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Last updated: 28 November 2021
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20 occurrences in the ASN safety database,
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date type registration operator fat. location dam.
06-JUN-1986Sikorsky S-76B N5AZ United Technologies 4 Sutton, MA w/o
14-JUN-1993Sikorsky S-76B HL9245 Sunkyung Engineering 7 Han, near Seoul w/o
30-JUN-1994Sikorsky S-76B N76UT United Technologies Corporation 0 Narragansett Bay near Newport, RI sub
12-DEC-1996Sikorsky S-76B G-HAUG Norbrook Industries 3 2 mls SE of Omeath, Co. Louth w/o
03-APR-1997Sikorsky S-76B-7 2310 Royal Thai Navy 0 Bangkok NAS w/o
29-APR-1997Sikorsky S-76B HL9249 Dong Ah Construction 3 Suri-mountain, Gunpo-si, Kyuggido w/o
20-DEC-1997Sikorsky S-76B PH-KHB KLM/Era Helicopters 1 near L7-A offshore installation, North Sea w/o
04-SEP-1998Sikorsky S-76B I-LXCA Luxottica spa 0 near Padova w/o
05-JUL-2001Sikorsky S-76B HL9240 Dae-Woo Shipbuilding Co 8 near P'ohang w/o
18-MAR-2002Sikorsky S-76B PH-NZU Den Helder unk
30-JAN-2003Sikorsky S-76B-7 2309 Royal Thai Navy 1 Ban Mai, Muang, Chantaburi sub
18-SEP-2008Sikorsky S-76B N399BH private 0 Bettystown, Meath County w/o
17-APR-2012Sikorsky S-76B N56RD RDC Marine Inc 0 MODU Joe Douglas, Vermilion VR376A, Gulf of Mexico sub
27-APR-2013Sikorsky S-76B N305SJ Dominican Watchman National 0 Rancho Guaraguao Heliport, Constanza sub
05-DEC-2013Sikorsky S-76B N707MY Mayeux's Flying Service Inc 0 Port Fourchon, LA sub
23-OCT-2017Sikorsky S-76B D-HHNH HeliService International 0 near waypoint JUIST non
15-MAR-2018Sikorsky S-76B * N76TE * Donald Trump Connect LLC * 0 near New york non
17-MAY-2018Sikorsky S-76B N76VR Private 0 Valle Grande min
26-JAN-2020Sikorsky S-76B N72EX Island Express Holding Corp 9 Calabasas, Los Angeles County, CA w/o
01-MAY-2020Sikorsky S-76B HL9646 Sejin Aviation 1 Mount Jiri, Sacheon, Sancheong County sub

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