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Last updated: 15 October 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
02-MAY-1981 Boeing 737-248C EI-ASD Aer Lingus 0 Le Touquet Airport (LTQ) non
03-MAY-1981 Piper PA-31T Cheyenne II VH-CCW M.G. Kailis Group 1 Bassendean, near Perth Airport, Perth, Western Australia w/o
03-MAY-1981 Cessna F172M Skyhawk (Reims) OO-FCB Unknown w/o
03-MAY-1981 Cessna 172A N7458T 2 N Silver Peak, NV w/o
03-MAY-1981 Schweizer SGS 2-33A N5765S Private 0 New Braintree, MA sub
03-MAY-1981 Schweizer SGS 1-35C N2705H Private 0 Blairstown, NJ w/o
03-MAY-1981 Dornier Do-27A-3 D-EBRR w/o
03-MAY-1981 Stinson 108-2 N9279K 3D Flying Club 0 near Ellensburg, WA w/o
03-MAY-1981 Bell 47G-5A N2994W Soilserv Inc 0 Soledad, CA w/o
03-MAY-1981 Cessna 152 N4757B Albuquerque Su 0 Grants, NM w/o
03-MAY-1981 Antonov An-2R CCCP-70836 Aeroflot / Azerbaijan 2 near Voskhod, Krasnodar region w/o
04-MAY-1981 Cessna 152 N757YH Big Horn Aviat 1 Cowley, WY w/o
04-MAY-1981 Bell 47G-3B N14802 Schellinger He 1 N Thompson Falls,Mt w/o
04-MAY-1981 Mil Mi-8T 927 Magya Légierö (Hungarian Air Force) 3 Szentkirályszabadja w/o
04-MAY-1981 Piper PA-32 N8999N Sunrise Aviati 1 N Gillette, WY sub
04-MAY-1981 GAF Nomad N.22B P2-011 PNG Defence Force within West Sepik province w/o
05-MAY-1981 Varize 01 N1RL Private 0 Winder, GA w/o
06-MAY-1981 Cessna F150K (Reims) F-BSHA Unknown w/o
06-MAY-1981 Robertson T210N N5117Y 1 Ft.Pierce, FL w/o
06-MAY-1981 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3952C 2 N Muse, OK w/o
06-MAY-1981 Bellanca 17-31 Viking 300 N1281R California Avn 0 Santa Monica, CA w/o
06-MAY-1981 Boeing EC-135N 61-0328 USAF 21 3 km NNE of Walkersville, MD w/o
07-MAY-1981 Mooney M20J N201YX 1 Cades, SC w/o
07-MAY-1981 Cessna T210G N6842R 3 N Worland, WY w/o
07-MAY-1981 Bensen B8M N8487B 1 Kirbyville, TX w/o
07-MAY-1981 Bell UH-1V Iroquois 66-16296 US Army w/o
07-MAY-1981 Beagle B.121 Pup SE-FOE Nordöstra Smĺlands Flygklubb 1 Hultsfred airport, about 5 km north of Hultsfred w/o
07-MAY-1981 BAC One-Eleven 529FR LV-LOX Austral Lineas Aéreas 31 15 km ESE off Buenos Aires-Jorge Newbery Airport, BA (AEP) w/o
08-MAY-1981 Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II N2972W B Flight, Inc. 2 N Ottumwa, IA w/o
08-MAY-1981 Bensen B8M N2309S 1 N Smithland, Ky sub
08-MAY-1981 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3024V 1 Maple Valley, WA w/o
08-MAY-1981 Fairchild-Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II 79-0083 81st TFW, USAF 1 Wainfleet, Lincolnshire w/o
08-MAY-1981 Cessna A188B N70044 Glover Avn Inc 0 Hollandale, MS w/o
08-MAY-1981 Piper PA-36-300 Pawnee Brave 300 N3849E Coker & Sons 0 near Lazbuddie, TX w/o
08-MAY-1981 Dassault Mirage F1CJ 2503 Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) w/o
09-MAY-1981 Piper PA-28 N6921W 1 Johnstown Ctr, WI w/o
09-MAY-1981 Piper PA-23-250E Aztec PH-MIC private Budel w/o
09-MAY-1981 Cessna F172N Skyhawk PH-OJD Central Air Teuge Teuge w/o
09-MAY-1981 Northrop T-38A Talon 68-8131 USAF Flight Demonstration Squadron Thunderbirds 1 Ogden AFB, UT w/o
09-MAY-1981 Schweizer SGS 1-35C N135RS Private 0 Java, NY sub
09-MAY-1981 ERCO 415-D Ercoupe C-FNWZ Private 0 Terryville, Ct w/o
09-MAY-1981 DHC-4A Caribou C-GVGU Propair Mount Joli, QC w/o
09-MAY-1981 Douglas C-47-DL (DC-3) N60705 Sky Train Air Vicente Guerro w/o
10-MAY-1981 Mooney M20K N231DZ 1 Campbell Hill, IL w/o
10-MAY-1981 Cessna 177B N16083 4 Forked River, Nj w/o
10-MAY-1981 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N7283B 4 Burbank, CA w/o
10-MAY-1981 NZ Aerospace Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-EMD Tiraumea unk
10-MAY-1981 Hughes 269C N58210 Private 0 near Cottonwood, Az w/o
10-MAY-1981 Cessna 172 N88AB Private 0 Merritt Island, FL w/o
10-MAY-1981 Aero Commander S2R N1739S Earlimart Dust 0 near Mcfarland, CA w/o
10-MAY-1981 Maule M-5 N393X Private 0 near Totatlanika, AK w/o
11-MAY-1981 Piper PA-23 Aztec N5849Y 1 Hollywood, FL w/o
11-MAY-1981 Cessna 152 N67379 Wes Martin Avn 1 N Ruth, CA w/o
11-MAY-1981 Beechcraft 58P Baron N154Z U.S.Forest Ser 4 Redding, CA w/o
11-MAY-1981 Bell UH-1H Fuerza Aérea Salvadoreńa (FAS) 0 20 mi N of San Salvador w/o
11-MAY-1981 Cessna 152 N757AU North Little R 0 N Little Rock, Ar w/o
11-MAY-1981 Cessna A188B N91498 B & R Crop Car 0 Washtucna, WA w/o
11-MAY-1981 Bell 47G-2 N1036Y Oscar Orlopp 0 Orosi, CA w/o
11-MAY-1981 Agusta-Bell AB 206A-1 JetRanger MM80610 Aviazione dell'Esercito (AVES) 3 Misterbianco (CT), Sicily w/o
12-MAY-1981 Cessna 172D ZK-CDS Wellington Airport
12-MAY-1981 McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II 74-1646 United States Air Force (USAF) Unknown w/o
12-MAY-1981 North American F-86F Sabre C-108 Fuerza Aérea Argentina 0 near Punta de Lajas w/o
12-MAY-1981 Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche N7512Y Bonfiglio Enterprises Inc 1 Smyrna Airport, Smyrna, Rutherford County, Tennessee w/o
13-MAY-1981 Wittman W-8 Tailwind N11710 1 N Ramah, CO w/o
13-MAY-1981 Cessna 172A N7232T 1 N Verda, LA w/o
13-MAY-1981 Hughes 269C N7413F Private 0 Houston, TX w/o
13-MAY-1981 Mitsubishi MU-2B-10 N92JR Private 0 near Miami, FL w/o
13-MAY-1981 Cessna 188 N9752G Hamilton Duste 0 near Merced, CA w/o
14-MAY-1981 Cessna 172B N7407X 1 N La Belle, FL w/o
14-MAY-1981 Sikorsky SH-3G Sea King HS.9-13 Spanish Naval Aviation 4 Atlantic Ocean w/o
14-MAY-1981 Piper PA-28 N5781U Private 0 El Paso, TX w/o
14-MAY-1981 Dornier/Fiat G.91R-3 32+38 Luftwaffe (German Air Force) 0 Beja AB w/o
14-MAY-1981 Hispano HA-220 Super Saeta A.10C-115 Ejército del Aire 1 near Villamartín w/o
15-MAY-1981 Piper PA-28R N44921 2 Huttonville, Wv w/o
15-MAY-1981 Cessna 337A N6345F 2 N Evant, TX w/o
15-MAY-1981 Cessna 172RG N5086U 3 N Grants, NM w/o
15-MAY-1981 Northrop T-38A Talon 67-14948 USAF w/o
15-MAY-1981 Hughes 269C ZK-HIU Taupo Aerodrome
15-MAY-1981 Dornier/Fiat G.91R-3 5449 Força Aérea Portuguesa 0+2 Montijo, Setúbal w/o
15-MAY-1981 Shorts SC.7 Skyvan 3-200 N70DA Gifford Aviation 0 Slate Creek, AK w/o
16-MAY-1981 Grumman American AA1B N6282L 2 Solana Beach, CA w/o
16-MAY-1981 Beechcraft A35R Bonanza N3158V Western Aviato 2 N Beaver, Ut sub
16-MAY-1981 Cessna 206 Super Skywagon 8R-GEK Touchan Air Services 6 Essequibo w/o
16-MAY-1981 Mikojan-Gurjevič MiG-21 Fishbed Ethiopian Air Force 0 50 nm S of Asmara w/o
16-MAY-1981 Scheibe SF 28A Tandem-Falke D-KDAK Unknown w/o
16-MAY-1981 Scheibe SF 25D Falke OE-9103 Wiener Neustadt West Airfield - LOXN sub
16-MAY-1981 Cessna U206G Stationair HK-2578 ALAS 2 near Miraflores w/o
16-MAY-1981 Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules D2-EAS TAAG 4 near Menongue Airport (SPP) w/o
17-MAY-1981 Cessna 172 ZK-DFY Te Pirita
17-MAY-1981 Schleicher K 8B N4780T Private 0 Wenatchee, WA sub
17-MAY-1981 Schweizer SGS 2-33 N7789S Private 0 Plymouth, CT sub
17-MAY-1981 Cessna 150 N6132K Safe Aviators 0 Ft.Myers, FL w/o
17-MAY-1981 Piper PA-28R N56961 Travis Afb Aer 0 Livermore, CA w/o
17-MAY-1981 Piper PA-31 N35803 Private 0 near Grand Cayman w/o
17-MAY-1981 Agusta-Bell AB 206B JetRanger III OE-BXX sub
18-MAY-1981 Cessna T210N N5137Y 4 N Castle Rock, CO w/o
18-MAY-1981 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter 24+79 Luftwaffe (German Air Force) JBG32 1 N of Lager Heuberg w/o
18-MAY-1981 Bücker Bü-131 Jungmann HB-UVC private 0 Gruyčres - LSGT sub
18-MAY-1981 Cessna T310Q N69679 American Steel 0 Middlefield, OH w/o
18-MAY-1981 Bell 206B JetRanger N39101 Scotts Helicopter Service Inc 1 Near Evanston, Wyoming sub