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Accident list: Vickers Viscount
 144 occurrences in the ASN safety database

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date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
27-AUG-1952Vickers 630 Viscount G-AHRF UK Ministry of Supply 0 near Khartoum-Wadi Se...   A1
31-OCT-1954Vickers 720 Viscount VH-TVA TAA 3 Mangalore Airpor... A1
20-JAN-1956Vickers 701 Viscount G-AMOM BEA 0 Blackbushe Airpo...   A1
20-FEB-1956Vickers 744 Viscount N7404 Capital Airlines 0 Chicago-Midway A... A1
01-OCT-1956Vickers 739 Viscount SU-AIC Misrair Cairo-Almaza Air...   C1
12-DEC-1956Vickers 708 Viscount F-BGNK Air France 5 near Dannemois   A1
14-MAR-1957Vickers 701 Viscount G-ALWE BEA 20+ 2 Wythenshawe A1
20-OCT-1957Vickers 806 Viscount G-AOYF Vickers-Armstrongs 0 Johannesburg Int...   A1
23-OCT-1957Vickers 802 Viscount G-AOJA BEA 7 Belfast-Nutts Co...   A1
17-NOV-1957Vickers 802 Viscount G-AOHP BEA 0 near Ballerup   A1
06-APR-1958Vickers 745D Viscount N7437 Capital Airlines 47 near Freeland-Tri Cit...   A1
28-APR-1958Vickers 802 Viscount G-AORC BEA 0 Craigie A1
20-MAY-1958Vickers 745D Viscount N7410 Capital Airlines 11 near Brunswick, MD A1
09-AUG-1958Vickers 748D Viscount VP-YNE Central African Airways 36 near Benghazi-Benina ...   A1
22-OCT-1958Vickers 701C Viscount G-ANHC BEA 31 near Anzio A1
01-NOV-1958Vickers 755D Viscount CU-T603 Cubana 17 near Preston Airport ...   H1
10-NOV-1958Vickers 724 Viscount CF-TGL TCAL 0 New York-Idlewil...   O1
02-DEC-1958Vickers 732 Viscount G-ANRR Hunting-Clan 6 Frimley   A1
??-???-1958Vickers 663 Viscount VX217 UK Ministry of Supply 0 Seighford   O1
17-FEB-1959Vickers 794D Viscount TC-SEV THY 14 near London-Gatwick A... A1
05-MAR-1959Vickers 763D Viscount YS-09C TACA 15 near Managua Airport ...   A1
12-MAY-1959Vickers 745D Viscount N7463 Capital Airlines 31 Chase, MD   A1
18-MAY-1959Vickers 815 Viscount AP-AJC PIA 0 Islamabad Intern... A1
14-AUG-1959Vickers 815 Viscount AP-AJE PIA 2 Karachi Internat... A1
03-OCT-1959Vickers 757 Viscount CF-TGY TCAL 0 near Toronto-Malton A...   A1
21-DEC-1959Vickers 785D Viscount I-LIZT Alitalia 2 Roma-Ciampino Ai... A1
22-DEC-1959Vickers 827 Viscount PP-SRG VASP 32+ 10 near Rio de Janeiro-G...   A1
05-JAN-1960Vickers 701 Viscount G-AMNY BEA 0 Malta-Luqa Airpo... A1
07-JAN-1960Vickers 802 Viscount G-AOHU BEA 0 London Airport (...   A1
18-JAN-1960Vickers 745D Viscount N7462 Capital Airlines 50 near Charles City, VA A1
26-SEP-1960Vickers 837 Viscount OE-LAF Austrian Airlines 31 near Moskva-Sheremety...   A1
29-SEP-1960Vickers 739B Viscount SU-AKW UAA 21 near Elba, Italy [Tyr... A1
12-JUN-1961Vickers 744 Viscount G-APKJ All Nippon 0 Osaka-Itami Airp... A1
30-OCT-1961Vickers 736 Viscount G-AODH BUA 0 Frankfurt Intern...   A1
15-NOV-1961Vickers 798D Viscount N6592C Northeast Airlines 0 Boston-Logan Int... A1
15-NOV-1961Vickers 768D Viscount VT-DIH Indian Airlines 0 Colombo-Ratmalan...   A1
30-NOV-1961Vickers 720 Viscount VH-TVC Ansett-ANA 15 near Sydney-Kingsford...   A1
16-MAR-1962Vickers 739 Viscount SU-AID UAA 0 near Wadi Halfa Airpo...   A1
08-JUL-1962Vickers 812 Viscount N243V Continental Air Lines 0 Amarillo-Air Ter...   A1
19-NOV-1962Vickers 828 Viscount JA8202 All Nippon 4 near Nagoya   A1
23-NOV-1962Vickers 745D Viscount N7430 United Airlines 17 near Ellicott City, MD A1
19-DEC-1962Vickers 804 Viscount SP-LVB LOT 33 near Warszawa-Okecie ... A1
29-JAN-1963Vickers 812 Viscount N242V Continental Air Lines 8 Kansas City Down...   A1
01-FEB-1963Vickers 754D Viscount OD-ADE MEA 14+ 87 Ulus District, A... A1
14-APR-1963Vickers 759D Viscount TF-ISU Icelandair 12 near Oslo-Fornebu Air...   A1
12-AUG-1963Vickers 708 Viscount F-BGNV Air Inter 15+ 1 near Lyon A1
11-SEP-1963Vickers 768D Viscount VT-DIO Indian Airlines 18 near Agra   A1
23-FEB-1964Vickers 732 Viscount SU-AKX UAA 0 Beirut Internati...   A1
28-MAR-1964Vickers 785D Viscount I-LAKE Alitalia 45 Mt Somma   A1
21-APR-1964Vickers 754D Viscount OD-ACX MEA 0 Al Arish Airport...   A1
13-JUN-1964Vickers 757 Viscount CF-THT Air Canada 0 Toronto Internat...   A1
09-JUL-1964Vickers 745D Viscount N7405 United Airlines 39 near Parrottsville, TN   A1
04-SEP-1964Vickers 701C Viscount PP-SRR VASP 39 near Nova Friburgo, RJ   A1
15-FEB-1965Vickers 782D Viscount EP-AHC Iran Air 0 Isfahan Airport ...   A1
03-MAR-1965Vickers 701C Viscount PP-SRQ VASP 0 Rio de Janeiro-G...   A1
19-MAR-1965Vickers 773 Viscount YI-ACU Iraqi Airways 0 Cairo Internatio...   A1
20-JUL-1965Vickers 701 Viscount G-AMOL Cambrian Airways 2+ 2 near Liverpool Intern... A1
20-AUG-1965Vickers 804 Viscount SP-LVA LOT 4 Jeuk A1
22-SEP-1966Vickers 832 Viscount VH-RMI Ansett-ANA 24 near Winton, QLD A1
31-OCT-1966Vickers 701 Viscount PP-SRM VASP 0 Rio de Janeiro-S...   A1
19-JAN-1967Vickers 745D Viscount N7431 United Airlines 0 Norfolk Municipa...   A1
13-MAR-1967Vickers 818 Viscount ZS-CVA South African Airways 25 near Kayser's Beach   A1
03-MAY-1967Vickers 812 Viscount G-AVJZ Channel Airways 0+ 2 Southend Municip...   A1
22-JUN-1967Vickers 803 Viscount EI-AOF Aer Lingus 3 near Ashbourne   A1
30-JUN-1967Vickers 760D Viscount VR-AAV Aden Airways 0 Aden Internation... C1
21-SEP-1967Vickers 808 Viscount EI-AKK Aer Lingus 0 Bristol Airport ... A1
28-NOV-1967Vickers 745D Viscount N7465 United Airlines 0 Raleigh/Durham A...   A1
08-DEC-1967Vickers C-90 Viscount (742D) 2100 Brazilian AF 0 Rio de Janeiro-S...   A1
11-DEC-1967Vickers 745D Viscount N7429 United Airlines 0 Akron/Canton Reg...   A1
24-MAR-1968Vickers 803 Viscount EI-AOM Aer Lingus 61 near Tuskar Rock   A1
04-MAY-1968Vickers 812 Viscount G-APPU Channel Airways 0 Southend Municip... A1
09-AUG-1968Vickers 739A Viscount G-ATFN British Eagle 48 near Langenbruck A1
15-SEP-1968Vickers 827 Viscount PP-SRE VASP 2+ 1 near São Paulo-Congo...   A1
28-DEC-1968Vickers 754D Viscount OD-ACT MEA 0 Beirut Internati...   C1
31-DEC-1968Vickers 720C Viscount VH-RMQ Ansett-ANA, op.for MacRobertson Miller Airlines 26 near Port Hedland, WA A1
02-FEB-1969Vickers 794D Viscount TC-SET THY 0 Ankara-Esenboga ... A1
20-FEB-1969Vickers 736 Viscount G-AODG BMA 0 East Midlands Ai... A1
20-MAR-1969Vickers 815 Viscount G-AVJA BMA 3 Manchester-Ringw...   A1
07-APR-1969Vickers 757 Viscount CF-THK Air Canada 1 Sept-Îles Airpo... A1
27-JUN-1969Vickers 754D Viscount N7410 Aloha Airlines 0 Honolulu Interna...   O1
26-OCT-1969Vickers 833 Viscount 4X-AVC Arkia 0 Tel Aviv-Lod Int...   A1
22-DEC-1969Vickers 815 Viscount LX-LGC Luxair 0 Luxembourg-Finde...   A1
19-JAN-1970Vickers 701 Viscount G-AMOA Cambrian Airways 0 Bristol Airport ... A1
22-JAN-1970Vickers 814 Viscount G-AWXI BMA 0 London-Heathrow ... A1
06-MAY-1970Vickers 785D Viscount 6O-AAJ Somali Airlines 5 Mogadishu Intern...   A1
03-JUN-1970Vickers 745D Viscount HC-ART SAETA 0 Cuenca Airport (...   A1
25-JAN-1971Vickers 749 Viscount YV-C-AMV LAV 13 Paramo Los Conejos   A1
08-AUG-1971Vickers 745D Viscount N7415 Aloha Airlines 0 Honolulu Interna...   O1
09-AUG-1971Vickers 768D Viscount VT-DIX Indian Airlines 0 Jaipur-Sanganer ... A1
01-NOV-1971Vickers 749 Viscount YV-C-AMZ LAV 4 near Maracaibo-La Chi...   A1
10-NOV-1971Vickers 828 Viscount PK-MVS Merpati Nusantara 69 near Padang   A1
28-DEC-1971Vickers 708 Viscount F-BOEA Air Inter 0 Clermont-Ferrand... A1
21-JAN-1972Vickers 837 Viscount HK-1347 La Urraca 20 near Bogotá-Eldorado...   A1
28-JAN-1972Vickers 814 Viscount D-ANEF Airwork 0 Bournemouth Inte... A1
24-AUG-1972Vickers 761D Viscount XY-ADF Union of Burma Airways 0 Sittwe-Civil Air... A1
27-OCT-1972Vickers 724 Viscount F-BMCH Air Inter 60 near Noirétable A1
19-JAN-1973Vickers 802 Viscount G-AOHI BEA 4 near Glasgow A1
17-APR-1973Vickers 735 Viscount YI-ACL Iraqi Airways 0 Mosul Airport (OSM) A1
15-MAY-1973Vickers 827 Viscount PP-SRD VASP 0 Salvador-Dois de... A1
07-JUN-1973Vickers 785D Viscount HK-1061 Aerolíneas TAO 0 Bogotá-Eldorado... A1

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