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Accident list: Consolidated Liberator
 157 occurrences in the ASN safety database

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date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
09-DEC-1942Consolidated C-87 41-11707 USAAF 10 near Ascension Island   A1
22-DEC-1942Consolidated C-87 41-11742 USAAF New York-La Guar...   A1
18-JAN-1943Consolidated C-87 41-11708 USAAF 26 near Natal, Brazil   A1
07-FEB-1943Consolidated C-87 41-23903 USAAF 18 near Canton Island Ai...   A1
09-FEB-1943Consolidated C-87 41-23850 USAAF 2 near Zaragoza, Nuevo ...   A1
12-MAR-1943Consolidated C-87 41-23694 USAAF 0 near Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
09-APR-1943Consolidated C-87 41-23791 USAAF 6 near Tezu   A1
24-APR-1943Consolidated C-87 41-23696 USAAF 5 near Latti, Arunachal...   A1
07-MAY-1943Consolidated C-87 41-23669 USAAF 4 between Yangkai ...   A1
03-JUN-1943Consolidated C-87 41-11837 USAAF Chabua Airfield   A1
02-AUG-1943Consolidated C-87 41-24027 USAAF 14 near Whenuapai Air Base A1
09-AUG-1943Consolidated C-87 42-107259 USAAF 5 near Donli, Arunachal...   A1
23-AUG-1943Consolidated C-87 42-107274 USAAF 5 near Tezpur Airport (...   A1
23-AUG-1943Consolidated C-87 41-23851 USAAF 0 Miami-36th Stree...   A1
04-SEP-1943Consolidated C-87 41-11744 USAAF Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
07-SEP-1943Consolidated C-87 41-24140 USAAF 10 near Accra Airport   A1
10-SEP-1943Consolidated C-87 41-11908 USAAF 5   A1
21-SEP-1943Consolidated C-87 42-107263 USAAF Jorhat (JRH)   A1
27-OCT-1943Consolidated C-87 42-107261 USAAF Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
13-NOV-1943Consolidated C-87 43-30553 USAAF Jorhat (JRH)   A1
19-NOV-1943Consolidated C-87 41-11675 USAAF Yunnanyi   A1
26-NOV-1943Consolidated C-87 41-11800 USAAF 2 within China   A1
28-NOV-1943Consolidated C-87 41-23695 USAAF Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
30-NOV-1943Consolidated C-87 42-107270 USAAF 0 Tibetan plateau   A1
11-DEC-1943Consolidated C-87 41-11789 USAAF Jorhat   A1
16-DEC-1943Consolidated C-87 41-23095 ?? USAAF   A1
20-DEC-1943Consolidated C-87 42-107251 USAAF Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
02-JAN-1944Consolidated C-87 42-107268 USAAF Sookerating   A1
03-JAN-1944Consolidated C-87 42-107264 USAAF Jorhat (JRH)   A1
20-JAN-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30576 USAAF Wadi Seidna   A1
25-JAN-1944Consolidated C-87 42-107262 USAAF 3 Himalaya Mountains   A1
29-JAN-1944Consolidated C-87 41-23852 USAAF Sania Marez A1
31-JAN-1944Consolidated C-87 41-23862 USAAF 5 near Lhasa   A1
07-FEB-1944Consolidated C-87 42-107273 USAAF near Fort Hertz   A1
15-MAR-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30568 USAAF Chengdu   A1
18-MAR-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30575 USAAF 7 near Loshan   A1
26-MAR-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30608 USAAF near Chengkung Airfield   A1
05-APR-1944Consolidated C-87 42-107256 USAAF Aden   A1
24-APR-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30594 USAAF Chengkung Airfield   A1
07-MAY-1944Consolidated C-87 42-63779 USAAF 0 Newark AAF, NJ   A1
15-MAY-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30593 USAAF 4   A1
27-MAY-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30612 USAAF Chanyi Airport   A1
04-JUN-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30598 USAAF Yunnanyi   A1
05-JUN-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30606 USAAF Chengdu   A1
08-JUN-1944Consolidated C-87 41-24006 USAAF Jorhat (JRH)   A1
14-JUN-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30556 USAAF 4 between Tezpur a...   A1
19-JUN-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30583 USAAF Chengtu   A1
22-JUN-1944Consolidated C-87 44-39205 USAAF Jorhat (JRH)   A1
23-JUN-1944Consolidated C-87 41-11639 USAAF Georgetown-Widea...   A1
09-JUL-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30600 USAAF near Kamaing   A1
23-JUL-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30602 USAAF Tezpur Airport (...   O1
25-JUL-1944Consolidated C-87 41-11706 USAAF 27 near Gaeta Village, F...   A1
26-JUL-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30565 USAAF 3 Merriam, KS   A1
28-JUL-1944Consolidated C-87 44-39215 USAAF Chengkung Airfield   A1
30-JUL-1944Consolidated C-87 41-24139 USAAF Berbice River   A1
13-AUG-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30587 USAAF Jorhat (JRH)   A1
17-AUG-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30580 USAAF   A1
18-AUG-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30582 USAAF Kwanghan Airfiel...   A1
22-AUG-1944Consolidated C-87 41-11745 USAAF near Belém/Val-de-Ca...   A1
27-AUG-1944Consolidated C-87 44-39214 USAAF Chengkung Airfield   A1
29-AUG-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30616 USAAF Casablanca   A1
03-SEP-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30563 USAAF Jorhat (JRH)   A1
06-SEP-1944Consolidated C-87 44-39233 USAAF near Jorhat (JRH)   A1
06-SEP-1944Consolidated C-87 44-39244 USAAF near Jorhat (JRH)   A1
09-SEP-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30609 USAAF 4 Tezpur Airport (...   A1
10-SEP-1944Consolidated C-87 44-39230 USAAF Jorhat (JRH)   A1
15-SEP-1944Consolidated C-109 42-51887 USAAF 5   A1
16-SEP-1944Consolidated C-87 44-39246 USAAF 4 near Shingbwiyang   A1
20-SEP-1944Consolidated C-109 42-51647 USAAF near Kharagpur-Kalaik...   A1
24-SEP-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30614 USAAF 4 near Tezpur   A1
24-SEP-1944Consolidated C-87 44-39203 USAAF 4 near Dafflaghur Tea E...   A1
27-SEP-1944Consolidated C-109 42-51847 USAAF Hsinching Airfie...   A1
03-OCT-1944Consolidated C-109 42-51825 USAAF Jorhat (JRH)   A1
06-OCT-1944Consolidated C-109 42-51758 USAAF Pengshan   A1
10-OCT-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30590 USAAF near Shingbiwyang   A1
11-OCT-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30572 USAAF Hsinching Airfie...   A1
12-OCT-1944Consolidated C-109 42-51890 USAAF near Kalaikunda   A1
15-OCT-1944Consolidated C-87 43-30595 USAAF Luliang   A1
20-OCT-1944Consolidated C-87 NC18618 USAAF 6 Antens kapell, A...   A1
13-NOV-1944Consolidated C-87 44-39208 USAAF 4 Yefonchang   A1
06-JAN-1945Consolidated C-109 44-49235 USAAF 5 near Imphal   A1
07-JAN-1945Consolidated C-109 44-49016 USAAF 4 near Tingkank-An   A1
08-JAN-1945Consolidated C-109 44-49245 USAAF 2 near Snetterton Heath   A1
15-JAN-1945Consolidated C-87 44-39242 USAAF Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
19-JAN-1945Consolidated C-109 44-49050 USAAF Hsinching Airfie...   A1
19-JAN-1945Consolidated C-109 44-49015 USAAF Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
22-JAN-1945Consolidated C-109 42-51716 USAAF near Kweiyang   A1
25-JAN-1945Consolidated C-87 44-39279 USAAF Luliang   A1
27-JAN-1945Consolidated C-109 42-51774 USAAF Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
02-FEB-1945Consolidated C-109 44-49013 USAAF 4 near Tezpur Airport (...   A1
04-FEB-1945Consolidated C-109 42-51921 USAAF 5 near Luliang   A1
05-FEB-1945Consolidated C-87 44-39231 USAAF Hsinching Airfie...   A1
10-FEB-1945Consolidated C-109 44-49060 USAAF 0 near Tilagaon   A1
11-FEB-1945Consolidated C-109 44-49025 USAAF near Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1
14-FEB-1945Consolidated C-109 44-48996 USAAF near Likiang   A1
26-FEB-1945Consolidated C-87A 41-24174 USAAF 10 near Marshall Islands   A1
01-MAR-1945Consolidated C-109 44-48882 USAAF near Jorhat (JRH)   A1
03-MAR-1945Consolidated C-109 44-49728 USAAF Dhaka-Kurmitola ...   A1
03-MAR-1945Consolidated C-87 41-23959 USAAF Luliang   A1
05-MAR-1945Consolidated C-87 44-39295 USAAF Kunming-Wujiaba ...   A1

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