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Last updated: 30 January 2015
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4611 occurrences in the ASN safety database,
showing occurrence 2301 - 2400

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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
30-MAY-1976 ZK-HFO Waimana
30-MAY-1976 ZK-GHV Taieri
25-MAY-1976 Piper PA-28-180F ZK-DEI Taieri Aerodrome unk
23-MAY-1976 ZK-BRO Taieri
23-MAY-1976 ZK-GEB Kawerau
19-MAY-1976 ZK-HEW Makarora
15-MAY-1976 NZ Aerospace Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-DMT Te Akau unk
15-MAY-1976 ZK-HHD 0 Kaikohe
12-MAY-1976 ZK-CQV Waitomo
12-MAY-1976 ZK-DHT Awakino
07-MAY-1976 ZK-HHF Kaipo Valley
27-APR-1976 ZK-DEI Taieri Aerodrome
23-APR-1976 Morane-Saulnier MS.880B ZK-CKL C F & V M MacKenzie 0 Mouth of the Hurunui River, off Canterbury, South Island w/o
23-APR-1976 ZK-CKL Hurunui River
19-APR-1976 AESL Airtourer 115 ZK-CXQ. Paraparaumu. sub
15-APR-1976 ZK-DJY Mataikowa
08-APR-1976 ZK-DQC St Bathans
07-APR-1976 ZK-BJT Taieri Aerodrome
06-APR-1976 ZK-CGI Balclutha
03-APR-1976 ZK-GBE Tauranga
26-MAR-1976 Hiller UH-12E ZK-HHO Pohangina
25-MAR-1976 ZK-DOE Titoki
20-MAR-1976 ZK-CSK Colyton
20-MAR-1976 ZK-EDQ Hope
18-MAR-1976 de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth ZK-ARX M. McLeay, D. Grave, and P. McKean (regd. owners) 0 near Tapanui w/o
15-MAR-1976 Hiller UH-12E ZK-HCC Outram Glen
14-MAR-1976 ZK-BKN Taieri Aerodrome
14-MAR-1976 Cessna A150L ZK-DJW Paraparaumu
14-MAR-1976 Standard Cirrus. ZK-GHD Paraparaumu
14-MAR-1976 ZK-GBW near Nelson
12-MAR-1976 ZK-CQN near Mangakino
10-MAR-1976 Fletcher FU24 ZK-BHY near Te Kaha sub
04-MAR-1976 ZK-CSB near Marton
03-MAR-1976 ZK-CQV Awakino
25-FEB-1976 ZK-DDP Ardmore Aerodrome
24-FEB-1976 ZK-CKP Franz Josef Neve
24-FEB-1976 ZK-CBS Tasman Glacier
22-FEB-1976 ZK-DEC Waiheke Island
18-FEB-1976 Hiller UH-12E ZK-HIJ Wainuiomata
18-FEB-1976 ZK-GGZ Tikokino
18-FEB-1976 ZK-CVA Matahiwi
15-FEB-1976 ZK-DKQ Fosbender Park
11-FEB-1976 ZK-CRE Ngatapa
10-FEB-1976 ZK-DSK Taharoa Airstrip
09-FEB-1976 ZK-CEI Paturau
06-FEB-1976 ZK-EDH Palmerston North
01-FEB-1976 ZK-GFJ Aniseed Valley
01-FEB-1976 ZK-CJG Nelson Airport
30-JAN-1976 ZK-BUF Ward
25-JAN-1976 LET L-13 Blaník ZK-GHT Paraparaumu
24-JAN-1976 ZK-CFV near Hamilton Airport
23-JAN-1976 ZK-DEC Dargaville
22-JAN-1976 ZK-DUA Taupo Airfield
21-JAN-1976 ZK-EER Pukekohe Airstrip
21-JAN-1976 Air Parts (NZ) Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-DEQ 0 Palmerston North unk
20-JAN-1976 Piper PA-34-200 ZK-DCH New Zealand Ministry of Transport 0 Matamata Aerodrome, Waharoa w/o
20-JAN-1976 AESL Airtourer 150 ZK-DAC Matamata Aerodrome, Waharoa
20-JAN-1976 ZK-BMP Lilburn Valley
14-JAN-1976 ZK-HCH Taharoa
11-JAN-1976 Glasflügel H-205 Club Libelle ZK-GIP 0 Five Rivers sub
11-JAN-1976 Bolkow Phoebus C ZK-GGA Hauraki Aero Club Thames Airfield
11-JAN-1976 Cessna 172M ZK-DTB near Wanaka
07-JAN-1976 ZK-DDD Whenuapai
06-JAN-1976 ZK-DFQ Jacobs River
04-JAN-1976 ZK-HCM Rotorua
04-JAN-1976 ZK-BUC Elstow Airfield
04-JAN-1976 ZK-DLG Ardmore Aerodrome
04-JAN-1976 ZK-CGH Bridge Pa
03-JAN-1976 ZK-DGQ Bridge Pa
03-JAN-1976 ZK-HHN Mahitahi River
03-JAN-1976 ZK-BYV Thames Airfield
01-JAN-1976 ZK-GCY Five Rivers
30-DEC-1975 ZK-HHS Pyke Valley
30-DEC-1975 ZK-CUN Great Barrier Island
29-DEC-1975 ZK-CEQ Ardmore Aerodrome
28-DEC-1975 ZK-HHE Raincliffe
27-DEC-1975 ZK-DOY Cheviot
26-DEC-1975 ZK-GHZ near Taupo
19-DEC-1975 ZK-AXP Upper Rakaia Valley
13-DEC-1975 ZK-HFM Gore
08-DEC-1975 ZK-BSK Wanganui River
08-DEC-1975 ZK-CQY Waitahuna
07-DEC-1975 Schleicher Ka 6E Rhönsegler ZK-GFK 0 Near Paraparaumu unk
06-DEC-1975 AESL Airtourer AT3 ZK-DLU Auckland Aero Club 0 Hobsonville Aerodrome
06-DEC-1975 ZK-CND Woodbury
05-DEC-1975 ZK-CJT Tinau
03-DEC-1975 Hiller UH-12E ZK-HBL Fairlie
01-DEC-1975 ZK-DMZ Omakere
30-NOV-1975 ZK-BLL Banks Peninsula
22-NOV-1975 ZK-HEL Omoeroa River
17-NOV-1975 ZK-CYN Mokauiti
15-NOV-1975 Slingsby T.61 Motorfalke ZK-DOI Auckland Gliding Club 0 Pukekohe
09-NOV-1975 ZK-DJV Macetown, Otago
09-NOV-1975 Schleicher Ka 6BR Rhönsegler ZK-GBF Paraparaumu
07-NOV-1975 ZK-HGV Hunua Falls
02-NOV-1975 ZK-DDP Auckland
29-OCT-1975 ZK-DUG Kaimai
27-OCT-1975 ZK-DQY Te Rapa
27-OCT-1975 ZK-DJY Torrent Bay
25-OCT-1975 ZK-HIS Nelson