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Last updated: 24 November 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
12-FEB-1956 Westland Whirlwind HAS7 (S-55) F-SFMX ALAT (French Army Light Aviation) 1 Lavigerie (Cantal) w/o
28-JAN-1956 Douglas C-47-DL (DC-3) F-BCYK Air France 3 2 km S of Lyon-Bron Airport (LYN) w/o
24-JAN-1956 Douglas C-47A-15-DL (DC-3) F-BAXT Air France 0 Nantes-Chateau Bougon Airport w/o
17-JAN-1956 Dassault MD 450 Ouragan Armée de l'Air 1 near Saint-Seine L'Albaye w/o
03-DEC-1955 Bristol 170 Freighter 31M 9696 RCAF 7 ca 8 km from Marville RCAF Station dst
23-NOV-1955 airplane United States Navy (USN) 0+6 off Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes) w/o
16-OCT-1955 de Havilland Vampire Armée de l'Air 1 BA Creil w/o
01-OCT-1955 Republic F-84G Thunderjet MM52-8427 Aeronautica Militare Italiana (AMI) 0 BA Chaumont-Semourtiers w/o
21-SEP-1955 Douglas C-47A-50-DL (DC-3) F-BCYU Air France 0 Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (BOD) w/o
16-SEP-1955 airplane Aéronavale 4+3 10 km S of Zicavo, Korsika w/o
16-SEP-1955 airplane Aéronavale 3+4 10 km S of Zicavo, Korsika w/o
25-AUG-1955 North American F-86F-35 Sabre 52-5248 USAF 0 3M of Appleville w/o
22-JUL-1955 Canadair Sabre (F-86) Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) 1+1 Falquemont w/o
11-JUL-1955 Canadair Sabre II (F-86E) 19289 Türk Hava Kuvvetleri near Chaumont w/o
11-JUL-1955 Canadair Sabre II (F-86E) 19420 Türk Hava Kuvvetleri 1 near Dijon w/o
08-JUL-1955 North American F-86F Sabre 53-1088 United States Air Force (USAF) 1 4 mi NW of Creneviers w/o
27-APR-1955 Westland Whirlwind 1 (S-55) F-SEBI/017 ALAT (French Army Light Aviation) 2 near Giry (Niévre) w/o
26-APR-1955 Vickers Varsity T.1 WF426 RAF 1+4 Onnaing w/o
18-APR-1955 Fairchild C-119C Flying Boxcar 51-2648 USAF 0 Ghisonaccia Field, Corsica w/o
18-APR-1955 Fairchild C-119C Flying Boxcar 51-2645 USAF 0 15 km SE of Moulins w/o
21-MAR-1955 airplane Armée de'l Air (French Air Force) 7 near Cognac w/o
18-MAR-1955 Douglas C-47A-85-DL (DC-3) F-BAXL Air France 9 Beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA) w/o
17-MAR-1955 Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BBOF French Police Gonesse w/o
15-MAR-1955 Cessna 170 HB-CAW Avia-Club Genève 0 Vougy (130°/12 nm SE LFLI Annemasse AD) w/o
26-DEC-1954 glider F-.... 1 near Marseille w/o
25-NOV-1954 Nord 2501 Noratlas 3/F-SDDX French AF 2 near Eschau w/o
17-NOV-1954 North American F-86F Sabre 52-4831 United States Air Force (USAF) 1 N of Toul Rosieres AB w/o
17-NOV-1954 North American F-86F Sabre 52-4899 United States Air Force (USAF) 0+1 5 mi N of Toul Rosieres AB w/o
17-NOV-1954 North American F-86F Sabre 52-4817 United States Air Force (USAF) 0 18 mi NW of Toul Rosieres AB w/o
27-OCT-1954 Republic F-84G Thunderjet FZ-168 Belgische Luchtmacht 1 near Longwy w/o
22-OCT-1954 de Havilland DH.100 Vampire FB.Mk.9 WG923 213 (Ceylon) Sqn RAF 0 Marignane w/o
20-AUG-1954 Gloster Meteor T7 ED-36 Belgische Luchtmacht 2 Hondschoote - Killem w/o
09-JUL-1954 Miles M.11A Whitney Straight F-APPZ private 1 Saint Didier w/o
02-JUL-1954 Piper J-3 Cub private 2 near Moutiers (Savoie) w/o
28-JUN-1954 Gloster Meteor F8 EG-31 Belgische Luchtmacht Lens w/o
24-JUN-1954 Republic F-84G Thunderjet Armée de l'Air 0 Sermaize-les-Bains w/o
06-JUN-1954 airplane F-.... private 2 Margny-lès-Compiègne w/o
03-JUN-1954 helicopter United States Army Aviation 4 near Bordeaux w/o
13-MAY-1954 airplane Armée de l'Air 9+1 L'Isle-Adam (Val-d'Oise) w/o
03-APR-1954 Dassault Mystère IVB 01 Dassault Aviation 1 Melun-Villaroche w/o
01-APR-1954 Dassault MD.312 Flamant 193 Armée de l'Air w/o
25-MAR-1954 helicopter Armée de l'Air 0+1 Toulon unk
04-MAR-1954 Douglas C-47A-45-DL (DC-3) 42-24096 USAF 20 near Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée dst
02-MAR-1954 Canadair Sabre F4 (F-86E) XB825 422 Sqn RCAF (on loan) 0 Assevent, Nord Department w/o
02-MAR-1954 Canadair Sabre F4 (F-86E) XB763 422 Sqn RCAF (on loan) 0 Aniche, Nord department, Nord-Pas-de-Calais w/o
02-MAR-1954 Piasecki HUP-2 (H-25) 79 / 23S-5 Aéronavale (French Naval Aviation) 0 w/o
26-JAN-1954 Dassault MD.312M Flamant 299 Aéronavale 6 N of Sainte-Maxime (Var) w/o
17-JAN-1954 glider F-.... 1 Saint-Rémy w/o
29-DEC-1953 Nord 2501 Noratlas 2/F-SDAC French AF 10 Pic de Costabonne, Pyrénées Mountains w/o
27-NOV-1953 Fairchild C-119C-26-FA Flying Boxcar 51-2621 USAF 6 4 km NE of Paris-Orly Airport (ORY) dst
12-OCT-1953 Auster J/1 Autocrat G-AJUR Feltrex Ltd 0 Toussus-le-Noble (LFPN) w/o
26-SEP-1953 Douglas C-47A-40-DL (DC-3) 42-24067 USAF 4 18 km SSW of Prades w/o
01-SEP-1953 SNCASO SO.9000 Trident I F-ZWSG SNCASO Melun-Villaroche AB w/o
01-SEP-1953 Lockheed L-749A Constellation F-BAZZ Air France 42 Mont Le Cimet dst
24-AUG-1953 Republic F-84G Thunderjet FZ-74 Belgische Luchtmacht 23.SQN 1 near Mennevret w/o
24-AUG-1953 Republic F-84G Thunderjet FZ-54 Belgische Luchtmacht 27.SQN 1+1 near Mennevret w/o
16-AUG-1953 Gloster Meteor F.8 WA868 Royal Air Force (RAF) 1+1 30 mi N of Barfleur, Manche w/o
16-AUG-1953 Gloster Meteor F.8 WA856 Royal Air Force (RAF) 1+1 30 mi N of Barfleur, Manche w/o
12-AUG-1953 Vickers 610 Viking 1B G-AIVG BEA 0 Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LBG) w/o
25-JUL-1953 Republic F-84G Thunderjet FZ-80 Belgische Luchtmacht 27.SQN 0 near Mourmelons-le-Grand w/o
23-JUL-1953 Republic F-84G Thunderjet MM51-10144 Aeronautica Militare Italiana (AMI) 1+1 Combessiat (Ain) w/o
14-APR-1953 airplane (2x) Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) 2+1 near Paris w/o
07-APR-1953 SNCASO SO.30P Bretagne F-BEHA Air Maroc Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LBG) w/o
03-MAR-1953 airplane Aéronavale 1 Marseille w/o
13-FEB-1953 Beechcraft UC-45F Expeditor 295 Armée de l'Air 6 Chevry-Cossigny (Seine-et-Marne) w/o
07-FEB-1953 Douglas C-54A-5-DC (DC-4) F-BFGR UAT 9 5,5 km NE of Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (BOD) w/o contains link to final investigation report
04-FEB-1953 Douglas VC-47A (DC-3) 42-93722 USAF Paris-Orly Airport (ORY) w/o
19-JAN-1953 North American T-6F Texan 44-81773 United States Air Force (USAF) 2.5mi E of Rouves-les-Vigne, France w/o
16-JAN-1953 Fairchild C-82A Packet 45-57772 USAF 0 48 km SW of Chaumont w/o
24-DEC-1952 airplane Royal Air Force (RAF) 0 near Pontoise w/o
23-OCT-1952 SNCASE SE.161 Languedoc 86 / F-RAPC French Navy 11 near Bonneuil-sur-Marne w/o
15-OCT-1952 Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra F-BDRV SATEPA Perpignan Airport (PGF) w/o
20-SEP-1952 Douglas VC-47A (DC-3) 42-23967 USAF 3 1 km from Paris-Orly Airport (ORY) w/o
09-SEP-1952 airplane Aéronavale 1 Toulon w/o
28-AUG-1952 Douglas C-47A-80-DL (DC-3) 43-15045 USAF 0 0,8 km SE of Loisy w/o
23-JUL-1952 Handley Page HP.81 Hermes IVA G-ALDB Airwork 0 Pithiviers Airport w/o
06-JUL-1952 Nord 2501 Noratlas F-WFUN Nord Aviation 6 Lyon-Bron Airport (LYN) w/o
04-JUN-1952 Gloster Meteor F.Mk 8 WH399 500 (County of Kent) Sqn RAF 0 Y.17 Istres/Le Tubé Air Base, Nice w/o
07-APR-1952 SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BATB Air France 0 Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LBG) w/o
04-APR-1952 Fouga CM.71 Fouga 2 Aires-sur-Audour w/o
02-APR-1952 Douglas C-47A-5-DK (DC-3) LN-NAE Fred Olsen Flyveselskap 0 3 km N of Mimizan w/o
10-MAR-1952 Douglas C-47A-65-DL (DC-3) 42-100502 USAF 0,8 km SE off La Ciotat w/o
03-MAR-1952 SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BCUM Air France 38 ca 1 km N of Nice-le Var Airport (NCE) w/o
21-FEB-1952 Arsenal VG-90 Arsenal w/o
20-FEB-1952 Gloster Meteor F8 EG-1 Belgische Luchtmacht 1 Bruyelle / Antoing w/o
08-FEB-1952 Vickers Wellington Mk X RP383 1 ANS, RAF 7 Le Vigan, Gard, Massif Central, Arre Valley w/o
08-FEB-1952 Gloster Meteor F8 EG-26 Belgische Luchtmacht 1 Beuvry-les-Orchiez w/o
08-FEB-1952 Gloster Meteor F8 EG-32 Belgische Luchtmacht 1 Beuvry-les-Orchiez w/o
07-DEC-1951 Supermarine Spitfire F.Mk 22 PK344 1 OFU RAF Auvilliers, Loiret w/o
06-DEC-1951 Douglas C-47A-65-DL (DC-3) 42-100488 USAF 10 32 km E of Marseille w/o
29-NOV-1951 Republic F-84E Thunderjet FS-08 Belgische Luchtmacht 1.SQN 1 near Mesnil w/o
13-NOV-1951 Fairchild C-82A-FA Packet 45-57801 USAF 36 32 km SW of Clermont-Ferrand dst
30-OCT-1951 SNCASO SO.30P Bretagne F-OAIY Air Algérie 0 Paris-Orly Airport (ORY) w/o
05-OCT-1951 Piper private 0 Mont Blanc unk
02-OCT-1951 Miles M.57 Aerovan 4 F-BENO Compagnie Générale de la Télégraphie Sans Fil (CSF) w/o
29-SEP-1951 Boeing B-29A-70-BN Washington B.1 WF555 57 Sqn, Royal Air Force (RAF) 0 Near Amiens, Somme department, Picardy, Hauts-de-France. w/o
11-AUG-1951 Douglas DC-3D F-BAXB Air France 5 Moisville dst
01-JUL-1951 airplane Aeroclub de Villefrance 3 near Villefrance w/o
29-JUN-1951 Dassault MD.312 Flamant 137 Armée de l'Air w/o
08-MAY-1951 Cessna 170 HB-CAR Private 1 Ligny-en-Barrois (152°/12 nm LFEU Bar-le-Duc airfield), Meuse w/o