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Last updated: 29 March 2015
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4625 occurrences in the ASN safety database,
showing occurrence 2401 - 2500

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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
22-NOV-1975 ZK-HEL Omoeroa River
17-NOV-1975 ZK-CYN Mokauiti
15-NOV-1975 Slingsby T.61 Motorfalke ZK-DOI Auckland Gliding Club 0 Pukekohe
09-NOV-1975 ZK-DJV Macetown, Otago
09-NOV-1975 Schleicher Ka 6BR Rhönsegler ZK-GBF Paraparaumu
07-NOV-1975 ZK-HGV Hunua Falls
02-NOV-1975 ZK-DDP Auckland
29-OCT-1975 ZK-DUG Kaimai
27-OCT-1975 ZK-DQY Te Rapa
27-OCT-1975 ZK-DJY Torrent Bay
25-OCT-1975 ZK-HIS Nelson
22-OCT-1975 ZK-DMK near Mangonui
18-OCT-1975 AESL Airtourer T.2 ZK-CGN. Wellington Aero Club. 0 Otaki Aerodrome . w/o
16-OCT-1975 ZK-HGF Kaimanawa
16-OCT-1975 ZK-CLD Wanganui Airport
13-OCT-1975 ZK-HE Pyke River
12-OCT-1975 ZK-BTF Wigram
11-OCT-1975 ZK-GFT Matamata
10-OCT-1975 Hiller UH-12E ZK-HCQ Fiordland
09-OCT-1975 ZK-BRQ Springfield
27-SEP-1975 Schleicher ASK 13 ZK-GGS Auckland Gliding Club 0 Ardmore Aerodrome (NZAR) unk
27-SEP-1975 ZK-CYZ Waingake, Hawkes Bay
27-SEP-1975 ZK-HIL Otope
23-SEP-1975 ZK-HGG Karamea
13-SEP-1975 ZK-HEN Kakanui
13-SEP-1975 ZK-DIN New Plymouth
09-SEP-1975 ZK-HEL near Lake Tekapo
07-SEP-1975 Schleicher ASK 13 ZK-GFX Kaikohe Gliding Club Kaikohe Aerodrome
07-SEP-1975 ZK-EBB Christchurch Airport
07-SEP-1975 ZK-HHY 0 Orawia
06-SEP-1975 Cessna 177B Cardinal. ZK-DIG Paraparaumu
31-AUG-1975 ZK-CUC Motiti Island
30-AUG-1975 Hiller UH-12E ZK-HDC Makarora
25-AUG-1975 ZK-HIC Keruru
19-AUG-1975 ZK-CWJ Christchurch
12-AUG-1975 ZK-HHU Whenuakite
09-AUG-1975 ZK-BYC near Te Mata
05-AUG-1975 ZK-CET Ocean Beach, Hawkes Bay
01-AUG-1975 Piper PA-28-160 ZK-CUB A J G Scott & P L Withall 0 Christchurch w/o
30-JUL-1975 ZK-HIK Slipper Island
26-JUL-1975 ZK-DIY Mount Kaukau, Wellington
26-JUL-1975 ZK-BPT Patearoa
26-JUL-1975 ZK-GDM near Matamata
26-JUL-1975 Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee ZK-DIY 4 Mount Kaukau, just north of Wellington city. w/o
18-JUL-1975 Hiller UH-12E ZK-HGI Whataroa
10-JUL-1975 ZK-BLO New Plymouth
29-JUN-1975 ZK-CGU Hobsonville
29-JUN-1975 ZK-BKW Hobsonville
28-JUN-1975 ZK-HHE Secretary Island
28-JUN-1975 ZK-HFK Mount Hawkins, Westland
27-JUN-1975 ZK-CUI Marton
26-JUN-1975 Piper PA-25 Pawnee ZK-CIZ 0 near Wairakei w/o
24-JUN-1975 ZK-HFD Lake Moana, Westland
22-JUN-1975 ZK-DJL near Hamilton
16-JUN-1975 ZK-CPC Nelson Airport
10-JUN-1975 ZK-DIW 0 Hamilton Airport
08-JUN-1975 ZK-CTB near Te Rore
30-MAY-1975 Morane-Saulnier MS.880B ZK-CDC Glenmore Flying Group 0 Paparoa w/o
26-MAY-1975 Cessna 207 ZK-DFD Castle Point Station, Wairarapa w/o
24-MAY-1975 ZK-DTA Cowslip Valley, Blenheim
17-MAY-1975 ZK-CGT 0 Hinds
09-MAY-1975 ZK-DPC 0 near Wainui
25-APR-1975 Piper PA-28-151 ZK-DIX Hauraki Gulf w/o
20-APR-1975 Slingsby T.41 Skylark 2 ZK-GBJ private 0 near Waharoa w/o
20-APR-1975 Cessna A188 STOL ZK-CQM Ahuroa w/o
20-APR-1975 ZK-BPM 0 Kaipo Valley
19-APR-1975 Hiller UH-12E ZK-HAN Whangarei Airport w/o
14-APR-1975 ZK-DMK 0 Oparau
10-APR-1975 ZK-BKN 0 Taieri Aerodrome
04-APR-1975 ZK-CRE near Gisborne
31-MAR-1975 de Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth. ZK-AKH Mr J.R.G. Hanlon, Dunedin 1 Waimate Aerodrome w/o
29-MAR-1975 ZK-GHB Manakau
25-MAR-1975 ZK-HGF Oamaru
23-MAR-1975 ZK-AYU Matamata
22-MAR-1975 ZK-DQW near Ohaupo
17-MAR-1975 ZK-DQD 0 Otokia
16-MAR-1975 ZK-CUV 0 Dargavillle
16-MAR-1975 ZK-BPG 0 Taieri
09-MAR-1975 ZK-DGU 0 Motueka
05-MAR-1975 Hiller UH-12E ZK-HGN Te Puke
03-MAR-1975 ZK-BSG Awakino
01-MAR-1975 de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver ZK-COV Airwork (NZ) Ltd. 2 Brothers Range, near Cave w/o
01-MAR-1975 Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee. ZK-BZF near Timaru sub
25-FEB-1975 ZK-HHI Arthurs Pass
25-FEB-1975 Bell 47G ZK-HHI Helicopers NZ Ltd. 2 Arthur's Pass w/o
24-FEB-1975 ZK-DDG Hikurangi
22-FEB-1975 Schleicher Ka 6E Rhönsegler ZK-GFK Wellington Gliding Club 0 Reikorangi, 8 km E Paraparaumu sub
22-FEB-1975 ZK-CEU Palmerston North
21-FEB-1975 ZK-DID Taumaranui
18-FEB-1975 ZK-GHC Te Kauwhata
18-FEB-1975 Jodel D11. ZK-CZM. Private. Lake Alabaster. sub
17-FEB-1975 ZK-GDI Matamata
16-FEB-1975 ZK-DEZ Pukekohe
15-FEB-1975 ZK-DFW 0 Mount Bruce Station, Wanaka
11-FEB-1975 ZK-HHH Matawai
09-FEB-1975 ZK-AUX 0 Makara
09-FEB-1975 ZK-DSO 0 Taieri
01-FEB-1975 Glasflügel H-201B Standard Libelle. ZK-GHN 0 Opaki . sub
01-FEB-1975 ZK-DFM 0 Invercargill
01-FEB-1975 ZK-CGY 0 Te Rore