aix-les-Milles Airport - LFMA, Les Milles w/o
16-MAY-2013 Cirrus SR22 N715CD Jeremiah 2911 Inc 0 East of Addison, TX non
05-JUN-2013 Cirrus SR22T GTS LN-RVL Vikna Aviation AS 0 Groningen Airport Eelde min
06-JUN-2013 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 N936CT Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee (regd owne 0 Langdale Road, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire sub
11-JUN-2013 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 N377BB Registration Pending 0 Truckee-Tahoe Airport - KTRK, Truckee, CA sub
25-JUN-2013 Cirrus SR22 G2 N33PV Derr Liquors Inc. 0 Near Kentmorr Airpark (3W3), Stevensville, MD sub
27-JUN-2013 Cirrus SR22 G2 GTS VH-CKS Creative System Professionals Pty Ltd 1 Boxwood, north of Benalla, Victoria w/o
05-JUL-2013 Cirrus SR22T N610BG Cirrus Design Corp. 0 On sea surface off Puerto Bolívar sub
05-JUL-2013 Cirrus SR22 GTS Turbo HK-4752 Private 0 Near Puerto Bolivár min
10-JUL-2013 Cirrus SR22 N56FT Cirrus Uno LLC 0 George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport (KIAH), Houston, TX sub
20-JUL-2013 Cirrus SR22 GTS N223SS Appendix R Solutions Inc 0 Near Rollins Lane, Tappahannock, VA sub
21-JUL-2013 Cirrus SR22/GTS N147KA 147 Aviation Inc Trustee 1 English Channel, 25 nm S of Beachy Head, East Sussex w/o
03-AUG-2013 Cirrus SR22 N225CD 225CD LLC 2 Near Spirit of St Louis Airport (KSUS), St Louis, MO w/o
18-AUG-2013 Cirrus SR22T N21HE Honey Badger Aviation LLC 0 Field near Texarkana, AR sub
23-SEP-2013 Cirrus SR22 N426TF Trans Med LLC 0 Mack Mesa Airport (C07), Mack, CO sub
10-NOV-2013 Cirrus SR22 G2 N432BC First Class Flyers LLC 4 North of Grand Bahama Int'l Airport - MYGF, Freeport, Grand Bahama w/o
14-NOV-2013 Cirrus SR22 PR-LVB Private 0 Guaramirim, SC sub
04-JAN-2014 Cirrus SR22 N450TX Private 0 East of Upshur County Regional Airport (W22), Buckhannon, WV sub
06-JAN-2014 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 F-HAPH CM-CIC Bail S.A. 0 Near Le Pin, Seine-et-Marne, Île-de-France sub
09-JAN-2014 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 Turbo N903SR Nylund Imports Inc 0 Fort Hall Reservation, SW of Fort Hall, ID sub
14-FEB-2014 Cirrus SR22 N18DN ZBA LLC 0 Near Gunnison, CO min
19-FEB-2014 Cirrus SR 22 PR-JHR JOAO ALBERTO PIEDADE PUCCI 1 Between Novo Progresso - Pará State and Rondonópolis - Mato Grosso S mis
10-MAR-2014 Cirrus SR22 N883JP Private 0 Alton Bay Seaplane Base (B18), Alton Bay, NH unk
30-MAR-2014 Cirrus SR22 VH-SRI Private 0 Great Lakes Airport (YGRL), Lakes Entrance, VIC sub
10-MAY-2014 Cirrus SR22 N802DK Cirrus Design Corps 0 Near Wallis Street, Lawson, Blue Mountains, NSW sub
11-JUN-2014 Cirrus SR22 N813JE Bee Flyers LLC 0 NE of Laurence G Hanscom Field Airport (KBED), Bedford, MA min
24-JUL-2014 Cirrus SR22 N8159Z Brace Yourself Orthodontics Inc 0 Near Deerfield Resort Airport (TN44), Lafollette, Tennessee sub
29-AUG-2014 Cirrus SR22 GTS N224BR Bobnruth Services LLC 0 Granby-Grand County Airport (KGNB), Granby, CO sub
30-AUG-2014 Cirrus SR-22T N930RH Private 1 Atlantic Ocean, SE of Chincoteague Island, Virginia sub
17-SEP-2014 Cirrus SR22 N6081K Ahrenholtz Aviation LLC 0 Longville Municipal Airport (KXVG), Longville, MN w/o
25-SEP-2014 Cirrus SR22 N73TW Private 0 Elko Regional Airport (KEKO), Elko, Nevada sub
22-OCT-2014 Cirrus SR22 N242MB L H W M Inc 0 Near Lexington, NC min
23-OCT-2014 Cirrus SR22 N122ES Greaves Auto & Appliance Inc 0+3 Near Frederick Municipal Airport (KFDK), Frederick, MD sub
06-NOV-2014 Cirrus SR22 N811CD Private 3 Near Grover Hill, Paulding County, OH w/o
28-NOV-2014 Cirrus SR22T N227RR Header Bug LLC 0 Hampton-Varnville Airport (3J0), Hampton, South Carolina sub
09-JAN-2015 Cirrus SR22 N383GM Private 1 Eardley Spit, Great Salt Lake, UT sub
25-JAN-2015 Cirrus SR22 N7YT The Flight Academy 0 Ditched in the Pacific Ocean 230 miles northeast of Maui, Hawaii sub
19-FEB-2015 Cirrus SR22 G2 N358CD Optimal Aircraft Management LLC 0 Blue Grass Airport (KLEX), Lexington, KY sub
28-FEB-2015 Cirrus SR22 GTS S5-DJW private 0 In a grass field near the east highway of Ljubljana. sub
09-MAR-2015 Cirrus SR22 N949WB Private 0 Hurricane Municipal Airport (1L8), Hurricane, UT sub
19-APR-2015 Cirrus SR22 N88AX ALPHA X-RAY LLC 0 Pine Shadows Airpark (94FL), Fort Myers, FL sub
26-APR-2015 Cirrus SR22 8** Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) 2 w/o
14-MAY-2015 Cirrus SR22 N741CD N741CD LLC 0 Dekalb-Peachtree Airport (KPDK), Atlanta, Georgia sub
07-JUL-2015 Cirrus SR22 N422PB AIRCCS LLC 0 Near George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport (KIAH), Houston, TX sub
27-AUG-2015 Cirrus SR22 N1116C Hard Times Llc 1 Shelby County Airport (KEET), Alabaster, AL sub
30-AUG-2015 Cirrus SR22 N765CD Private 2 West of Kewanee Municipal Airport (KEZI), Kewanee, IL sub
11-SEP-2015 Cirrus SR22 N6015K private 0 Siegerland Airport (EDGS) w/o
17-SEP-2015 Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 VH-OPX Arcav Air Pty Limited 0 North of Moree, NSW sub
16-OCT-2015 Cirrus SR22 N849CD Private 0 Near Lancaster Regional Airport (KLNC), Lancaster, TX w/o
03-NOV-2015 Cirrus SR22 N857SW WG Aviation LLC 0 Fayetteville, AR sub
09-NOV-2015 Cirrus SR22 N752C Private 2 Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, CO w/o
13-NOV-2015 Cirrus SR22 N334CM Ran Air LLC 0 Near Ashe County Airport (KGEV), Jefferson, NC sub
27-NOV-2015 Cirrus SR22 GTSx Turbo CC-ADS Rotorcraft Air Services Ltd 0 NE of Santa Barbara, Duqueco, Bio-Bio sub
27-DEC-2015 Cirrus SR22 N5PF Private 0 SE Watertown, SW of Ixonia, WI sub
29-DEC-2015 Cirrus SR22 N133DD Marshall Aviation LLC 0 Near City of Coalgate Airport (80F), Colgate, OK unk
08-JAN-2016 Cirrus SR22 C-GXXJ Decora Design & Facility Management Ltd 0 Rowan County near Concord, NC sub
26-JAN-2016 Cirrus SR22T N1703 Weaver Aircraft LLC 1 Greene County Regional Airport (I19), Dayton, OH sub
02-FEB-2016 Cirrus SR22 GTS TC N860PC Private 0 Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport (AMS/EHAM) w/o
23-FEB-2016 Cirrus SR22 N256CD Private 0 Near Palatka Municipal Airport (28J), Palatka, FL sub
29-FEB-2016 Cirrus SR22 N2711M Private 0 Between Acoma and Laguna Pueblo, NM sub
03-MAR-2016 Cirrus SR22 G2 PR-GDV Private 0 Americana, SP (SDAI) unk
05-MAR-2016 Cirrus SR22 N295AR Advance Wellness 0 SW Hauppauge, Long Island, NY sub
21-MAR-2016 Cirrus SR22T JA01YK private 0 Kagoshima Airport (KOJ/RJFK) sub

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