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Accident list: de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou
 85 occurrences in the ASN safety database

date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
24-FEB-1959YAC-1 Caribou CF-LKI-X de Havilland Canada Udoria, ON   A1
??-AUG-1963CV-2A Caribou (DHC-4) 60-5440 US Army A Loui   A1
05-MAY-1964CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 61-2593 US Army 15 Tan Hiep   A1
24-JUN-1964CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4196 US Army 5+ 2 near Ridgeway, SC   A1
01-JUL-1964DHC-4A Caribou A4-134 RAAF 0 Nowra Airport, N...   A1
14-AUG-1964CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4151 US Army near Ceiba-Roosevelt ...   A1
31-OCT-1964CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9736 US Army 3 near Augusta, GA   A1
31-OCT-1964CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9749 US Army 3 near Augusta, GA   A1
18-NOV-1964DHC-4A Caribou A4-185 RAAF 0 A Ro   A1
06-MAR-1965DHC-4A Caribou A4-202 RAAF 0 Porgera Airport ...   A1
16-MAY-1965CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4164 US Army 0 Tra My   A1
08-SEP-1965CC-108 Caribou (DHC-4) 5324 RCAF 0 Srinagar Airport...   C1
??-???-1965CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4148 US Army Shau Valley   A1
10-MAY-1966CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4165 US Army 2 Cai Cai Camp, Ki... A1
13-JUL-1966CV-2A Caribou (DHC-4) 61-2386 US Army Vung Tau Airport... C1
04-SEP-1966CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9759 US Army 0+ 4 Dong Tre   A1
04-OCT-1966CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9751 US Army 14 near An Khe   A1
28-OCT-1966C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) 61-2405 US Army 1 near An Khe   A1
20-NOV-1966CV-2B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4167 US Army near Tuy Hoa   A1
12-JAN-1967DHC-4A Caribou M21-02 Royal Malaysian AF 1 near Meligan Airstrip   A1
03-AUG-1967C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4161 USAF 3 Duc Pho Camp C1
30-AUG-1967DHC-4A Caribou A4-171 RAAF near An Thoi   A1
30-NOV-1967C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4175 USAF 26 near Qui Nhon Airport...   A1
13-DEC-1967C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) 61-2387 USAF 0 near Binh Thuy Air Ba...   C1
23-APR-1968C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) 61-2399 USAF 0 Vung Tau Airport...   C1
07-MAY-1968C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4176 USAF 0 near Camp Evans   A1
29-MAY-1968C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4189 USAF 0 Dak To   C1
25-JUL-1968C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9761 USAF 2 near Pleiku   A1
26-AUG-1968C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4177 USAF 3 Thein Ngon   C1
03-OCT-1968C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9753 USAF 13 near Camp Evans   A1
07-OCT-1968C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9745 USAF 0 Ham Tan   A1
17-JAN-1969C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) 60-5434 USAF 0 Vung Tau (VTG)   A1
01-MAR-1969C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9762 USAF 0 Phu Cat Air Base...   A1
26-JUL-1969C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4186 USAF 1 within Phuoc Tuy province   A1
11-SEP-1969C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4187 USAF 4 near Plei Djereng   C1
06-OCT-1969DHC-4A Caribou A4-147 RAAF 0 Tapini Airport (...   A1
26-DEC-1969C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9723 USAF 2 near Tien Phuoc   C1
24-MAR-1970DHC-4A Caribou 12251 Royal Thai Border Police 6 Nang Keo Mountain   A1
29-MAR-1970DHC-4A Caribou A4-193 RAAF 0 That Son   O1
30-MAR-1970DHC-4A Caribou M21-10 Royal Malaysian AF 10 Cowie Bay   A1
02-APR-1970C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) 61-2406 USAF 3 near Dak Seang   C1
04-APR-1970C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4180 USAF 3 near Dak Seang   C1
06-APR-1970C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9746 USAF 3 near Dak Seang   C1
09-JUN-1970C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 63-9724 USAF 0 Tra Bong   O1
02-JUL-1970DHC-4A Caribou 302 Abu Dhabi AF   A1
13-JAN-1971C-7B Caribou (DHC-4) 62-12584 USAF 0 Dalat   A1
19-DEC-1971C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) 62-4173 USAF 0 near San Francisco, C... A1
04-FEB-1972C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) 393 Air America 2 Pha Khao   A1
28-AUG-1972DHC-4A Caribou A4-233 RAAF 25 Kudjero Gap   A1
23-NOV-1972C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) 401 USAF, op.for Air America 4 near Saravane   C1
01-DEC-1972C-7A Caribou (DHC-4)   Vietnam Air Force - VNAF 7 near Tuy Hoa Airport ...   A1
??-MAY-1973DHC-4A Caribou 802 Oman AF   A1
07-JUL-1973C-7 Caribou (DHC-4)   Vietnam Air Force - VNAF 14 near Phu Quoc   A1
04-NOV-1973C-7A Caribou (DHC-4)   Vietnam Air Force - VNAF 29 near Bu Prang Camp   A1
03-DEC-1973DHC-4A Caribou 803 Oman AF Tawi Atair   A1
29-AUG-1974DHC-4A Caribou N90569 Masin Aircraft Co. 0 near Valence-Chabeuil...   A1
15-NOV-1974DHC-4A Caribou JW9015 Tanzanian AF   A1
??-???-1975DHC-4A Caribou 66-250 US Army Meck Island   A1
28-APR-1976DHC-4A Caribou 5X-AAB Uganda Police 0 Entebbe Airport ...   A1
28-OCT-1976DHC-4A Caribou 301 Abu Dhabi AF Radum   A1
17-MAR-1979DHC-4A Caribou C-GVYW Air Inuit 3 near Bridgetown, Barb...   A1
25-MAY-1979DHC-4A Caribou N581PA Sea Airmotive 3 Bullen Point Air...   A1
29-NOV-1980DHC-4A Caribou M21-12 Royal Malaysian AF Simanggang   A1
09-MAY-1981DHC-4A Caribou C-GVGU Propair Mount Joli, QC   A1
01-SEP-1982DHC-4A Caribou HC-BHZ Aerolineas Condor 44 near Valladolid   A1
24-SEP-1982DHC-4A Caribou M21-17 Royal Malaysian AF 7 near Kampung Atap   A1
08-JUN-1983DHC-4A Caribou M-933 Indian AF 3 Siddipet, Bussap...   A1
18-JAN-1984DHC-4A Caribou 66-255 US Army Kwajalein Airpor...   U1
11-OCT-1984C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) T.9-15 Spanish AF 0 Horcajo de los M...   A1
23-OCT-1984DHC-4A Caribou N5488R NewCal Aviation 1 near Sable Island, NL... A1
20-MAR-1986DHC-4A Caribou N539Y Woods Air Service 2 Lime Village, AK A1
04-JUL-1986DHC-4A Caribou A4-264 RAAF 0 Camden Airport, ...   A1
10-NOV-1987DHC-4A Caribou C-GVYX Kenn Borek Air 2 near Ross River Airpo... A1
23-NOV-1991DHC-4A Caribou A4-235 RAAF 0 Scotts Peak, TAS   A1
27-AUG-1992DHC-4T Caribou N400NC NewCal Aviation 3 Gimli Airport, M...   A1
??-DEC-1992DHC-4A Caribou EL-.. ?? Liberian AF   O1
01-JUL-1995C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) P2-VTC Vanimo Trading 2 near Kiunga A1
31-JUL-1995DHC-4A Caribou M21-13 Royal Malaysian AF 3 near Labuan Airport (...   A1
17-JUL-1996DHC-4A Caribou 9Q-CUB Operation Blessing 0 near Kalemie A1
29-JAN-1997DHC-4A Caribou N702SC Southcentral Air 1 near Sparrevohn Airpo... A1
24-MAY-1999DHC-4A Caribou M21-05 Royal Malaysian AF 5 Kuching Airport ...   A1
29-AUG-2001C-7A Caribou (DHC-4) N2225C Greatland Air Cargo 0 Port Alsworth Ai... A1
10-OCT-2006DHC-4A Caribou PK-YRO Trigana Air Service 0 Mamit   A1
05-SEP-2008DHC-4A Caribou A4-285 RAAF 0 Efogi Airport (EFG)   A1
31-OCT-2016DHC-4T Caribou PK-SWW Puncak Regency Adm., opb Alfa Indonesia 4 near Ilaga Airport (ILA) A1

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