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Last updated: 21 September 2014
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
29-JUL-1941 North American Harvard Mk II NZ951 2 SFTS, RNZAF 1 Near Blenheim w/o
23-JUN-1941 de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth NZ657 3 EFTS, RNZAF 0 Harewood w/o
21-JUN-1941 Airspeed Oxford Mk II NZ1296 1 SFTS, RNZAF 1 Near Halswell w/o
29-MAY-1941 Airspeed Oxford Mk II NZ1302 2 SFTS, RNZAF 1 Tararua Range, near Levin w/o
15-MAY-1941 Airspeed Oxford Mk II NZ1276 2 SFTS, RNZAF 1 Cloudy Bay, Cook Strait, near the mouth of the Awatere River w/o
18-APR-1941 de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth NZ724 FIS, RNZAF 1 Castor Bay, Auckland w/o
09-APR-1941 Vickers Vildebeest Mk II NZ117 2 GR Sqn, RNZAF 3 RNZAF Nelson w/o
02-APR-1941 Vickers Vincent NZ357 2 GR Sqn, RNZAF 2 Pelorus River, Marlborough w/o
28-MAR-1941 de Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth NZ790 4 EFTS, RNZAF 1 5 miles south of Helensville w/o
06-MAR-1941 de Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth NZ680 4 EFTS, RNZAF 1 Kaka Street, Otahuhu w/o
04-MAR-1941 de Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth NZ670 4 EFTS, RNZAF 0 Muriwai Beach w/o
04-MAR-1941 Hawker Hind Mk I NZ1507 3 SFTS, RNZAF 1 Between Shannon and Levin w/o
07-FEB-1941 de Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth NZ717 1 EFTS, RNZAF 1 Taieri w/o
31-JAN-1941 Airspeed Oxford Mk I NZ256 1 SFTS, RNZAF 1 RNZAF Wigram, Canterbury w/o
21-JAN-1941 Vickers Vincent NZ340 2 SFTS, RNZAF 2 Near Seddon, Marlborough w/o
21-JAN-1941 Vickers Vincent NZ354 2 SFTS, RNZAF 2 In the hills near Blenheim w/o
09-JAN-1941 Vickers Vincent NZ326 2 SFTS, RNZAF 1 Near Foxton w/o
30-DEC-1940 Airspeed Oxford Mk II R6226 (RAF) 3 SFTS, RNZAF 2 Near Ashhurst w/o
11-DEC-1940 Fairey Gordon Mk II NZ632 1 SFTS, RNZAF 2 Near Wigram w/o
14-NOV-1940 Airspeed Oxford Mk I NZ1277 RNZAF 1 Tokomaru w/o
30-SEP-1940 Airspeed Oxford Mark 1 NZ1251 Royal New Zealand Air Force 3 Near Tongapurutu w/o
31-AUG-1940 de Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth NZ722 FIS, RNZAF 1 600 yards off Narrow Neck Beach, Rangitoto Channel, Auckland w/o
07-AUG-1940 Airspeed Oxford Mk I NZ 271 2 SFTS, RNZAF 1 Near Woodbourne AFB, South Island w/o
22-JUL-1940 Airspeed Oxford Mk I NZ262 1 SFTS, RNZAF 4 Near Kaituna, Banks Peninsula, South Island w/o
21-JUN-1940 Airspeed Oxford Mk I NZ275 1 SFTS, RNZAF 1 Near Taieri Aerodrome, Dunedin w/o
15-JUN-1940 Airspeed Oxford Mk I NZ279 1 SFTS,RNZAF 2 Akaroa, Canterbury w/o
12-APR-1940 Vickers Vincent NZ318 2 SFTS, RNZAF 1 Motueka non
12-MAR-1940 de Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth NZ724 FIS, RNZAF 1 Near Mangere, Auckland non
05-FEB-1940 Blackburn Baffin NZ152 RNZAF 3 In sea about 500 yards off Waimairi Beach, Christchurch w/o
31-OCT-1939 Simmonds Spartan ZK-ABN W.R Willmott 0 Pleasant Point, near Timaru. w/o
29-JUN-1939 Miles M.2F Hawk Major ZK-AFL Marlborough Aero Club 0 Sand dunes, near Port Waikato sub
21-JUN-1939 de Havilland DH.60M Moth ZK-ABE Wairarapa & Ruahine Aero Club 0 Hood Aerodrome, Masterton w/o
11-MAY-1939 Vickers Vildebeest Mark III NZ110 RNZAF 3 Wigram-Sockburn w/o
17-MAR-1939 Miles M.14 Hawk Trainer III ZK-AEX Auckland Aero Club 1 Great Barrier Island w/o
28-FEB-1939 de Havilland DH60G Gipsy Moth ZK-ADG Auckland Aero Club 0 Mangere, Auckland w/o
10-MAY-1938 Lockheed 10A Electra ZK-AFC Union Airways (NZ) 2 near Auckland-Mangere w/o
27-FEB-1938 Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer III (Magister) ZK-AFA Canterbury Aero Club 1 Prebbleton w/o
27-FEB-1938 de Havilland DH.60M Moth ZK-ADG Auckland Aero Club 0 Kawhia sub
26-FEB-1938 de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth ZK-AFX Western Federated Flying Club 0 near Hobsonville Wharf, Auckland w/o
03-DEC-1937 de Havilland DH.60GIII Moth ZK-ABV Manawatu Aero Club 1 Miramar Golf Course, near Rongotai Airport, Wellington w/o
02-JUN-1937 Miles M2Y Hawk Trainer ZK-AEQ Wellington Aero Club 1 Pembroke Road, near Stratford, Taranaki w/o
23-MAR-1937 de Havilland DH.60M Moth ZK-ACZ Western Federated Flying Club, New Plymouth 2 Off Makara, Cook Strait w/o
22-MAR-1937 DH.60G Gypsy Moth ZK-AAI Canterbury Aero Club 0 Hokitika Aerodrome, West Coast, South Island w/o
12-FEB-1937 Simmonds Spartan ZK-AAY New Zealand Airways, Timaru 0 Staveley, South Canterbury w/o
30-DEC-1936 de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth ZK-ADC A.J. Bradshaw t/a Southland Airways 1 Big Bay, Fiordland, West Coast w/o
10-JUN-1936 de Havilland DH.60G Gipsy Moth ZK-AAA Marlborough Aero Club Blenheim w/o
25-FEB-1936 Bristol F.2B Fighter Mark 3 7121 New Zealand Permanent Air Force 1 Lake Ellesmere, Canterbury w/o
19-FEB-1936 Miles M.3B Falcon Six ZK-AEI Union Airways (NZ) 1 Rongotai Aerodrome, Wellington w/o
21-JUL-1935 de Havilland DH.60G Gypsy Moth ZK-ABM Hamish F. Armstrong 1 Ruahine Ranges, North Island w/o
28-NOV-1934 de Havilland DH.60M Moth ZK-ADF M.A.Scott 1 Waihou, just SW of Te Aroha w/o
20-NOV-1933 De Havilland DH.60G Gypsy Moth ZK-AAI Canterbury Aero Club 2 Mount Turiwhate, E of Hokitika, West Coast sub
26-DEC-1932 Primary Glider Heretaunga Gliding Club 0 Hastings
20-NOV-1932 de Havilland DH.60G Gipsy Moth ZK-AAJ Marlborough Aero Club 0 Miramar Golf Links, near Rongotai airport, Wellington w/o
25-OCT-1932 de Havilland DH.60G Gypsy Moth ZK-AAZ Wellington Aero Club 2 Colonial Knob Trig Station, Tawa Flat, near Wellington sub
22-SEP-1932 de Havilland DH.60G Gypsy Moth ZK-ABH Wellington Aero Club 0 Ballance St, Johnsonville, near Wellington w/o
08-AUG-1932 Gloster Grebe 2-seater NZ503 New Zealand Permanent Air Force 0 Hornby, near Christchurch w/o
31-MAR-1932 Home-made monoplane Mr Robin Chrystall 0 On land near the Manawatu Heads, Foxton w/o
31-MAY-1931 Spartan Arrow ZK-ACQ Mr Frank Lysons 1 Woodbourne Aerodrome, Blenheim sub
08-FEB-1931 Desoutter II ZK-ACA Dominion Air Lines 3 North Clyde, near Wairoa w/o
07-JAN-1931 Avro 616 Sports Avian IVa G-ABCF Guy Lambton Menzies 0 La Fontaine Swamp, Hari Hari, Westland sub
22-DEC-1930 de Havilland DH.60G Gipsy Moth ZK-AAE Auckland Aero Club 1 Mangere, Auckland w/o
24-AUG-1930 Avro 594 Avian III ZK-AAC Mr R. Berryman 0 Near Paekakariki, Kapiti Coast sub
21-MAY-1930 de Havilland DH 60G Gypsy Moth G-EBZY Bryant House Airways 2 Near Te Awamutu Racecourse w/o
07-APR-1930 Monocoupe 70 ZK-ABD Mr O.B.Cottrell 1 Beach near Porirua, Wellington Province sub
12-DEC-1929 Dornier Do.12A Libelle ZK-ABI Aerial Services Ltd 2 Sea off Milford Beach, Auckland w/o
07-JUL-1928 de Havilland DH.60 Moth G-NZAU Captain K W J Hall 0 Waikare near Hororata, North Canterbury w/o
10-JAN-1928 Ryan B-1 Brougham G-AUNZ John Moncrieff and George Hood 2 Tasman Sea, between Australia and New Zealand w/o
17-MAR-1926 Bristol F2B Fighter H1557 New Zealand Permanent Air Force 2 Methodist Orphanage House in Harewood Road, Papanui, Christchurch w/o
17-FEB-1924 Avro 504K G-NZAG Canterbury (NZ) Aviation Co. Ltd Near Wigram Aerodrome, Christchurch w/o
30-DEC-1921 Avro 504 D6243 Canterbury (NZ) Aviation Company 1 2 miles from Motunau, between Cheviot and Waikari sub
11-NOV-1920 Avro 504K F9745 New Zealand Flying School 3 New Plymouth. w/o
01-FEB-1919 Canterbury (NZ) Aviation Co. Ltd Biplane Canterbury (NZ) Aviation Company 1 Near Riccarton Racecourse, Christchurch w/o
02-NOV-1899 Balloon Unregistered Captain Charles Lorraine 1 Port Levy Rocks, outside Lyttelton Harbour, Christchurch w/o