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McDonnell Douglas DC-8 specs
Last updated: 8 August 2013
Manufacturer:McDonnell Douglas
Country: United States of America
First flight:30 May 1958
Production ended: 1972
Production total:556
Series: DC-8-11: Original production model
DC-8-12: -11 with new wingtips and leading-edge slots
DC-8-20: -12 with JT4A-3 engines
DC-8-30: new engines, increase in fuel capacity and strengthened fuselage and landing gear.
DC-8-40: -30 with Rolls-Royce Conway 509 turbofan engines
DC-8-50: Short-fuselage DC-8 with JT3D engines
DC-8-61: 11.20 m stretch of -55; for high capacity and medium range.
DC-8-62: 2 m stretch of -55; for long range
DC-8-63: fuselage of -61 with increased fuel capacity of the -62
DC-8-71: Conversion of -61 with CFM56-2 high-bypass turbofans
DC-8-73: Conversion of -63 with CFM56-2 high-bypass turbofans
Propulsion:4 jet engines
Maximum number of passengers:280
Maximum take-off mass:158760 kg
ICAO Mass group:4
Design Service Objective:25000 flights
Design Service Objective:50000 flight hours
Design Service Objective:20 years

McDonnell Douglas DC-8 photo

McDonnell Douglas DC-8 file photo (photo: Aviation Safety Network archives)