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Air France
Last updated: 4 March 2012

Operator info
name: Air France
country: France
ICAO code: AFR
IATA code: AF
Founded: 1933

IOSA registered Air France passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) benchmark for global safety management
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Air France - News:

Air France- Accident & incidents:

140 occurrences in the ASN safety database, showing occurrence 1 - 10

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
31-OCT-2018Airbus A330-203 F-GZCI Air France 0 Paris-Charle...   A2
30-SEP-2017Airbus A380-861 F-HPJE Air France 0 near southern Gre... A2
11-MAY-2016Boeing 777-328ER F-GZNT Air France 0 Paris-Charle...   A2
11-MAY-2016Airbus A320-214 F-GKXJ Air France 0 Paris-Charle...   A2
16-OCT-2012Bombardier CRJ-701ER F-GRZE Brit Air, op.for Air France 0 Lorient-Lann...   A2
13-DEC-2011Airbus A319-111 F-GRHS Air France 0 Paris-Charle... A2
12-SEP-2011Airbus A321-211 F-GTAT Air France 0 Paris-Charle...   A2
13-APR-2011Airbus A330-203 F-GZCB Air France 0 Caracas-Simó...   A2
01-JUN-2009Airbus A330-203 F-GZCP Air France 228 near São Pedro an... A1
02-AUG-2005Airbus A340-313X F-GLZQ Air France 0 Toronto-Pear... A1
27-FEB-2003Aérospatiale / BAC Concorde 101 F-BVFA Air France 0 near Atlantic Ocean   A2
25-JUL-2000Aérospatiale / BAC Concorde 101 F-BTSC Air France 109+ 4 Gonesse A1
05-MAR-1999Boeing 747-2B3F (SCD) F-GPAN Air France 0 Chennai Airp... A1
04-MAR-1999Boeing 737-228 F-GBYA Air France 0 Biarritz Par... A1
02-MAR-1999Airbus A320   Air France 0 Paris-Charle...   H2
12-FEB-1999Airbus A320-211 F-GJVG Air France 0 Grenouillet   A2
20-APR-1998Boeing 727-230 HC-BSU TAME Ecuador, opf Air France 53 near Bogotá-Eldor... A1
26-DEC-1994Airbus A300B2-1C F-GBEC Air France 7 Marseille-Pr... H1
20-JAN-1994Airbus A340-211 F-GNIA Air France 0 Paris-Charle... O1
10-DEC-1993Airbus A320-211 F-GFKK ? Air France 0 Nice-Côte d'...   H2
12-SEP-1993Boeing 747-428 F-GITA Air France 0 Papeete-Faaa...   A2
23-AUG-1989Airbus A300B4-203 F-BVGO Air France 0 Algiers-Houa...   H2
24-JUL-1988Boeing 747-228B (SCD) N4506H Air France 0 Delhi-Indira...   A2
26-JUN-1988Airbus A320-111 F-GFKC Air France 3 Mulhouse-Hab... A1
21-DEC-1987Embraer EMB-120RT Brasilia F-GEGH Air Littoral, op.for Air France 16 near Bordeaux-Mér... A1
02-DEC-1985Boeing 747-228B F-GCBC Air France 0 Rio de Janei... A1
31-JUL-1984Boeing 737-228 F-GBYH Air France 0 Tehran-Mehra...   H2
07-MAR-1984Boeing 737-228   Air France 0 Genève-Coint...   H2
18-JAN-1984Boeing 747   Air France 0 near Karachi   O2
27-AUG-1983Boeing 727-228   Air France 0 Tehran-Mehra...   H2
17-MAR-1982Airbus A300B4-203 F-BVGK Air France 0 Sana'a Inter... A1
12-MAR-1979SE-210 Caravelle III F-BHRL Air France 0 Frankfurt In... A1
12-AUG-1977Airbus A300   Air France 0 Brindisi-Pap...   H2
07-SEP-1976Boeing 707-328 F-BHSH Air France 0 Ajaccio-Camp... C1
28-AUG-1976SE-210 Caravelle III F-BSGZ Air France 1 Ho Chi Minh ... H1
27-JUN-1976Airbus A300B4-203 F-BVGG Air France 0 Entebbe Airp...   H2
12-JUN-1975Boeing 747-128 N28888 Air France 0 Bombay-Santa... A1
24-JUL-1974Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 F-BPUI Air France 3 near Héric   A2
18-OCT-1973Boeing 727-228 F-BPJC Air France 1 Marseille-Ma...   H2
11-AUG-1973Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 F-BSUM Air France 0 Strasbourg-E... A2
03-DEC-1969Boeing 707-328B F-BHSZ Air France 62 near Caracas-Simo... A1
09-SEP-1969SE-210 Caravelle III F-BHRY Air France 0 Marseille-Ma...   A2
28-MAY-1969Douglas C-54A (DC-4) F-BFCP Air France, op.for CEP 0 Paris-Orly A...   A1
11-SEP-1968SE-210 Caravelle III F-BOHB Air France 95 near Nice, France   A1
05-MAR-1968Boeing 707-328C F-BLCJ Air France 63 near Pointe-à-Pitre A1
26-SEP-1963Douglas C-47A (DC-3) F-BHKU Air France Oran   U1
30-JUL-1962Douglas DC-3A F-BAOE Air France 5 near Coulommiers-... A1
22-JUN-1962Boeing 707-328 F-BHST Air France 113 near Pointe-à-Pit... A1
03-JUN-1962Boeing 707-328 F-BHSM Air France 130 Paris-Orly A...   A1
12-SEP-1961SE-210 Caravelle III F-BJTB Air France 77 near Rabat-Sale A...   A1
27-JUL-1961Boeing 707-328 F-BHSA Air France 0 Hamburg-Fuhl... A1
10-MAY-1961Lockheed L-1649A Starliner F-BHBM Air France 78 near Edjele C1
29-AUG-1960Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellatio F-BHBC Air France 63 near Dakar-Yoff A...   A1
30-APR-1959Douglas C-47B (DC-3) F-BAII Air France 0 Poitiers-Bia...   A1
24-DEC-1958Lockheed L-749A Constellation F-BAZX Air France 0 near Wien-Schwech...   A1
31-MAY-1958Douglas C-47A (DC-3) F-BHKV Air France 15 near Molière   A1
20-APR-1958Douglas C-54A (DC-4) F-BELK Air France 0 near In Salah Air... A1
08-JAN-1958Douglas DC-3A F-BAOA Air France 0 Poitiers-Bia...   A1
06-DEC-1957Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellatio F-BHMK Air France 0 Paris-Orly A...   A1
02-NOV-1957Douglas C-54 (DC-4) F-BHKY Air France 0 Toulouse   O1
08-APR-1957Douglas C-47B (DC-3) F-BEIK Air France 32 near Biskra Airpo...   A1
12-DEC-1956Vickers 708 Viscount F-BGNK Air France 5 near Dannemois   A1
28-JAN-1956Douglas C-47 (DC-3) F-BCYK Air France 3 near Lyon-Bron Ai... A1
24-JAN-1956Douglas C-47A (DC-3) F-BAXT Air France 0 Nantes-Chate...   A1
21-SEP-1955Douglas C-47A (DC-3) F-BCYU Air France 0 Bordeaux-Mér...   A1
18-MAR-1955Douglas C-47A (DC-3) F-BAXL Air France 9 Beauvais-Til...   A1
25-AUG-1954Lockheed L-749 Constellation F-BAZI Air France 0 Gander Airpo... A1
03-AUG-1954Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellatio F-BGNA Air France 0 Preston City...   A1
01-SEP-1953Lockheed L-749A Constellation F-BAZZ Air France 42 Mont Le Cimet   A1
03-AUG-1953Lockheed L-749A Constellation F-BAZS Air France 4 near Fethiye   A1
10-APR-1953Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BALE Air France 4 Miandrivazo ...   A1
05-DEC-1952Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BANK Air France 0 Antalaha-Ant...   A1
29-APR-1952Douglas C-54A (DC-4) F-BELI Air France 0 near Berlin   C2
07-APR-1952SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BATB Air France 0 Paris-Le Bou... A1
03-MAR-1952SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BCUM Air France 38 near Nice-le Var ...   A1
02-JAN-1952Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAMQ Air France 6 Andapa   A1
11-AUG-1951Douglas DC-3D F-BAXB Air France 5 Moisville   A1
03-FEB-1951Douglas DC-4-1009 F-BBDO Air France 29 near Buéa   A1
30-JUL-1950SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BCUI Air France 0 Marseille-Ma...   A1
14-JUN-1950Douglas DC-4-1009 F-BBDM Air France 40 near Bahrain Airp...   A1
12-JUN-1950Douglas DC-4-1009 F-BBDE Air France 46 near Bahrain Airp...   A1
16-FEB-1950Douglas DC-3A F-BAOD Air France 0 Cotonou Airp...   A1
22-JAN-1950Douglas DC-4-1009 F-BBDB Air France 0 Paris-Orly A...   O1
28-NOV-1949Douglas C-54A (DC-4) F-BELO Air France 5 near Saint-Just-C...   A1
28-OCT-1949Lockheed L-749-79-46 Constellation F-BAZN Air France 48 Redondo Moun...   A1
20-OCT-1949Douglas C-54A (DC-4) F-BBDS Air France 0 near Karachi Airp...   A1
09-APR-1949SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BATU Air France 0 Nice Airport...   A1
23-NOV-1948SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BATM Air France 1 Toulouse   A1
29-AUG-1948SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BATO Air France Paris-Le Bou...   A1
01-AUG-1948Latécoère 631 F-BDRC Air France 52 near Dakar, Senegal   A1
12-JUL-1948Douglas DC-4-1009 F-BBDL Air France 0 Paris-Orly A...   A1
14-JUN-1948SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BATG Air France Coulommiers   A1
10-APR-1948Douglas DC-4-1009 F-BBDC Air France 1 Kano Interna...   A1
10-FEB-1948SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BATH Air France Paris   U1
04-FEB-1948SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BATK Air France Marignane   U1
26-JAN-1948SNCASE SE.161/P7 Languedoc F-BCUC Air France 9 near Paris-Le Bou...   A1
06-JAN-1948Douglas DC-3D F-BAXC Air France 16 near Gonesse   A1
07-OCT-1947SNCASE SE.161 Languedoc F-BATY Air France Bone   A1
04-OCT-1947Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAJB Air France Pau   U1
01-JUL-1947Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BALF Air France 13 near Eséka   A1
07-JUN-1947Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAKV Air France Dakar-Yoff A...   U1
04-JUN-1947Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BANB Air France 3 near Gèmenos   A1
30-APR-1947Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BBYG Air France Niamey   U1
20-MAR-1947Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAKM Air France Freetown   U1
14-MAR-1947Douglas C-47A (DC-3) F-BAXO Air France 23 near Château-Bernard   A1
05-MAR-1947Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAKP Air France Paris-Le Bou...   U1
01-FEB-1947Douglas C-47A (DC-3) F-BAXQ Air France 15 near Lisboa-Porte... A1
04-SEP-1946Douglas DC-3D F-BAXD Air France 19+ 1 near Paris-Le Bou...   A1
03-SEP-1946Douglas DC-3A F-BAOB Air France 22 near Køge   A1
08-AUG-1946Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAJT Air France Paris-Le Bou...   U1
29-JUN-1946Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAJS Air France 2 near Pau   A1
04-FEB-1946Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAKO Air France 0 Menorca-Mahó...   A1
02-FEB-1946Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BALK Air France 0 Belo Airport...   A1
13-JAN-1946Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BANP Air France 2 Le Bouscat, ...   A1
25-DEC-1945Lockheed C-60A Lodestar F-BALV Ministère de l'Air, DTI, op.for Air France 8 near Bangui   A1
23-NOV-1945Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAKL Air France Toulouse   U1
10-NOV-1945Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BANO Air France Paris-Le Bou...   U1
31-OCT-1945Latécoère 631 F-BANT Air France 2 Laguna de Rocha   A2
10-SEP-1945Amiot AAC.1 (Junkers Ju-52) F-BAJP Air France Paris-Le Bou...   U1
13-JAN-1943Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra F-ARRF Air France 3 Aguelhok   A1
27-SEP-1942Dewoitine D.342 F-ARIZ Air France 25 Ameur-el-Aïn   A1
13-AUG-1942Lioré-et-Olivier H.246.1 F-AREJ Air France 4 near Algiers   C1
02-JUL-1942Lockheed 18 Lodestar F-ARTL Air France 0 near Port-Étienne...   A1
01-SEP-1941Bloch 220 F-AQNL Air France 15 near Marseille-Ma...   A1
??-???-1940Dewoitine D.338 F-AQBH Air France Indochina   A1
27-NOV-1940SNCAC (Farman) NC.223.4 F-AROA Air France 7 near Cape Spartiv...   C1
10-OCT-1940Dewoitine D.338 F-AQBJ Air France 3 Carnotville   A1
07-JUL-1940Dewoitine D.338 F-AQBA Air France 4 Gulf of Tonkin   C1
20-JUN-1940Dewoitine D.338 F-ARTD Air France 1 near Ouistreham   C1
03-MAR-1940Bloch 220 F-AOHA Air France 3 near Orange   A1
02-MAY-1939Dewoitine D.338 F-ARIC Air France 9 near Argana   A1
27-JAN-1939Potez 62 F-ANPJ Air France 6 near Köln-Butzwei... A1
23-MAR-1938Dewoitine D.338 F-AQBB Air France 8 French Pyrénées   A1
07-MAR-1938Potez 62 F-ANQR Air France 7 Datia, Madhy...   A1
09-FEB-1938Lioré-et-Olivier H.242/1 F-ANPB Air France 7 Étang de Berre   A1
08-DEC-1937Potez 621 F-AOTZ Air France 2 Valence, Drôme   A1
27-OCT-1937Dewoitine D.333 F-ANQA Air France 6 near El Jadida   A1
08-MAY-1936Lioré-et-Olivier H.242/1 F-ANQG Air France 0 near Algerian coast   A1
10-DEC-1935Potez 62 F-ANPH Air France 0 near Auxerre   A1
31-MAY-1934Lioré et Olivier 213 F-AIVG Air France 2 Croydon   A1
15-JAN-1934Dewoitine D.332 F-AMMY Air France 10 Corbigny   A1
16-NOV-1933Lioré et Olivier 213 F-AIFD Air France 0 near Beauvais   A1

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