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Egyptair Flight 990 - 31 OCT 1999
Last updated: 16 October 2004
Relevant parts of the Air traffic control transcript regarding the October 31, 1999 crash of an Egyptair Boeing 767 (Flight 990) off Nantucket, USA. - 06.51h - 07.00h UTC
Accident details: 1999 database
Source: FAA
R86 = New York Center, Atlantic Sector
MSR990 = Egyptair Flight 990
ARINC = Aeronautical Radio Inc.
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6:41:50 R86 Egyptair nine ninety I have your oceanic when you're ready
6:41:56 MSR990 Go ahead nine nine zero
6:41:59 R86 Egyptair nine ninety you're cleared to hotel echo charlie alpha via after dovey nat track zulu santiago maintain flight level three three zero maintain mach point eight zero
6:42:12 MSR990 Egyptair nine nine zero cleared to Cairo zulu track zulu santiago three three zero eight zero mach message identification three zero four
6:42:24 R86 Egyptair nine ninety readback correct
6:47:18 R86 Egyptair nine ninety change to my frequency one two five point niner two
6:47:23 MSR990 One two five nine two good day
6:47:39 MSR990 (unintelligible) nine nine zero heavy good morning
6:47:45 R86 Egyptair nine ninety roger
6:54:00 R86 Egyptair nine ninety radar contact lost recycles transponder squawk one seven one two
6:54:19 R86 Egyptair nine ninety new york center
6:54:42 R86 Egyptair nine ninety new york center
6:55:00 R86 Egyptair nine ninety if you copy new york center squawk one seven one two and ident
6:56:08 R86 Egyptair nine niner zero new york center
6:56:37 ARINC Arinc
6:56:40 R86 Arinc it's Atlantic sector did a Egyptair nine ninety check on with you approaching dovey
6:56:45 ARINC Which flight is that I'm sorry
6:56:47 R86 Ah Egyptair nine nine zero
6:56:50 ARINC Golf Yankee nine nine
6:56:51 R86 No ah it's mike sierra romeo
6:56:53 ARINC Mike sierro romeo nine nine zero zero
6:56:55 R86 Nine nine zero
6:56:57 ARINC Nine nine zero ah let me just check here I don't see anything in the computer on the flight
6:57:06 R86 Ah do me a favor um just try calling the aircraft
6:57:07 ARINC Try calling the aircraft
6:57:08 R86 Yeah try
6:57:09 ARINC You say he's in the dovey area
6:57:10 R86 He's approaching dovey yes
6:57:12 ARINC Okay we'll call
6:57:14 R86 All right thanks alpha zulu
6:57:49 R86 Egyptair niner niner zero this is New York Center on guard contact New York Center on one two five point niner two and squawk one seven one two
6:59:38 R86 Egyptair niner niner zero New York Center
7:00:45 R86 Egyptair niner niner zero this is New York Center on guard contact New York Center on frequency one two five point niner two
7:04:46 R86 Cape Joboc thirty nine line
7:04:47 B18 Cape
7:04:49 R86 Ah you working on Lufthansa four ninety nine
7:04:50 B18 Yes
7:04:52 R86 Um could you do me a favour
7:04:53 B18 Yeah
7:04:54 R86 I lost contact I lost contact with the Boeing seven six seven in my airspace
7:04:56 B18 The ah Egyptair
7:04:59 R86 Yeah I mean we lost radar contact we lost everything
7:05:03 B18 Right I have him monitoring one twenty one five right now
7:05:04 R85 Who the Lufthansa
7:05:06 B18 Yeah
7:05:08 R86 Ah could you ask the Lufthansa to ah to um could you possibly switch to my frequency for a minute and I'll I'll have him try calling the Egyptair
7:05:10 B18 Sure what do you want twenty five ninety two
7:05:15 R86 Yes
7:05:16 B18 Okay I thought I saw like I said it seemed more like it was ah maybe ten or fifteen minutes ago on the
7:05:20 R86 Hmm
7:05:23 B18 Seventeen twelve code that I saw him in Whiskey one oh two
7:05:26 R86 Right
7:05:27 B18 Pretty much right right in the middle
7:05:29 R86 So yeah could you just switch Lufthansa over and ah ah maybe ask him I could I could ask him
7:05:32 B18 Yeah send him back when you're done
7:05:35 R86 All right thank you
7:05:36 B18 Sure
7:05:37 R86 Alpha zulu
7:05:55 DLH499 New York Center Lufthansa four ninety nine heavy is uh one two nine uh one two five nine two
7:06:02 R86 Lufthansa four ninety nine New York Center I could use your assistance could you try calling a Egyptair niner niner zero on this frequency and see if he's ah checks on
7:06:13 DLH499 Okay standby Egyptair niner niner zero this is Lufthansa four ninety nine do you read
7:06:30 DLH499 Egyptair niner niner zero this is Lufthansa four ninety nine do you read
7:06:43 DLH499 I am sorry there is no reply New York and at one two one five we have no ELT
7:06:51 R86 Lufthansa four ninety nine I want to thank you for your assistance you can return to Boston center now
7:06:58 DLH499 (unintelligible)
7:14:34 Huntress New York this is Huntress
7:14:39 R86 Atlantic
7:14:41 Huntress Yeah did you just call us
7:14:48 R86A Yeah Huntress I did ah did you try to find that guy over dovey for us ah sev one seven one two code you know where dovey is first off
7:14:55 Huntress Say again one seven what
7:14:57 R86A One seven one two over dovey should be just maybe a little east of dovey now
7:15:04 Huntress Copy standby
7:15:07 R86A He's eastbound should be at thirty three thousand
7:15:55 Huntress New York Huntress
7:15:56 R86A Yeah
7:15:57 Huntress Negative I can't find him
7:16:00 R86A Okay do you have a line to Canada east
7:16:03 Huntress Yes I do
7:16:04 R86A Could you ask them to take a look for him maybe if a guy veered off course or something
7:16:06 Huntress All right
7:16:08 R86A Cause we we dropped him into a coast tracking can't find him either
7:16:10 Huntress Okay what's the ah callsign
7:16:12 R86A Egyptair nine ninety and to the best of my knowledge he was on a seventeen twelve code
7:18:30 Huntress New York Huntress reference Egypt nine ninety
7:18:35 ARINC Arinc
7:18:37 R86 Arinc Atlantic Sector any luck on that Egyptair
7:18:39 ARINC Uh
7:18:42 R86 I have a selcal
7:18:44 ARINC Frequency okay go ahead give me the selcal