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ASN Drone Database

The ASN Drone Database contains 12593 reports of unmanned aircraft (UAS) sightings from pilots and airprox occurrences involving UAS and aircraft. The types of UAS covered include consumer and professional helicopter type drones, larger military fixed wing (reconnaissance) drones, and model aircraft.

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  • Reports of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) sightings by airborne pilots
  • Reports of airprox incidents between UAS and aircraft
  • Ground sightings of drones (in restricted airspace) are NOT included
  • 99% of all database entries were sourced from official government agency reports (for example FAA, Transport Canada, UK Airprox Board)
  • Includes over 20 cases of suspected and confirmed drone collisions with aircraft

Terms of Service

It is not allowed to redistribute or republish the "ASN Drone Database" dataset in whole or in part. The dataset is strictly intended for personal use.
While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the Aviation Safety Network makes no representation as to the accuracy of, and cannot accept any legal responsibility for any errors, ommissions, mis-statements or mistakes in the ASN Drone Database.

Important caveats

  • Separation distances are solely based on pilot's judgements and not necessarily accurate since horizontal and vertical separation distances can be hard to judge and most common drones are not visible on radar
  • Not all drone sightings are necessarily dangerous
  • Circumstances may make observation difficult, thus in some cases the object sighted may have been misidentified as being a drone. Instead it may have been a (weather) balloon, a bird or another manned aircraft.

Database fields

Datetime:Date and time (UTC)
City:Incident location
State:For U.S. cities, State is given
Narrative:Verbatim narrative as published by authorities
Altitude:Aircraft altitude in feet at the time of the occurrence
Separation:Minimum separation in feet (unless otherwise stated)
Aircraft:Aircraft model
Flight_nr:Flight number and or registration
Operator:Operator of the aircraft
Evasive_man:'1' if the aircraft had to make an evasive mananoeuvre to avoid the UAS
- ASRS: Aviation Safety Reporting System of the FAA (voluntary reports)
- FAA: U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (mandatory occurrence reports)
- TC: Transport Canada
- UKAB: UK Airprox Board
- individual aircraft accident investigation boards
- media reports
Country:Country of the occurrence
AircraftCategory: A(irliner)/B(usiness jet/(G)eneral)/H(elicopter)/(M)ilitary
ReportId:Formal occurrnce number/id of the reporting agency
id:Unique database ID

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