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Accident list: Rockwell Sabreliner
 102 occurrences in the ASN safety database

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date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
29-JUL-1962T-39A Sabreliner 61-0661 USAF 2 Everett-Paine Fi...   A1
07-MAY-1963T-39A Sabreliner 61-0644 USAF Camp Springs-And...   U1
28-JAN-1964CT-39A Sabreliner 62-4448 USAF 3 near Vogelsberg villa... C1
25-MAR-1965T-39A Sabreliner 62-4458 USAF 2 near Angeles City-Cla...   A1
14-MAY-1967Sabreliner 40 N739R Container Corp. of America 2 near Ventura, CA   A1
21-DEC-1967Sabreliner 40 N30W Korda Kentucky Leasing 0 Perryville Munic...   O1
31-DEC-1968CT-39A-1-NO Sabreliner 62-4502 USAF 6 near Hampton-Langley ...   A1
24-JUN-1969T-39A-1-NO Sabreliner 62-4499 USAF unknown   U1
13-NOV-1969T-39A Sabreliner 59-2871 USAF 0 near Valparaiso-Eglin...   A1
28-FEB-1970T-39A-1-NO Sabreliner 62-4460 USAF 1 near Madrid-Torrejon ...   A1
16-APR-1970T-39A Sabreliner 61-0640 USAF 4 Weldon, NC   A1
07-MAR-1973Sabreliner 40 N9503Z Ziegler Inc 2 Blaine, MN   A1
13-APR-1973Rockwell Sabreliner 60 N743R Continental Air Lines 2 Montrose County ...   A1
04-JAN-1974Sabreliner 40 N34W Midwest Oil 2 Midland, TX   A1
15-JAN-1974Rockwell Sabreliner 40A N5565 Kerr-McGee Corp 2 Oklahoma City, OK   A1
09-FEB-1974T-39A Sabreliner 60-3506 USAF 7 near Colorado-Springs...   A1
27-FEB-1974Rockwell Sabreliner 40A CF-BRL Brethour Realty Services 9 Newton Fiord, NU   A1
27-DEC-1974Rockwell Sabreliner 60 N920G Anchor Hocking Glass Corp. 3 near Lancaster-Fairfi...   A1
23-FEB-1975Rockwell Sabreliner 75A N5107 General Motors 1 near Pontiac, MI   A1
14-MAY-1975T-39A Sabreliner 61-0646 USAF 3 King and Queen C...   A1
14-JUN-1975Rockwell Sabreliner 75A N67KM Kerr-McGee Corp 0 near Watertown Airpor...   A1
21-DEC-1975CT-39E Sabreliner 157352 US Navy 2 near Ukiah, CA A1
14-JAN-1976Rockwell Sabreliner 40 N85 FAA 1 near Recife, PE   A1
01-APR-1977T-39D Sabreliner 150545 US Navy 5 near San Diego, CA   A1
27-APR-1977Rockwell Sabreliner 75A N6NR Rockwell 0 Wheeling-Palwauk...   A1
07-NOV-1977Sabreliner 40 N77AP Mechanical Equipment 3 Lake Pontchartra...   A1
13-MAR-1979T-39A Sabreliner 61-0672 USAF 2 near Chongyang   A1
21-APR-1980Sabreliner 40 XA-EEU Aeroservicios Internacionales 0 Léon   U1
11-JAN-1983Rockwell Sabreliner 65 N99S Sun Oil Co 5 near Toronto Internat...   A1
27-NOV-1983Rockwell CT-39E Sabreliner 157354 US Navy 0 Denver-Buckley A...   A2
09-JAN-1985Rockwell T-39N Sabreliner N1863T Westinghouse Electric Corp. 0 Baltimore/Washin...   A2
20-APR-1985CT-39A-1-NO Sabreliner 62-4496 USAF 5 Wilkes-Barre Int...   A1
29-SEP-1986Rockwell Sabreliner 75A N64 FAA 0 Liberal Municipa... A1
03-JUN-1988Sabreliner 40 FAE068 Ecuador Air Force 11 near Quito   A1
12-JUL-1988Rockwell CT-39E Sabreliner 158381 US Navy 0 near Spratly Islands ... A1
26-OCT-1989Rockwell Sabreliner 75A XC-UJC Mexican AF 0 Saltillo Airport...   A1
03-FEB-1990Sabreliner 40 N50CD City of Detroit 0 Detroit City Air...   A1
11-FEB-1991Rockwell Sabreliner 60 XA-RNR Travel Air 11 near Chihuahua Airpor...   A1
03-MAR-1991Rockwell CT-39G Sabreliner 160057 US Navy 3 near Glenview Naval A... A1
24-MAR-1991Sabreliner 40 XA-RPS Servicios Aéreos de Los Angeles 0 Puebla/Huejotzin...   A1
30-OCT-1992Rockwell Sabreliner 75A N52 FAA Oklahoma City-Wi...   U1
07-NOV-1992Rockwell Sabreliner 60 N169RF private 0 Phoenix-Sky Harb...   A1
10-DEC-1992Rockwell Sabreliner 75A AEE-402 Ecuador Army 10+ 3 near Quito-Mariscal S...   A1
03-SEP-1993Rockwell Sabreliner 40A OB-1319 Aero Condor 0 Buenos Aires-Jor...   A1
??-OCT-1994T-39A Sabreliner N7143N Private 0 Khartoum-Civil A...   A1
21-DEC-1994Sabreliner 40 N747E Corporate Flight 0 Buenos Aires-Jor... A1
??-???-1994Rockwell Sabreliner 60 XC-AA26 Unknown 0   O1
10-JAN-1995Rockwell Sabreliner 60 N771WW Wallace's Bookstore Inc 0 Lexington-Blue G...   O1
01-MAY-1996Rockwell Sabreliner 75A N773W U.S. Department of Agriculture 0 Albuquerque Inte...   A2
16-MAY-1997Rockwell Sabreliner 40 XA-TFC Jett Paqueteria 3 near Monterrey-Aeropu...   A1
16-JUL-1998Rockwell Sabreliner 60 LV-WPO Alas del Sur 3 near Córdoba-Pajas B...   A1
18-JUL-1998Rockwell Sabreliner 75 N547JL Executive Aircraft Corporation 2 near Florence, KS   A1
10-MAY-2000Rockwell Sabreliner 65 N241H Price Aircraft Company 6 near Kaunakakai, HI   A1
14-AUG-2000Rockwell Sabreliner 75A N85DW Colonels 2 near Ironwood-Gogebic...   A1
08-MAY-2002T-39N Sabreliner 165522 US Navy 3 near Pensacola, FL [G...   A1
08-MAY-2002Rockwell T-39N Sabreliner 165525 US Navy 4 near Pensacola, FL [G... A1
08-MAY-2003Rockwell Sabreliner 40A N250EC Professional Maintenance Services, op.for D.R. Congo Government 0 near Bunia Airport (BUX)   C1
15-MAY-2003Rockwell Sabreliner 60 N856MA private unknown   U1
02-JUN-2003Rockwell T-39D Sabreliner XA-AAG Jett Paqueteria 0 Laredo Internati...   O1
02-JUN-2003Rockwell T-39D Sabreliner XA-AAI Jett Paqueteria 0 Laredo Internati...   O1
02-JUN-2003Rockwell T-39D Sabreliner XA-AAF Jett Paqueteria 0 Laredo Internati...   O1
02-JUN-2003Rockwell T-39D Sabreliner XA-AAJ Jett Paqueteria 0 Laredo Internati...   O1
02-JUN-2003Rockwell T-39D Sabreliner XA-AAH Jett Paqueteria 0 Laredo Internati...   O1
02-JUN-2003Rockwell CT-39E Sabreliner XA-AAW Jett Paqueteria 0 Laredo Internati...   O1
28-JUL-2004Rockwell Sabreliner 60 XC-PFN Mexican Federal Police 0 Mexicali Airport...   A1
09-SEP-2004CT-39A Sabreliner XA-TFD Jett Paqueteria 2 near Villahermosa   A1
04-NOV-2004Rockwell Sabreliner 60 XA-GUR Servicios Aéreos Jemsa 0 Toluca Airport (...   A1
09-MAY-2005Rockwell Sabreliner 80 N972NR Compass Acquisitions 0 Brownwood Airpor...   A2
10-JAN-2006Rockwell T-39N Sabreliner 165524 US Navy 4 near Villanow, GA   A1
20-APR-2006Rockwell Sabreliner 75A JY-JAS Jordan Aviation 0 Alexandria Airpo...   A1
05-JUL-2006Sabreliner 40 XA-UCS Vigo Jet 0 Mexico City-Beni...   A1
19-DEC-2006T-39A Sabreliner XA-TJU Jett Paqueteria 0 near Monterrey-Gen Ma...   A1
30-DEC-2006CT-39A-1-NA Sabreliner XA-TNP Facts Air 2 near Culiacán-Fedl d...   A1
28-FEB-2007Rockwell Sabreliner 75A YV265T Unknown 0 Valencia Airport...   A1
30-JUN-2007Sabreliner 40 XA-SMR Aerodan 0 Saltillo Airport...   A2
05-JUL-2007CT-39A Sabreliner XA-TFL Jett Paqueteria 3+ 7 Culiacán-Fedl d... A1
03-SEP-2007Rockwell Sabreliner 70 N726JR Jet Lease Corp. 0 San José-Juan S...   A1
14-OCT-2007Rockwell Sabreliner 65 N65BT Sabre 65 0 Olathe-New Centu...   A2
??-???-2007Rockwell Sabreliner 60 N211BR Flight Research 0 Mojave Air & Spa... O1
01-FEB-2008Rockwell Sabreliner 80 N3RP Qualint 0 Fort Lauderdale-...   A1
01-FEB-2008Rockwell Sabreliner 40A N430MP ABA Aviation Resources 0 Fort Lauderdale-...   O1
18-DEC-2008Rockwell Sabreliner 60 XA-UFQ CESA Cargo 0 Celaya-Capitán ...   O1
22-APR-2009Rockwell Sabreliner 60 N103TA Private 0 Banjul-Yundum In...   A1
12-APR-2010Rockwell T-39N Sabreliner 165513 US Navy 4 near Morganton, Fanni... A1
??-???-2010Rockwell Sabreliner 75A XA-TUD First Sabre S.A. 0 Nassau Internati...   A1
09-APR-2011Rockwell Sabreliner 60 N71CC Sabre 60 Jet 0 Fort Lauderdale-...   A1
04-JUL-2012Rockwell Sabreliner 75A AE-175 Argentine Army 0 El Palomar Airpo... A2
05-JUL-2013Rockwell Sabreliner 65 XB-RSC Eseasa Contrucciones 0 Las Vegas-McCarr... A2
09-DEC-2014Rockwell Sabreliner 60ELXM XB-KLQ Unknown within Venezuela   C1
16-AUG-2015Rockwell Sabreliner 60SC N442RM BAE Systems, op.for US DoD 4 near San Diego-Brown ... A1
30-JAN-2016Rockwell Sabreliner 80 N380CF private 0 Querétaro Airpo...   A2
??-???-2018Rockwell Sabreliner 80 N337KL private 0 Eugene Airport, ...   O1
22-MAR-2019Rockwell Sabreliner 60 N990PA private 0 near Bajamar   A1
13-APR-2019Rockwell Sabreliner 65 N265DS Classic Aviation 3 near New Albany, MS A1
26-JUN-2019Rockwell Sabreliner 65 N65HH Yankee Dawdle LLC 0 Sacramento-McCle...   A1
25-OCT-2019Rockwell Sabreliner 65 N465BC private 0 Sipacate, Escuintla   A1
10-AUG-2020Rockwell Sabreliner 75A N400RS private 2 near Paraguaná   C1
09-NOV-2020Rockwell Sabreliner 65 XA-VD. private 1 El Chico, Champe... A1
23-JAN-2021Rockwell Sabreliner 60 XB-JMR Aviacion Ejecutiva del Bajio 0 Rocky Point, Cla...   A1
21-JUN-2021Rockwell Sabreliner 65 XB-OXV private 0 within Jesús María Se...   O1

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