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CVR transcript Air Canada Flight 797 - 02 JUN 1983
Last updated: 16 October 2004
Cockpit voice recorder transcription of the June 2, 1983 crash of an onboard fire an emergency landing of an Air Canada DC-9 (Flight 797) at Cincinnati.
Source: NTSB/AAR-84/09

The reader of these transcripts is cautioned that the transcription of a CVR tape is not a precise science but is the best possible product from a group investigative effort. The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context can be misleading. Therefore, the CVR transcripts should only be viewed as an investigative tool to be used in conjunction with other evidence. Conclusions or interpretations should not be made using the transcript as the sole source of information.
Furthermore, this transcript is made available for educational purposes, so the reader is encouraged to read the accident description associated with the transcripts for better understanding of the circumstances.

CAM = Cockpit Area Mike voice or sound source
RDO = Radio Communications
-1 = Voice identified as Captain
-2 = Voice identified as First Officer
-3 = Voice identified as male flight attendant
-4 = Voice identified as female flight attendant
-5 = Voice identified as male passenger
CTR = Indianapolis Center
* = Unintelligible word
# = non pertinent word
( ) = Questionable text
--- = pause
time source content
18.48:12 CAM [Sound similar to arcing]
18.48:15 CAM [Sound similar to arcing]
18.51:03 CAM [Two sounds similar to arcing]
18.51:04 CAM-1 How is your sea food, nice?
  CAM [Sounds similar to arcing and snapping]
  CAM-2 It's good
  CAM-1 * steak nice?
18.51:09 CAM-2 Different, a little bit dry but okay
18.51:14 CAM [Sounds similar to arcing and snapping]
  CAM-2 (What was that?)
  CAM-1 #
18.51:19 CAM-2 It's right here, I see it
  CAM-1 Yeah
  CAM-1 DC bus
  CAM-2 Which one is that?
  CAM-1 DC bus the, ah, left toilet, left toilet flushing
18.51:27 CAM-1 (I) better try it again, eh, push 'em in
  CAM-2 Push it in one more time, I guess
18.51:41 CAM [Sound of arcing]
  CAM-2 What!
18.51:42 CAM [Sound of arcing and snap]
  CAM-1 That's it
18.51:43 CAM [Sound of arcing and snap]
  CAM-1 Won't take it
  CAM-2 No
  CAM-1 See anything else?
  CAM-1 (There's nothing) on the panel
  CAM-1 Ha
18.52:08 CAM-1 Like a machine gun
  CAM-2 Yeah, zap, zap, zap
  CAM-1 * put it in the book, there
  CAM-2 Log it
18.52:26 CAM-1 Now I want to log it, eh
18.53:16 CAM-1 Somebody must have pushed a rag down the old toilet or something eh?
18.53:21 CAM-1 Jammed it, and it overheated
18.53:25 CAM-2 Is it flushing you pushed?
  CAM-1 It's flushing yeah
  CAM-2 (Motor) *
18.53:30 CAM-1 Toilet flushing, three breakers banged
18.53:35 CTR Air Canada seven ninety seven, contact Indianapolis on one three three point zero five
18.53:40 RDO-2 Air Canada seven nine seven, so long
18.53:41 CTR So long
18.53:53 RDO-1 Indianapolis Center, this is Air Canada seven nine seven maintaining three three zero direct Louisville on course
18.53:59 CTR Air Canada seven ninety seven Indianapolis Center roger
18.54:18 CAM-1 Don't see the ground too often, today eh?
  CAM-1 No, a lot of, a lotta cloud eh, the whole * * * the whole area
  RDO-? * * *
18.56:56 CAM-2 Yeah, that feels good
18.57:09 CAM-1 What the # does this mean
18.57:12 CAM-1 (Reg a bail)
  CAM-2 I don't know
  CAM-2 Regional examiner, regional * regional
18.57:36 CAM-1 We may be, I don't know, A.J. would be a three letter code if it was an airport, eh
  CAM-2 I don't know, it might be in the, ah, charts
  CAM-1 Regional --- here's another regional A.J.
  CAM-1 (Well it's)
18.58:16 CAM-2 That (one) is lettered D.G. *
  CAM-1 Oh I see, oh yeah, yeah *
18.58:27 CAM-1 Alternate, ah, must be out alternate here
  CAM-1 Ah who gives a #
18.58:43 CAM-1 Nothing to do with us
  CAM [Sound similar to cockpit door]
  CAM-3 Yeah thank you sir
18.59:02 CAM-? UWX
18.59:30 CAM-1 Twenty nine U, W, and X twenty nine, those are grid references
18.59:37 CAM-2 Twenty nine, yeah
18.59:42 CAM-1 Twenty nine UWX three --- the left toilet flushing
  CAM-2 Left
18.59:47 CAM-1 Yeah aft left toilet flush, and they wouldn't accept a reset
18.59:58 CAM [Sound of first attempt to reset and sound similar to arcing]
18.59:59 CAM [Sound of second attempt to reset and sound similar to arcing]
19.00:00 CAM [Sound of third attempt to reset and sound similar to arcing]
  CAM-1 Pops as I push it
  CAM-2 Yeah, right
  CAM-1 Yeah
19.00;51 CAM [Sound of cough]
19.01:12 CAM-2 Zero two seven set for ya Don
19.01:33 CAM-1 Better --- have dinner here
19.01:42 CAM [Sound of a chime]
  CAM-3 Yes
19.01:49 CAM-1 Sergio could I try for mine now please
  CAM-3 Sure
  CAM-1 Thank you very much
19.01:59 CAM-1 Do you want any of that fruit or should we give it to the girls -- as far as I'm concerned
  CAM-2 No
  CAM-1 I don't want it
19.02:13 CAM-1 There you go
  CAM-2 Thanks
19.02:15 CAM-1 You're in a left turn here to pick up oh two seven
  CAM-2 So okay twenty seven
  CAM-1 Louisville to Rosewood
19.02:28 CAM-1 The next chart yeah that's it
  CAM-2 Yeah
19.02:34 CAM-1 We're just over Louisville here
  CAM-2 [Sound of whistling]
  CAM-2 Louisville --- Rosewood, okay
19.02:40 CAM-4 Excuse me, there's a fire in the washroom at the back, they're just oh # went back to go to put it out
  CAM-1 Oh yeah
  CAM-4 They're still, well they're just gonna go back now
  CAM-2 Want me to go there
19.02:50 CAM-1 Yeah go
  CAM-2 * the brakers # up
  CAM-1 Leave my, leave my, leave my dinner in the thing there for a minute
  CAM-4 Okay
  CAM-5 (Can I buy you a drink cause there's something going on, drink or a shot)
  CAM-? Ah, wouldn't say that
19.03:06 CAM-5 Yeah okay
  CAM-? Still there huh?
  CAM-5 Yeah
19.03:10 CAM-2 Got the, ah, breakers pulled
  CAM-1 It's the motor
19.03:15 CAM-4 Pardon me
  CAM-2 You got all the breakers pulled out?
  CAM-1 The breakers are all pulled yeah
19.03:21 CAM-4 (* * make 'em all seat?)
  CTR Republic two eighty eight Indianapolis, Memphis one three three point eight five three three eight five, goodbye
19.03:31 CAM-4 Captain is it okay to move everybody up as far forward as possible
  77L * * seven seven lima (Knoxville) * * two none zero --
  CTR Seven seven lima (Knoxville) roger
19.03:54 CTR Delta sixteen twenty six continue descent to flight level two four zero, Indianapolis
19.04:00 CTR Center one two eight five five on two four zero at twenty eight fifty five so long
19.04:07 CAM-2 Okay I eh, you don't have to do it now, I can't go back now, it's too heavy, I think we'd better go down
  RDO-? (Cleared) ah okay
19.04:16 CAM-3 I got all the passengers seated up front, you don't have to worry I think it's gonna be easing up
19.04:23 CAM-2 Okay, its starting to clear now
  CAM-1 Okay
19.04:25 CAM-1 Well I want --- hold on then
  CAM-3 (Mike) I just can't go back it too
  CAM-2 I will go back if that's appears better, okay
  CAM-1 Yeah that's okay
  CAM-? That's okay, yeah
  CAM-2 So ---
  CAM-1 Take the, take the smoke mask
  CAM-2 You have control
  CAM-1 Take the goggles
19.04:36 CAM-1 I'll leave the mask on
  CAM-2 Okay
19.04:46 CAM-1 Okay go back whenever you can but don't get yourself incapacitated
  CAM-2 No problem, no problem
  CAM-1 Okay
19.05:15 268G Indianapolis good evening Citation two eight six golf, three one oh
19.05:18 CTR Citation two eight six gold Indianapolis
19.05:35 CAM [Electric pulse appears on tape radio channels]
19.05:36 CAM-4 Captain, your first officer wanted me to tell you that Sergio has put a big discharge of CO2 in the washroom, it seems to be subsiding, all right
  268G Okay we're proceeding direct Pocket City
  CTR Affirmative sir, direct Pocket City direct Evensville
  268G Six gold
19.05:48 B747 Center Poca seven four seven level four three zero
  CTR Poca seven four seven Indianapolis roger
  RDO-1 Memphis Center this is Air Canada seven nine seven
19.06:09 CTR Canada seven ninety seven Indianapolis Center, go ahead
19.06:12 RDO-1 Yeah, we've got an electrical problem here, we may be off communication shortly ah stand by
  CAM-1 (Coming along okay)
  CAM-3 Getting mush better, okay
19.06:42 CAM-3 I was able to discharge half of the CO2 inside the washroom even though I could not see the source but its definitely inside the lavatory
19.06:50 CAM-1 Yeah, it's from the toilet, it's from the toilet
19.06:52 CAM-3 CO2 it was almost half a bottle and it now almost cleared
19.06:54 CAM-1 Okay, thank you
19.06:55 CAM-3 Okay, good luck
  CAM [Sound similar to cockpit door]
  CAM-2 Okay, you got it *
  CAM-1 Yeah
  CAM-1 Okay
19.07:11 CAM-2 I don't like what's happening, I think we better go down, okay?
  CAM-1 Okay
19.07:14 CAM-2 Okay, I'll be back there in a minute
19.07:28 P362 Hello Center, Piedmont three sixty two we're level at flight level three three zero
19.07:32 CTR Three sixty two Indianapolis Center roger
19.07:35 P362 We'll take direct Holston Mountain if you can do that
19.07:41   Recorder goes off