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Dassault Falcon 900 exits
Last updated: 9 February 2014
This page shows aircraft emergency exit locations. The seating configuration shown is just a sample; seating configurations differ by airline.

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exit 1 Type I pax. door 1,72 m x 0,80 m
exit 2 Type I overwing emergency exit 0,91 m x 0,53 m

In-flight safety videos

View these Dassault Falcon 900 in-flight safety briefing videos at our partner site

Harbour Air Delta Airlines Niagara Helicopters Global Vectra Helicorp SFS Aviation Israir TAAG Great Slave Helicopters Air Bali CHC Air New Zealand AirAsia Executive Helicopters Global Vectra Helicorp Air New Zealand Japan Airlines PT Kalimantan Surya Kencana Associated Air Center Seymour Pacific Seymour Pacific Air France Air New Zealand KLM Qantas

Emergency exit photos

photo of Dassault Falcon 900B CD-02
Falcon 900 right hand overwing emergency exit

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